Heat calculations

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  • Electricity is an invisible force that is used to transfer energy into heat, light, intelligence, or motion. Electricity is explained in terms of electrical charge, potential differ- ence (or voltage), electrical charge flow (or current), and resistance to current flow. Figure 1-1 graphically illus- trates electron flow through a conductor by comparing it with water flow through a pipe. The normal unit of current measurement is the ampere, whereas the normal unit of voltage measurement is the volt. The unit of opposition to current flow, or resistance, is the ohm...

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  • A heat exchanger is a vessel that transfers heat energy from one process stream to another. A common physical configuration for heat exchangers is a shell and tube exchanger, where a bundle of tubes sits inside a shell. There is no mixing of fluid between the shell and the tubes.

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  • The Handbook of heating ventilation and air conditioning will stay up-to-date while other resources become outmoded and go through lengthy revision and reprint processes. Through a link on the CRC Web site, owners of the Handbook can access new material periodically posted by the author.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Heat-Transfer calculations" has contents: Introductory calculations, steady state calculations (solution for the heat transfer design of a cooled gas turbine airfoil, cooling of a fuel cell, turbo generator rotor cooling calculation,...), transient and cyclic calculations (thermal system transient response, transient analysis of low temperature, low energy carrier,...).

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Heat-Transfer calculations" has contents: Heat-Transfer-Coefficient determination; tubes, pipes, and ducts; heat exchangers; fluidized beds; parameter and boundary estimation; temperature control; thermal analysis and design; economic optimization.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Methods for the calculation of physical effects" has contents: Vapour cloud explosion, heat flux from fires, ruptures of vessels, interfacing of models.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Industrial boilers and heat recovery steam generators" has contents: Steam and power systems, heat recovery boilers, steam generators, emission control in boilersand HRSGs, basic steam plant calculations, fuels, combustion, and efficiency of boilers and heaters.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Industrial boilers and heat recovery steam generators" has contents: Fluid flow, valve sizing, and pressure drop calculations; heat transfer equipment design and performance, fans, pumps, and steam turbines.

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  • MODERN POWER-PLANT CYCLES AND EQUIPMENT CYCLE ANALYSES 1.4 Choosing Best Options for Boosting Combined-Cycle Plant Output 1.4 Selecting Gas-Turbine Heat-Recovery Boilers 1.10 Gas-Turbine Cycle Efficiency Analysis and Output Determination 1.13 Determining Best-Relative-Value of Industrial Gas Turbines Using a LifeCycle Cost Model 1.18 Tube Bundle

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  • HEATING, VENTILATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING ECONOMICS OF INTERIOR CLIMATE CONTROL 16.2 Equations for Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning Calculations Required Capacity of a Unit Heater Determining Cooling-Tower Fan Horsepower Requirements 16.12 Choosing an Ice Storage System for Facility Cooling 16.13 Annual Heating and Cooling Energy Loads and Costs 16.22 Heat Recovery Using a Run-Around System of Energy Transfer 16.24 Rotary Heat Exchanger Energy Savings 16.26 Savings from ‘‘Hot-Deck’’ Temperature Reset 16.28 Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger Performance 16.

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  • The inspiration for Building Systems for Interior Designers came when I tried to teach interior design students about all the ways buildings support our activities and physical needs—without an adequate textbook. I needed an approach that supported the special concerns of the interior designer, while connecting those issues to the work of the rest of the building design team.

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  • FEEDWATER HEATING METHODS Steam-Plant Feedwater-Heating cycle Analysis 5.1 Direct-Contact Feedwater Heater Analysis 5.2 Closed Feedwater Heater Analysis and Selection 5.3 Power-Plant Heater Extraction-Cycle Analysis 5.8 Feedwater Heating with Diesel-Engine Repowering of a Steam Plant

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  • HEAT TRANSFER AND HEAT EXCHANGE Selecting Type of Heat Exchanger for a Specific Application 11.1 Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger Size Boiler-Tube Steam-Generating Capacity Heat Exchanger Actual Temperature Difference 11.6 Fouling Factors in Heat-Exchanger Sizing and Selection 11.8 Heat Transfer in Barometric and Jet Condensers 11.10 Selection of a Finned-Tube Heat Exchanger 11.12 Spiral-Type Heating-Coil Selection

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  • REFRIGERATION Refrigeration Required to Cool an Occupied Building 12.1 Determining the Displacement of a Reciprocating Refrigeration Compressor 12.4 Heat-Recovery Water-Heating from Refrigeration Units 12.6 Computing Refrigerating Capacity Needed for Air-Conditioning Loads

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  • PLUMBING AND DRAINAGE FOR BUILDINGS AND OTHER STRUCTURES FACILITIES PLANNING AND LAYOUT 15.1 Water-Meter Sizing and Layout for Plant and Building Water Supply 15.1 Pneumatic Water Supply and Storage Systems 15.8 Selecting and Sizing Storage-Tank Hot-Water Heaters 15.11 Sizing Water-Supply Systems for High-Rise Buildings 15.14 PLUMBING-SYSTEM DESIGN 15.23 Determination of Plumbing-System Pipe Sizes 15.23 Design of Roof and Yard Rainwater Drainage Systems 15.29 Sizing Cold- and Hot-Water-Supply Piping 15.32 Sprinkler-System Selection and Design 15.

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  • During the past 20 years, design and operation of the comfort systems for buildings have been transformed because of energy conservation imperatives, the use of computer-based design aids, and major advances in intelligent management systems for buildings. In the 1970s, rules of thumb were widely used by designers. Today, a strong analytical basis for the design synthesis process is standard procedure. This handbook describes the latest methods for design and operation of new and existing buildings.

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  • MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL BRAKES Brake Selection for a Known Load 24.1 Mechanical Brake Surface Area and Cooling Time 24.3 Band Brake Heat Generation, Temperature Rise, and Required Area 24.6 Designing a Brake and Its Associated Mechanisms 24.8 Internal Shoe Brake Forces and Torque Capacity 24.15 Analyzing Failsafe Brakes for Machinery

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  • HYDRAULIC AND PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS DESIGN Determining Response Time of PilotOperated Solenoid-Energized Spool Valves in Hydraulic Systems 25.1 Hydraulic-System Reservoir and Heat Exchanger Selection and Sizing 25.12 Choosing Gaskets for Industrial Hydraulic Piping Systems 25.19 Computing Friction Loss in Industrial Hydraulic System Piping

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  • SOLAR ENERGY Analysis of Solar Electric Generating System Loads and Costs 17.1 Economics of Investment in an Industrial Solar-Energy System 17.4 Designing a Flat-Plate Solar-Energy Heating and Cooling System 17.6 Determination of Solar Insolation on Solar Collectors Under Differing Conditions 17.13 Sizing Collectors for Solar-Energy Heating Systems

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  • Recent 40 years have witnessed considerable advances in experimental, theoretical and calculation approaches as well as in industrial utilizations. In this way, this book aims to bring together current progresses in some special heat transfer fields contributing to the dissemination of high-quality research efforts.

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