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  • Bài viết được nghiên cứu với mục tiêu xác định nồng độ TNF-alpha (TNF-α), IL-6 huyết tương ở bệnh nhân (BN) thận nhân tạo chu kỳ (TNTCK) và đánh giá kết quả lọc TNF-α, IL-6 huyết tương sau cuộc lọc HDF-online có so sánh với lọc HD thông thường.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa hoc quốc tế đề tài : Design of Uniformly Most Powerful Alphabets for HDF 2-Way Relaying Employing Non-Linear Frequency Modulations

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  • Tại nhà máy chính, gỗ được nghiền nhỏ, bột gỗ được trộn với keo, phụ gia và chuyển sang công đoạn ép. Bột gỗ được xử lý kết hợp với các chất phụ gia làm tăng độ cứng của gỗ, chống mối mọt, sau đó được ép dưới áp suất cao.Gỗ được khai thác và xử lý để chuẩn bị đưa vào sản xuất. Gỗ được xẻ mỏng, phân loại, chuẩn bị chuyển về nhà máy chính để nghiền nhỏ và đưa vào sản xuất ván HDF.

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  • Over the past few years, there has been a fundamental shift in data storage, management, and processing. Companies are storing more data from more sources in more formats than ever before. This isn’t just about being a “data packrat” but rather building products, features, and intelligence predicated on knowing more about the world (where the world can be users, searches, machine logs, or whatever is relevant to an organization).

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  • Hadoop has a master-slave architecture (Figure 2), with a unique master host and multiple slave hosts, typ- ically configured as follows. The master host runs two daemons: (1) the JobTracker, which schedules and man- ages all of the tasks belonging to a running job; and (2) the NameNode, which manages the HDFS namespace, and regulates access to files by clients (which are typi- cally the executing tasks).

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  • Readings for the course are attached. The readings come from a series of articles provided in a bulk pack. The volume of material is not overly burdensome for a course of this type, but some of the material is difficult. All readings should be done prior to the class for which it is assigned. In general, I have tried to pair academic papers with recent industry reports, with the goal of marrying sound theory and empirical analysis with relevant current events and practices. Class sessions are organized with the same goal in mind. ...

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  • I first encountered Hadoop in the fall of 2008 when I was working on an internet crawl and analysis project at Verisign. My team was making discoveries similar to those that Doug Cutting and others at Nutch had made several years earlier regarding how to efficiently store and manage terabytes of crawled and analyzed data. At the time, we were getting by with our home-grown distributed system, but the influx of a new data stream and requirements to join that stream with our crawl data couldn’t be supported by our existing system in the required timelines....

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  • Hadoop [7] is an open-source implementation of Google’s Map/Reduce [5] framework that enables dis- tributed, data-intensive, parallel applications by decom- posing a massive job into smaller tasks and a massive data-set into smaller partitions, such that each task pro- cesses a different partition in parallel. The main abstrac- tions are (i) Map tasks that process the partitions of the data-set using key/value pairs to generate a set of inter- mediate results, and (ii) Reduce tasks that merge all in- termediate values associated with the same intermediate key.

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