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  • The ultimate sourcebook from America's leading alternative health expert. Yes, you can feel better, look better, and extend the best years of your life through proper nutrition and exercise. And there is no better guide to optimum health than this classic reference and sourcebook.

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  • Therapist Lisa Lieberman stresses that it is impor- tant to make the information available to kids at a developmentally appropriate level. Particularly at first, you may want to talk to each child individ- ually if they have different information needs. A six-year-old may just need to be told that a part of mommy’s brain isn’t working like it should, and that makes her move funny, but she’s going to be okay. An adolescent may need more specific infor- mation about the disease. Outside resources can help in guiding your discus- sions.

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  • This Agrodok provides a wealth of useful information on how to over- come the main constraints in small-scale poultry production and deal with threats like predation and infectious diseases. It is a practical booklet with chapters on hatching, housing, nutrition and health. I sin- cerely hope and believe that the knowledge, tools and experiences of- fered here will be a valuable resource for poultry keepers. Above all, I hope that it will inspire readers to generate new ideas through apply- ing the ideas they find here. Chickens deserve to be treated well – and professionally.

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