Harmonic generation

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  • There is an upward trend that human activities involve more electric power nowadays and for years to come. And we will soon be facing shortage of electricity supply if we rely solely on non-renewable power generation from fossil fuels such as coals. Renewable energy generation has proven effective in meeting the demand.

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  • Electric Drives Ion Boldea and Syed Nasar Linear Synchronous Motors: Transportation and Automation Systems Jacek Gieras and Jerry Piech Electromechanical Systems, Electric Machines, and Applied Mechatronics Sergey E. Lyshevski Electrical Energy Systems Mohamed E. El-Hawary Distribution System Modeling and Analysis William H. Kersting The Induction Machine Handbook Ion Boldea and Syed Nasar Power Quality C. Sankaran Power System Operations and Electricity Markets Fred I. Denny and David E.

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  • The infinite-dimensional unitary group U(∞) is the inductive limit of growing compact unitary groups U(N ). In this paper we solve a problem of harmonic analysis on U(∞) stated in [Ol3]. The problem consists in computing spectral decomposition for a remarkable 4-parameter family of characters of U(∞). These characters generate representations which should be viewed as analogs of nonexisting regular representation of U(∞).

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  • Although we are well into the fourth decade since the advent of the laser, the number and type of lasers and their wavelength coverage continue to expand. One seeking a photon source is now confronted with an enormous number of possible lasers and laser wavelengths. In addition, various techniques of frequency conversion—harmonic generation, optical parametric oscillation, sum- and difference-frequency mixing, and Raman shifting—can be used to enlarge the spectral coverage.

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  • Rapid development of optoelectronic devices and laser techniques poses an important task of creating and studying, from one side, the structures capable of effectively converting, modulating, and recording optical data in a wide range of radiation energy densities and frequencies, from another side, the new schemes and approaches capable to activate and simulate the modern features. It is well known that nonlinear optical phenomena and nonlinear optical materials have the promising place to resolve these complicated technical tasks....

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  • NESTA (2005) indicates that the UK creative industries contribute 8.9% to GDP, compared with circa 3% from manufacturing. During 2002, total creative industries exports contributed £11.5 billion to the balance of trade (Department For Culture, Media And Sports, 2004), and £11.6 billion in 2003 (Department for Culture, Media and Sports, 2005). The top destination of export of UK design services is the US, although fee income generated from Europe has seen an increase of 2%. By comparison, in France design, though not comparable with creative industries contributes less than 0.

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  • In order to satisfy their needs, people are forced to exploit nature, using materials available in nature. But for sustainable development, there is a need to harmonize the relationship between today's generation and future generation. During recent innovation, Vietnam social sciences have contributed greatly to establish perspectives and strategies for sustainable development.

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