Harvested fruits

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  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, the ethical debate on cloning tended to blur the lines of separation between the church and state, to an extent that had not been so obvious at the international level for some time. This highly charged issue challenges the bases of many religious beliefs and places science and religion at loggerheads. Questions were raised such as, whether it is appropriate to allow for the creation and destruction of embryos for the sole purpose of harvesting stem cells which may save the life of a sick person is at the very heart of this debate.

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  • Ripening and post harvest behaviour of fruits of two Hylocereus species (Cactaceae) has many contents: plant material and growth conditions, fruit growth and ripening, fruit analysis, fruit growth and ripening, gas production, storage.

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  • Canada and Greenland both hunt harp seals from the same population (the northwest Atlantic stock). The Canadian and Greenland governments have been exchanging information on their respective hunts and have agreed to continue such exchanges with the intent of verifying harvest activities and strengthening conservation. Discussions are also underway with Greenland scientists on a possible joint Satellite tagging program to better define seal movements and stock boundaries. The annual catch of harp seals in Greenland has been increasing in recent years to about 80,000 animals.

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  • As blueberries ripen successively and are commercially harvested over a period of several weeks, their composition may be altered during the harvest. The aim of this study was to compare blueberry fruit composition during the entire harvest season.

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  • Eight primocane fruiting red raspberry cultivars grown at the Experimental station “Radmilovac”, a collective raspberry orchard of the Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade University, were harvested in 2008 and 2009.

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  • Storage insect pests, microbial deterioration, and mycotoxins are major threats to dried fruit. Methyl bromide (MeBr) was the fumigant used to control pests until it was banned.

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  • An experiment retail plastic packaging system was used to compare the atmospheric composition within sealed packs containing tomato fruits. A range of plastic films with different permeability properties were tested to study the effects of these conditions on the changes in postharvest qualities of tomatoes harvested at the pink stage of maturity and stored at 13oC for 60 days.

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  • Freezing is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of food preservation, which allows preservation of taste, texture, and nutritional value in foods better than any other method. The freezing process is a combination of the beneficial effects of low temperatures at which microorganisms cannot grow, chemical reaction are reduced and cellular metabolic reacions are delayed.

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  • Three major approaches can be used in an effort to segment a market. 22 They include the a-priori, a-posteriori and hybrid approach. The selection of an approach depends on the objectives of the researcher in undertaking a segmentation study. In a-priori (predetermined) market segmentation, the type (segmentation variables) and number of market segments are determined before data collection. With this ap- proach, there are two main questions, namely the estimated sizes of these segments in the market place, and some relevant segment characteristics ( descriptor variables).

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  • 3 Preparation Fruits and vegetables should be prepared for preservation as soon as possible after harvesting, in any case within 4 to 48 hours. The likelihood of spoilage increases rapidly as time passes. This chapter discusses preparation methods used for the various preservation methods discussed in Chapters 4 to 7

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  • Lichens are long-lived and can be monitored, field conditions permitting, in any season. Many lichens have extensive geographical ranges, allowing study of pollution gradients over large areas. These properties make them useful for spatial and temporal evaluation of pollutant accumulation in the environment. Epiphytic lichens (those that grow on trees or plants) are often best suited to the study of air pollution effects on lichen communities, lichen growth or physiology, and to the study of pollutant loading and distribution.

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  • 9 9.1 Harvesting Mature or ripe fruit? When a fruit is fully grown it is said to be mature. Hence, a mature fruit does not grow anymore, but it continues to ripen. In some mature fruits the ripening process includes a brief phase of accelerated ripening (the ‘climacterium’).

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  • The fruit industry in Vietnam has a great potential and plays an important role in agricultural production. In 2003, Vietnam exported US$43 million of high value fruit to high-income countries and imported US$14 million of fruit and vegetables. Vietnam is experiencing difficulties in competing with other Asian nations in export markets and its own domestic market, especially with China and Thailand. This suggests that Vietnam’s horticultural industries require substantial development to be globally competitive. Vietnamese consumers are demanding safer and higher quality fruit.

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  • Penicillium expansum is a post-harvest pathogen of apples which can produce the hazardous mycotoxin patulin. The yeast Cryptococcus laurentii (LS28) is a biocontrol agent able to colonize highly oxidative environments such as wounds in apples. In this study culture filtrates of the basidiomycete Lentinula edodes (LF23) were used to enhance the biocontrol activity of LS28. In vitro L. edodes culture filtrates improved the growth of C. laurentii and the activity of its catalase, superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase, which play a key role in oxidant scavenging.

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  • Convertible bonds can be difficult to value, given their hybrid nature of containing elements of both debt and equity. Further complications arise due to the frequent presence of additional options such as callability and puttability, and contractual complexities such as trigger prices and “soft call” provisions, in which the ability of the issuing firm to exercise its option to call is dependent upon the history of its stock price.

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  • Because Of Harvest WS chậm lũ lụt, vì vậy nguồn cung cấp không bắt đầu Đến Sau Tết, Khi giá Theo truyền thống thấp hơn 2. Việc giao hàng ban đầu lên: o Tháng Hai 5-5,255 kg tại 3,500 đồng / kg o ngày 12 tháng 2 - Không được biết đến 4,822 kg Giá o Tháng Hai 23-3,449 kg tại 2,500 đồng / kg 3. Đối với Ba Sản lượng thu hoạch sau đó, giá rất thấp (1.000 đồng / kg), do đó, Hoặc là nông dân bán cho người thu gom địa phương cày vàng trong các loại cây trồng 4.

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  • Phototrophy is the process by which organisms trap photons and store energy as chemical energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. There are three major types of phototrophy: Oxygenic and Anoxygenic photosynthesis, and Rhodopsin-based phototrophy. Photosynthesis is a chemical process that converts carbon dioxide into different organic compounds using solar energy. Oxygenic and anoxygenic photosynthesis undergo different reactions in the presence and absence of light (called light and dark reactions, respectively).

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  • The Bank, IMF and World Bank participated in a Government Forum organized in March 2011 to discuss the recently approved Strategy for Arrears Clearance. A major conclusion from the workshop was the importance of reaching agreement on a Staff Monitored Program with the IMF as a critical component of the path towards arrears clearance and debt relief and a grandfathering of Zimbabwe by the IDA Executive Board if it is to benefit from the HIPC Initiative.

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  • Often communities have to deal with local political considerations when they plan events. No specific advice can be given to the promoter except to warn him or her that political considerations are always important to the local community. Often a way to encourage elected political officials to support an event is to show the monetary or quality-of-life impact that a successful event would have on their communities or careers. Explaining the positive impact encourages officials to support the public safety coordinators by providing adequate local resources and funding. ...

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  • Canadian GAAP requires the use of bid prices for long positions and ask prices for short positions in the fair valuation of investments traded in an active market, rather than the use of closing prices currently used for the purpose of determining Net Asset Value (“NAV”). For investments that are not traded in an active market, Canadian GAAP requires the use of valuation techniques, incorporating factors that market participants would consider in setting a price.

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