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  • Hecker and Hollert Environmental Sciences Europe 2011, 23:15 http://www.enveurope.com/content/23/1/15 DISCUSSION Open Access Endocrine disruptor screening: regulatory perspectives and needs Markus Hecker1* and Henner Hollert2* Abstract National and international governments are in the process of establishing testing programs and strategies to assess the safety of currently used chemicals with regard to their potential to interact with the endocrine system of man and wildlife, resulting in potential impacts on reproduction, growth, and/or development.

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  • WE FIRST WOULD LIKE TO THANK W. DAVID KAY FOR ORGANIZING THE seminar, Staging Justice, for the annual meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America in April of 2006, from which the current es- says were drawn. We would also like to acknowledge the contribu- tion of all of the members of that seminar: Kevin Curran, David George, Pierre Hecker, Harry Keyishian, Lisa Klotz, Heather Mur- ray, Eric V. Spencer, Holger Schott Syme, Polya Tocheva, Christo- pher Warley as well as all of the authors of this current volume.

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  • Justus Friedrich Karl Hecker was one of three generations of distinguished professors of medicine. His father, August Friedrich Hecker, a most industrious writer, first practised as a physician in Frankenhausen, and in 1790 was appointed Professor of Medicine at the University of Erfurt. In 1805 he was called to the like professorship at the University of Berlin. He died at Berlin in 1811. Justus Friedrich Karl Hecker was born at Erfurt in January, 1795.

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  • He spent much of his life in Europe and became a British subject shortly before his death. He is primarily known for novels, novellas and short stories based on themes of consciousness and morality. James significantly contributed to the criticism of fiction, particularly in his insistence that writers be allowed the greatest freedom possible in presenting their view of the world.

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