Handling people.

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  • This grandfather of all people-skills books was first published in 1937. It was an overnight hit, eventually selling 15 million copies. How to Win Friends and Influence People is just as useful today as it was when it was first published, because Dale Carnegie had an understanding of human nature that will never be outdated. Financial success, Carnegie believed, is due 15 percent to professional knowledge and 85 percent to "the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership, and to arouse enthusiasm among people." Carnegie says you can make someone want to do what you want them to by seeing...

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  • You can do things to prevent or minimise MSDs as they affect large numbers of people across most industries and occupations and have the potential to ruin people's lives. MSDs also impose heavy costs on employers. CASE STUDY: In one year a firm lost 373 working days because of manual handling injuries. This cost about £24 000 in wages paid to absent workers. There were also overtime payments and other costs. The introduction of handling aids, manual handling training, and a rehabilitation program reduced days lost to 74 and wage costs to about £5000....

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  • One of Java's most striking claims is that it provides a secure programming environment. Yet despite endless discussion, few people understand precisely what Java's claims mean and how it backs up those claims. If you're a developer, network administrator or anyone else who must understand or work with Java's security mechanisms, Java Security is the in-depth exploration you need.

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  • In 1998, a highly innovative film, Antz, directed by Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson, was released. In the first scene of the movie, Ant Z 4195 is talking to his psychoanalyst and saying: “…and my job, don’t get me started on, cause it really annoys me…I feel physically inadequate, I, I, my whole life I’ve never been able to lift 10 times my own body weight and when you get down to it, handling dirt is…yuck, you know is not my idea of a rewarding career. It’s this whole gung-ho super-organism thing that I, I, you know I can’t get, I try but I can’t get it....

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  • Mick and I have only known each other for a relatively short time, however, during this period, I have learnt a great deal about his ‘Learning Through Sport’ philosophy that encourages players and coaches to think for themselves. Since I have been involved in the Worcester programme, I can see that he has drawn upon his extensive experience as a coach and an educator to create a vision that will enhance the development of many types of people in basketball-related areas.

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  • GIS has been coming of age. Millions of people use one GIS or another every day, and with the advent of Web 2.0 we are promised GIS functionality on virtually every desktop and web-enabled cellphone. GIS knowledge, once restricted to a few insiders working with minicomputers that, as a category, don’t exist any more, has proliferated and is bestowed on students at just about every university and increasingly in community colleges and secondary schools.

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  • Once the core people and skills are identified, ensure that they are aware of their position and how they will be managed in the event of a pandemic. Consider strategies for minimizing the possibility that they become ill with influenza: e.g. working from home even in very early stages of a pandemic, or other social distancing measures. If working from home is not a well-established practice in your organization, you may wish to encourage staff to address computer connection or technological issues and enable this option.

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  • Life-cycle finance is arguably the most important specialty in finance. At some level, all institutions exist to serve the individual. But investing directly by individuals, who reap the rewards of their successes and suffer the consequences of their mistakes, is becoming a dramatically larger feature of the investment landscape.

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  • Some monumental breakthroughs have taken place in optical fiber cables and their ability to bend around sharp corners without increasing attenuation – but today’s technicians and installers may be receiving mixed messages. This paper will highlight the potential issues surrounding these new fibers as they apply to the people who handle and install the cables in fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) applications.

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  • This book is dedicated to the memory of Gisèle Mersch whose life ended prematurely in June 2002. Back in the 1970s, when few people were using them, Gisèle introduced me to the arcane secrets of then advanced multivariate statistical methodologies. I was already involved in more classical statistical studies undertaken at Paris Observatory with Jean Jung: developing and applying maximumlikelihood algorithms to stellar photometric and kinematic data in order to derive absolute luminosities, distances and velocities in the solar neighborhood....

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  • The National Institute on Aging’s “Assets and Health Dynamics Among the Oldest-Old (AHEAD) Survey” from 1993 is used to provide demographic and housing preference information (e.g., assisted living, shared housing, conventional housing) on seniors over 70 years of age.

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  • Honesty and confidentiality Honesty is the foundation of trust and forms the basis for the reliability of an assessment. Since sensitive business processes and information are often found to be dependent on information security, the confidentiality of the information obtained during an audit and the discreet handling of the results and findings of the IS audit are an important basis for such work.

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  • Earlier research confirms this disparity in views and also the huge variation in the structures and roles of PMOs. In the tougher economic conditions and increasingly competitive business environment of today, organisations cannot afford to continue spending huge sums of money on unsuccessful projects and programmes. Neither can they afford the cost of an ineffective PMO. So it is important to evaluate and understand the value a PMO can and should deliver and what constitutes the right mix of people and processes within a PMO to make that contribution.

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  • The Financial Services Authority (FSA) leads the National Strategy for Financial Capability in partnership with Government, the financial services industry and the third sector. The strategy aims to improve the financial capability of the UK population. The results of the FSA’s major financial capability survey1 showed that in 2005, many UK consumers lacked the confidence and capability to make effective decisions about their money.

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  • Risks associated with pesticide application in poultry production are greatest during handling and mixing of concentrates prior to application. Spills and splash during mixing and airborne particulates while loading applicators are the most likely exposure events. As with mixing and loading, dermal, oral and inhalation exposure during premise treatment are also possible.

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  • In this chapter, i articulate some of the underlying motivations and actions that occur as people interact, focusing on face-to-face communication. In particular, i emphasize a multi -faceted approach to identity, Goffman’s notions of performance/perception, and the importance of and mechanisms for context awareness and regulation. I have chosen to explicitly consider these four aspects of social interaction for their relevance to the design of digital spaces.

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  • Among current challenges in tuberculosis treatment are reducing the length of time that drugs must be taken to less than six months and finding ways to safely combine tuberculosis drugs with those used in the treatment of HIV infection. Rifabutin is a drug that has the potential to address these issues if substituted for rifampicin, a mainstay of current treatment. This review identified five trials involving 924 people, but none were of high quality.

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  • Animals that must hunt and kill for at least part of their living are inherently interesting to many people. Perhaps that is because humans evolved to make our living that way as well, and carnivores often compete with us to this very day. Wolves, bears, lions, tigers, leopards, lynx, mink, weasels, and foxes, and a wide variety of their relatives, have long grabbed the human imagination. In any case, carnivores comprise a very significant contingent of the world’s wildlife, and many books have been written about them....

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  • A device which performs logical operations and processes data. Computers are composed of, at a minimum: (1) a central processing unit (CPU) to perform operations; (2) user input devices such as a keyboard, mouse, digitizer or game controller; and (3) a display screen to output information. For the purposes of this specification, computers include both stationary and portable units, including desktop computers, gaming consoles, integrated computers, notebook computers, tablet PCs, desktop-derived servers and workstations.

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  • Allan Pease is head of Pease Training Corporation, a sales and communication training company in Sydney. Australia He lectures extensively throughout the world and his books, films and training programmes are used by organisations everywhere to train members and staff in people-handling skills.

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