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  • As Christine Ammer notes, the underlying assumption of The Encyclopedia of Women’s Health, her classic and concise reference for women’s health, is that “every woman wants to take responsibility for her own health.” By helping us understand how our bodies work, the marvel of our bodies’ normal functions and the profound consequences of its malfunctions, and the care and treatments available to us, she helps us to take charge of our own health.

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  • It is imperative that the health care professional have knowledge of medical law, ethics, and bioethics so that the client may be treated with understanding, sensitivity, and compassion. No matter what the professional’s education and experience, any direct client contact involves ethical and legal responsibility. It also is imperative that this knowledge be used to provide the best possible service for the physician employer. Our goal is to provide the health care professional with an adequate resource for the study of medical law, ethics, and bioethics.

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  • If the HIV/AIDS pandemic is to be halted, the international community must, for a start, deliver on the promise of universal education. But it must go further than the imperative of equal access to education and ensure equal quality in the process, content and experience of education. While access to, and the availability of, life skills classes are important to stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS, so too is a school environment that is child-friendly, models equality and fairness, and protects the rights of all children equally (see Box 3, page 11 and Chapter 4, page 18).

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  • Many risks that we face on a daily basis may be unavoidable, so there is an expectation by individuals that the level of risk is being managed and reduced to safe levels through evidence-based risk assessments and public health interventions. There has been a growing recognition that risks need to be viewed in their public health context to ensure that the most important risks are prioritized and addressed. Under a broader public health imperative, risk assessments are used as an important process to quantify the probability of harmful effects to individuals, sub-populations (eg.

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  • The environmental justice movement brings together all elements of the social justice movement, espousing a more holistic definition of environment that embraces public health, economic development, housing, energy and transportation as well as preservation of natural resources. Environment is defined as where we live, work, learn and play. As children of the larger civil rights movement, environmental justice advocates organize from the bottom up and seek to cultivate and empower community-based leadership.

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  • The costs specified under this heading are related to travel and subsistence costs for the staff attached to the proposed action. Amounts stated must correspond to specific and clearly identifiable activities. The number and destination of journeys and the number of days spent travelling must be reasonable with regard to the objectives of the applicant for the proposed action. The destination of the travels as well as the number of days forecast and the name or role in the training initiative of the persons travelling should be justified in the estimated budget....

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  • It is imperative for the trainers to have extensive experience either in counselling or in coun- selling training. Since this training is about “linking” different service areas, the trainers’ backgrounds should complement each other and (as much as possible) represent the range of services being covered in the training. This manual is designed for use by skilled, experienced trainers.

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  • The primary reason for testing the security of an operational system is to identify potential vulnerabilities and subsequently repair them. The number of reported vulnerabilities is growing daily; for example, the number of new information system vulnerabilities reported to the Bugtraq2 database has more that quintupled since the start of 1998, from an average of 20 to over 100 per month. The number of computers per person in many organizations continues to rise, increasing the demands on competent and experienced system administrators.

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  • WHOís failure to eradicate malaria (after a significant victory over smallpox) revealed the interrelationship of health and infrastructure, culture, politics and economic stability. In addition, it demonstrated the imperative that health campaigns be culturally-sensitive and discredited the notion of magic bullets for the worldís disease burdens.

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  • The high-level Commission on Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health included among its 10 recommendations one that is specific to improving measurement of maternal (and child) deaths. This recommendation requires that “by 2015, all countries have taken significant steps to establish a system for registration of births, deaths and causes of death, and have well-functioning health information systems that combine data from facilities, administrative sources and surveys”.

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  • Midwives work closely with obstetric and GP colleagues to deliver maternity care for women, and increasingly with maternity support workers/maternity care assistants, health visitors/public health practitioners, social care colleagues and specialist workers to respond to the complex health and social needs of some women and their families. Crucial to the success of such partnership working is timely and effective communication.

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