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  • Countries in the WHO European Region face enormous challenges in working to promote the mental well-being of their populations, to prevent mental health problems in marginalized and vulnerable groups and to treat, care for and support the recovery of people with mental health problems. Mental health has growing priority across the Region, owing to the awareness of both the human and economic costs to society and the suffering of individuals.

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  • Twenty-one targets for health for all have been set, which specifically spell out the needs of the whole European Region and suggest the necessary actions to improve the situation. They will provide the “benchmarks” against which to measure progress in improving and protecting health, and in reducing health risks. These 21 targets together constitute an inspirational framework for developing health policies in the countries of the European Region.

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  • States seeking to operate a State-based Exchange or electing to participate in a State Partnership Exchange must submit a complete Exchange Blueprint no later than 30 business days prior to the required Approval date of January 1 (November 16, 2012 for plan year 2014). A State may submit its Declaration Letter at any time prior to this deadline.

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  • This paper is intended to give information on the issue of Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting (FMG/C)1 and to highlight opportunities for the Bank to address the issue of FGM/C within its overall development agenda and poverty reduction strategy. Overall, the Bank has been rather conservative terms of dealing with the issue FGM/C.

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  • Shalom is one of the most beautiful words in existence. It literally means “nothing missing, nothing broken.”1 It also means to be completely whole in every way. Shalom is perfect peace.2 Our Lord Jesus is the Prince of Shalom. (Isa. 9:6.) His greatest desire for you is that you live in health, prosperity, joy, and absolute fulfillment in every area of your life. If even a small part of your life is lacking any part of these, He feels it. You must realize that your Lord loves you with a perfect love. He cherishes every breath you take.

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  • The pebble was tossed into the water by Charles Darwin in 1872 when he declared in his book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals that humans are not the only members of the animal kingdom that experience a wide array of emotions and feelings. Despite the reputation of the renowned biologist, the ripples that this tiny rock generated went largely unappreciated at the time. In fact, these ripples remained quite small until the middle of the next century.

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  • “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” a phrase taken directly from the Declaration of Independence, indicates the basic values identified by the founders of our nation. Of the three, life is the most fundamental as without it, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are meaningless. Health, of course, is the underpinning of life and therefore, it is puzzling that there is so little general demand for an explicit public emphasis on nourishing health as a personal and social resource.

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  • CSSP helps provide state policymakers with research-informed, results-based policy strategies to support child and family well-being in their states through This web-based tool provides guidance on maximizing federal resources and highlights state examples of effective policies and financing approaches; which is critical during tough economic times. This paper is intended to be a companion piece to the promote children’s social, emotional, behavioral health section on

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  • Several countries are now collaborating with each other to use satellite for tele- education and tele-medicine. Space technology has now proliferated into everyday life particularly in developing economies through wireless communication, navigation, disaster communication, tele-education and tele-health care (Sengupta, 2008). Not only developing but developed nations are also using benefits of satellite system.

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  • Since 2005, the international development perspectives have broadened, with new funding sources, partnerships and configurations of stakeholders. Global public-health initiatives such as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) have matured their operations and increasingly become significant sources of revenue for national health budgets in many low-income countries.

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  • Earlier in the year, when the affiliate rule was first implemented, the state expected that the planned expansion of Medicaid to non-elderly adults with incomes under 133% of poverty under the Affordable Care Act in 2014 would ensure that most of the low-income WHP clients would become eligible for Medicaid and that additional support might only be needed for those women with incomes between 138% and 185% of poverty.

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  • The recognition of gender equality as a cross-cutting issue in the Paris Declaration and the OECD-DAC’s gender marker system to assess the contribution of overseas development assistance (ODA) to gender equality goals have also been important contributions to greater effectiveness. With its emphasis on development effectiveness and the recognition of gender equality and the empowerment of women as critical to achieving development results, the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation also advances progress through a series of concrete commitments.

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  • At the same time that the UN was debating cloning, UNESCO was developing a Universal Declaration on Bioethics that attempts to outline some practical expressions of a principle of social responsibility.

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  • Alignment and harmonization of sexual and reproductive health The 6 years since the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (4) have marked a significant change in awareness of the importance of coordination of resources for health and development – though reviews of progress at the Accra Agenda for Action in 2008 (4) suggested that there was a need for a greater shift towards alignment with government policies and national systems (such as monitoring and procurement) than had already occurred.

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  • each year some eight million of the estimated 210 million women who become pregnant, suffer life- threatening complications related to pregnancy. in 2000, an estimated 529,000 women died during pregnancy and childbirth from largely preventable causes; 2.7 million infants are stillborn every year and three million infants die within the first seven days of life. globally, the maternal mortality ratio has not changed over the past decade. Ninety-nine percent of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries16 . Somalia has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios in the world.

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  • The UN General Assembly Cloning debate evolved from calls for a Convention to the formulation of a Declaration, as a way to bridge the division over the international governance issues. The United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning (A/RES/59/280) was thus adopted on 8th of March, 2005. The Declaration was passed with 84 countries supporting it, 34 against, while 37 abstained. Comparisons are made between the reasoning of countries for and against the Declaration. Research efforts on reproductive as well as therapeutic cloning continue to be governed by national law and policy.

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  • Future options for international governance of cloning could include further work by UNESCO IBC on the issue of reproductive and research cloning, in the context of resolution A/RES/59/280 and also in the context of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, which was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO on the 19th of October 2005. The UN GA Sixth committee takes up the issue of customary international law on cloning.

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  • Protection of human dignity is one of the cardinal principles of bioethics and has been enshrined in a number of international instruments. Most notable in relation to the present discussion is the UNESCO Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights which state in article 11, that:” Practices which are contrary to human dignity, such as reproductive cloning of human beings, shall not be permitted.

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  • Businesses with regional offices may need to consider rotating service delivery from hard hit areas to influenza-free areas, or areas that have been declared to be in a post- pandemic period. Restrictions on movement of people from region to region may be imposed, and rotation of staff may therefore be difficult. Businesses with overseas offices, or which use services outsourced from overseas (e.g. call centres), may be disproportionately affected. Not all countries have the means to cope with a pandemic.

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  • Packaging must consist of readily recyclable material, and/or materials taken from renewable resources, or be a multi-use system, i.e. reusable. All packaging materials shall be easily separable by hand into recyclable parts consisting of one material (e.g. cardboard, paper, plastic, textile). Verification: A description of the product packaging shall be provided together with a corresponding declaration of compliance with these criteria. Proof should be provided in compliance with BS EN 13430 on recyclability or BS EN 13429 on reusability, or equivalent. ...

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