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  • This unique and comprehensive book reveals the Taoist secret of circulating Chi, the generative life force, through the acupuncture meridians of the body. Illustrated with detailed diagrams that aid the development of a powerful energetic flow, for psychological and spiritual health and balance.

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  • In my forty years within the natural health movement, I’ve been blessed to witness the living food lifestyle spread its wings and soar. When I started the Hippocrates Health Institute with Dr. Ann Wigmore in the 1960s, “raw” and “living” were not words commonly associated with the way we eat. I developed a living foods program, a radically new paradigm at the time, which demonstrated unquestionable healing powers. One by one people would arrive at the Institute with grave illnesses and depart revitalized by the simple preparations created from the uncooked bounty of nature....

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  • Through a long and rewarding career in nursing I have been privileged to support and learn from many about the wellness-illness patterns that mark the human experience. It is frequently an illness event that slows us down, inviting us to step outside normal routines to reevaluate the beliefs and patterns that create the life we live. Cares of the day become insignificant when one is confronted with one’s mortality. The focus shifts to the deeper questions of the soul.

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  • I constantly live in a reactive state (like someone walking with their eyes closed) at all times due to the little veil I have left and constant healings. I attempt to maintain stability and functionality but healing is my path for survival, a mask that has seemed to grow to become a piece of me instead of just something I can do. If you ever see me I may be edgy, stand-offish, or maybe full of joy but depending on what is being projected at me or which one of my thousands of issues I'm

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  • Ebook "Heal Yourself With Qigong" present on: Qigong demystified, getting started: the simple basics, essential practice components posture, breath, and intention, instant energy boosters,...

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  • Most books on house rabbits are written as a result of the author’s personal experience with a rabbit companion. This book is no exception. I first conceived the idea of writing about disabled buns after my experiences with a rabbit who required constant specialized care. He inspired me to write an article about caring for special-needs rabbits, which appeared online, and I then planned to expand the topic into a book.

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  • Abstract Here I tackle three major issues, climate change, financial crisis and national security, to disclose the weak points of current remedies and propose sustainable solutions. Global warming and the unexpected 2008 financial crisis will undoubtedly impact all nations. Treating those two critical issues solely by painkiller solutions will fail because only adverse consequences are healed, not their causes. Therefore, all sources of issues must be treated at the same time by enhancing collaboration between politicians and scientists....

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  • These unique characteristics plus the functionalities from the materials themselves impart nanofibers with a number of novel properties for applications in areas as various as biomedical engineering, wound healing, drug delivery and release control, catalyst and enzyme carriers, filtration, environment protection, composite reinforcement, sensors, optics, energy harvest and storage, and many others. More and more emphasis has recently been placed on large-scale nanofiber production, the key technology to the wide usages of nanofibers in practice....

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  • Alternative medicine is recognized as medical products and practices that do not belong to the standard cares taken by medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy and allied health professionals. Alternative medicine includes the mind-body interventions (i.e., meditation, yoga, acupuncture, deep-breathing exercises, guided imageryAny of various techniques (such as a series of verbal suggestions) used to guide another person or oneself in imagining sensations— especially in visualizing an image in the mind—to bring about a desired physical response (such as stress reduction).

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  • Carry a sketch book—a cheap one so you won't worry about wasting a page. Sketch in the underground, while watching television, in pubs, at horse shows. Sports events are especially fun to sketch— boxing matches, football games, etc. Draw constantly. Interest in life will grow. Ability to solve drawing problems will be sharpened. Creative juices will surge. Healing fluids will flow throughout your body. An eagerness for life and experience and growth will crowd out all feelings of ennui and disinterest.

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  • The list of individuals who contributed to the development of EFT can never be complete because most of them lived over 5,000 years ago. Those are the brilliant physicians who discovered and mapped the centerpiece of EFT, namely, the subtle energies that course through our bodies. These subtle energies are also the centerpiece of acupuncture and, as a result, EFT and acupuncture are cousins. Both disciplines are growing rapidly here in the West and, as time unfolds, they are destined to have a primary role in emotional and physical healing....

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  • Amongst the various holistic systems now in vogue, reiki belongs to a type of healing through energy, somewhat similar to certain aspects of homoeopathic healing. Definition The word reiki is Japanese. It means Universal Life-Force Energy. It can be broken down into two components, “Rei” and “Ki”. “Rei” stands for Universal transcendent spirit; “Ki” is the life-force energy very similar to the Chi of Chinese acupuncture, the vital force of homoeopathy and the bioplasmic energy of the Russian researchers. It is the “Ki” that flows through all living beings.

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  • With the growth of health awareness, there has been a contemporary interest in experimenting with newer methods of healing based on energy. Conventional medicine works at the level of biochemical energy but the new-age techniques opt for subtler forms of energy. This has resulted in a renewed interest in esoteric methods with its inherent dangers of glorifying superstitions.

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