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  • In late 2002 an increasingly heated debate arose within the United Nations Security Council about the merits of using force to disarm and depose Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq. The Bush Administration gave the Council an ultimatum: uphold the rule of international law, expressed in numerous Council resolutions calling on the regime to disarm, or follow the League of Nations into the dustbin of history. If the Council would not license the use of force, the United States would lead a ‘Coalition of the Willing’ to defend the rule of law and protect international security....

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  • "Ah, well," an American visitor is said to have soliloquized on the site of the battle of Hastings, "it is but a little island, and it has often been conquered." We have in these few pages to trace the evolution of a great empire, which has often conquered others, out of the little island which was often conquered itself.

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  • Very Good: A book that has been read and does not look new, but is in excellent condition. No obvious damage to the book cover, with the dust jacket (if applicable) included for hard covers. No missing or damaged pages, no creases or tears, no underlining or highlighting of text, and no writing in the margins. Some identifying marks on the inside cover, but this is minimal. Very little wear and tear. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections

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  • Before tracing the beginnings of renewed municipal life in Northern Italy, we must consider the conditions of land and people, which first rendered possible and then fostered the spirit of local independence of which such beginnings were the natural expression. To do this we must commence our researches with the first domination of the Lombards in the country. In detail the story of the conquest of Northern Italy by the Lombards under Alboin, in 568, hardly differs materially from that of the inroads of other barbarian tribes of the north on the fertile plains of Italy.

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  • It is hard to know how to begin to give thanks when thanks are due so many. I have been fortunate to study with Joanna Williams, a model of erudi- tion, kindness, and patience. She took the risk of accepting a graduate student who knew next to nothing about art history or Southeast Asia, and has con- tinued to encourage and support me over the years. I would like to thank my teachers and academic advisers at Berkeley, including Amin Sweeney, Lewis Lancaster, Patricia Berger, Jefrey Hadler, and Ninik Lunde. I also appreciate the thoughts and comments of Nancy Tingley, Robert L....

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  • No doubt a third General Editor’s Preface to New Accents seems hard to justify. What is there left to say? Twenty-five years ago, the series began with a very clear purpose. Its major concern was the newly perplexed world of academic literary studies, where hectic monsters called ‘Theory’, ‘Linguistics’ and ‘Politics’ ranged.

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  • Chapter 7: Learning to Say No. Telemarketers know that it’s hard to say no. Indeed, they prey on our politeness—those dinner interruptions aren’t just for the old alma mater but also for timeshares, opinion polls, investment schemes, and sales pitches for all types of products.

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  • In contemporary debates about democratic governance, the concept of accountability is hard to avoid. At least from a European perspective, recent innovations in political and administrative decision-making have multiplied opportunities for citizens to hold to account those who exercise governmental authority. Or so we are told. Whether busy modernizing constitutional structures or realigning public services along market-led lines, our political representatives have proclaimed a new era of open and responsive government.

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  • make a check out (to someone) - write a check to give to someone with their name on it I made a check out to the animal hospital after they cared for our dog. make a clean breast of (something) - confess something bad that you have done in order not to feel guilty/bad The woman made a clean breast of things and worked hard to start over. make a clean sweep of (something) - do something completely or thoroughly The new political party made a clean sweep of the large cities during the election. make a comeback - return to one's former (successful) career The boxer...

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  • The Art of Public Speaking What is progress? It is best to be slow in the complex arts of politics in their widest sense, and not to hurry to define. If you want a platitude, there is nothing for supplying it like a definition. Or shall we say that most definitions hang between platitude and paradox? There are said, tho I have never counted, to be 10,000 definitions of religion. There must be about as many of poetry. There can hardly be fewer of liberty, or even of happiness. I am not bold enough to try a definition. I will...

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  • In many countries, medicine is at present facing urgent political and economic calls for reform. These socioeconomic pressures notwithstanding, pharmacotherapy has always been an integral part of the health care system and will remain so in the future. Well-founded knowledge of the preventive and therapeutic value of drugs is a sine qua non for the successful treatment of patients entrusting themselves to a physician or pharmacist. Because of the plethora of proprietary medicines and the continuous influx of new pharmaceuticals, the drug market is dif cult to survey and hard to understand.

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  • what`s what - distinguish one thing from another It is hard to tell what`s what at an auction of old furniture. Whatever will be, will be. - things will just happen and there is little that we can do about it Whatever will be will be and it is not possible to predict what will happen in the future. wheel and deal - take part in political or business dealing There was a lot of wheeling and dealing going on before they built the new convention center. when Idioms when hell freezes over - never The man said that he would come to the office party when hell...

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  • Our first order of business is to make certain that we are a good fit to work together. Part of that assessment will be a candid discussion about your expectations and goals. If the goals, or the timeframe for their achievement are unreasonable and depend too much on lucky breaks and good fortune, IdeaBridge will politely pass on the opportunity. We’ve worked extremely hard to build a stellar reputation for consistent results, and therefore will not accept projects or assignments from any group that has unrealistic expectations. If nothing else, we can help ground you in...

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  • HIV and AIDS have had a devastating impact on the world’s women. In 2008, of the 33.4 million people living with HIV worldwide, 15.7 million, nearly half, were women (UNAIDS, 2009). Grassroots women living in developing regions particularly in Africa and the Caribbean have been especially hard hit. Not only do women seem to be more vulnerable than men to HIV infection, but they also are more greatly affected by the impacts of HIV and AIDS, because of socioeconomic, cultural and political power disparities, and because they tend to absorb the vast majority of the burden of care. ...

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  • Decentralization in command economies that lack mechanisms for horizontal exchange often proves disastrous (Kornai, 1992: 406). Regional governments devolve into autarkies, capital and labor are not mobile, and the decentralized response to central targets requires destabilizing fiscal bailouts. Qian and Roland (1996) argue that fiscal decentralization is one of several factors affecting the hardness of local government’s budget constraint.

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  • Looking at the political consequences of decentralization, Weingast (1995) proposes that a properly designed decentralization is one way to make government more accountable to its citizens.

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  • The social institutions, manners, and customs of an ancient people must always be of deep interest for all those to whom nothing is indifferent that is human. But even for modern thinkers, engrossed in the practical problems of our advanced civilization, the records of antiquity have a direct value. We are better able to deal with the complicated questions of the day if we are acquainted with the simpler issues of the past. We may not set them aside as too remote to have any influence upon us. Not long ago men looked to Greece and Rome for political models. We can hardly estimate the...

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  • There are many rumours about subjects being regarded as ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ and different people will have differing opinions on the matter. In general, subjects referred to as being ‘hard’ are more traditional and theoretical subjects, for example: English, History, Physics and Chemistry. In fact all the facilitating subjects listed earlier can be considered ‘hard’ with the addition of others such as Economics and Politics.

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  • Many a reader who has followed the argument this far may be tempted to remonstrate that it is all well and good to speak of Government's having the responsibility to impose taxes and determine expenditures for such "social" purposes as controlling pollution or training the hard-core unemployed, but that the problems are too urgent to wait on the slow course of political processes, that the exercise of social responsibility by businessmen is a quicker and surer way to solve pressing current problems.

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  • In the year 2006, just as the European Union was planning its 50th birthday party, the powerful and prestigious American Bar Association circulated the first fruits of a major restatement of European Community law. Whether the ABA is a nonprofit- making organisation, I am not aware; but it is hardly a philanthropic institution.Why then should this massive project have seen the light of day? One reason is that transatlantic political relationships are becoming closer.

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