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Heat pump technology

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  • "Study on determination of heat pump drying mode for manufacturing red pepper" present processing technology of red pepper in Vietnam is not completed yet. Red pepper has been mainly produced by using natural drying method. As the result, the quality of products is low, the color of peppercorns is not satisfactory and its taste is not really different compared with other pepper products.

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  • The aim of this research was to develop and solve the experimental mathematical model which described the cold-drying process to produce pennywort powder products. Results obtained were to build the multi-objective optimization for cold-drying process of pennywort and the product after drying was good quality, the moisture content met the requirements and the energy cost reached the lowest level.

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  • Nowadays, energy saving and environmental friendly technologies applied to drying processes is highly paid attention, especially for the natural products. Thus, novel and integrated technologies in processing of natural products are paid attention.

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  • Goal of the research is an analysis of economical efficiency of geothermal energy use in North-West region of Russia using an example of heat pumps. Authors considered expediency of Earth’s geothermal energy use in North-West district using an example of European states. Analysis of specific factors characterizing this type of energy, as well as its extraction and used technology is done.

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  • The semiconductor diode laser chips AlGaAs of the matrix structure (linear bars arrays structure), having an output opticalpower of 2W were packaged at the semiconductor laser labrotary - Institute of Materials Science. We have studied some its properties such as: the temperature dependence of laser threshold, output optical power; the transfer heat of laser chip and pump current of laser. The study of spectral structure showed that the operating wavelength area of laser and structure of the longitudinal multimode depend on temperature and pump current.

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  • Extrusion cooking technology is very efficient state-of-art technology adopted by snacks food industries. It is high temperature, short time high pressure, continuous process. Unit operations involved in extrusion cooking process are conveying, mixing, shearing, heating, and shaping. Various types of extruders used by food manufacturers in snacks industries such as piston extruders, roller-type extruders, and screw extruders (Single-screw extruder and Twin-screw extruder).

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  • Liquid alloy systems have a high degree of thermal conductivity, far superior to ordinary nonmetallic liquids and inherent high densities and electrical conductivities. This results in the use of these materials for specific heat conducting and dissipation applications for the nuclear and space sectors. Uniquely, they can be used to conduct heat and electricity between nonmetallic and metallic surfaces.

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  • What is a heat pump? A heat pump is a mechanical device used for heating and cooling which operates on the principle that heat can be pumped from a cooler temperature to a warmer temperature (cold to hot). Heat pumps can draw heat from a number of sources, eg, air, water, or earth, and are most often either air-source or water-source. Although heat pumps have been around for more than a 100 years, the technology has dramatically increased. Not only do heat pumps still operate the common refrigerator, but today, heat pump technology allows us to heat and cool residential...

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  • In common usage, an engine burns or otherwise consumes fuel, and is differentiated from an electric machine (i.e., electric motor) that derives power without changing the composition of matter.[3] A heat engine may also serve as a prime mover, a component that transforms the flow or changes in pressure of a fluid into mechanical energy.[4] An automobile powered by an internal combustion engine may make use of various motors and pumps, but ultimately all such devices derive their power from the engine....

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  • Solar energy, light and heat radiation from the Sun, has been exploited by humans since ancient times using a variety of technology development than ever before. Solar radiation along with secondary resources of energy like wind and solar energy, water power and biomass, make the most of renewable energy available on earth. Only a tiny fraction of the available solar energy is used.

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