Hemispheric differences

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  • Heraclitus, the ancient Greek sage (c. 536-470 B.C.) declared that everything is in flux. Everything changes, and no one can step twice in the same waters of a river. What seemed true to Heraclitus is even more true in our times. Old certainties give way to uncertainty. Old traditions no longer sustain human behavior. This is true in the personal as well as in the professional realms. Professional monodoxy has given way to a plethora of theories and interventive strategies (Corsini, 1981).

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  • INTERNATIONAL VARIETIES OF ENGLISH English stands out as requiring clearly different treatment from British and US varieties. Accordingly, southern hemisphere varieties will be discussed here in terms of deviation from the British standards. Comments on US, British, Australian and New Zealand Englishes are based on corpus studies; South African English is not mentioned specifically here; it tends to follow British norms; comments on Canadian English are based on Pratt (1993) and Fee and McAlpine (1997). 5.1 Lexical distributional differences ...

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  • Chapter 15 Temperate and Boreal Old-Growth Forests: How do Their Growth Dynamics and Biodiversity Differ from Young Stands and Managed Forests? Countries in the northern hemisphere are responsible for the emission of most of the 6.5 Gt carbon (C) produced from fossil fuels annually by humankind.

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  • In bringing together the results of the presentations highlighted in this paper, it becomes clear that aesthetic and artistic activities typically involve a network of brain regions distributed over both hemispheres, rather than a specialized area.

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  • As Thomas writes, media education in India is still in an experimental stage with very little feedback. Besides the concepts of media education are rather geared to the Western hemisphere and India being a developing country has very different concerns about development. These kinds of changes in the Asian context demand an alternative definition and approach to media education to the one outlined by Masterman (1985).

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  • In 1902 hemispheric collaboration to deal with yellow fever led to the creation of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (now called the Pan American Health Organization), which soon became a model for transnational information sharing and health promotion.

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