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  • The Turn of the Screw is a novella (short novel) written by Henry James. Published originally during 1898, it is ostensibly a ghost story. Due to its ambiguous content, it became a favorite text of New Criticism authors. The novella has had differing interpretations, often mutually exclusive. Many critics have tried to determine the exact nature of the evil hinted at by the story.

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  • He is primarily known for novels, novellas and short stories based on themes of consciousness and morality. James significantly contributed to the criticism of fiction, particularly in his insistence that writers be allowed the greatest freedom possible in presenting their view of the world.

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  • What determined the speech that startled him in the course of their encounter scarcely matters, being probably but some words spoken by himself quite without intention—spoken as they lingered and slowly moved together after their renewal of acquaintance. He had been conveyed by friends an hour or two before to the house at which she was staying; the party of visitors at the other house, of whom he was one, and thanks to whom it was his theory, as always, that he was lost in the crowd, had been invited over to luncheon....

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  • . This was more than his share of luxury, and I promptly approached him. He evidently belonged to the race which has the credit of knowing best, at home and abroad, how to make itself comfortable; but something in his appearance suggested that his present attitude was the result of inadvertence rather than of egotism.

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  • He had done many things in the world—he had done almost all but one: he had never, never forgotten. He had tried to put into his existence whatever else might take up room in it, but had failed to make it more than a house of which the mistress was eternally absent.

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  • She had been buried in a London suburb, a part then of Nature's breast, but which he had seen lose one after another every feature of freshness. It was in truth during the moments he stood there that his eyes beheld the place least. They looked at another image, they opened to another light. Was it a credible future? Was it an

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  • I had taken Mrs. Prest into my confidence; in truth without her I should have made but little advance, for the fruitful idea in the whole business dropped from her friendly lips. It was she who invented the short cut, who severed the Gordian knot. It is not supposed to be the nature of women to rise as a general thing to the largest and most liberal view—I mean of a practical scheme; but it has struck me that they sometimes throw off a bold conception—such as a man would not have risen to—with singular serenity....

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  • Henry Bessemer devised a quicker, more efficient way of making steel, which led to steel replacing cast iron as the metal of preference in making railroad tracks, military weapons, and structures like bridges and skyscrapers. His invention, the Bessemer furnace, or converter, enormously raised the annual production of steel in England and helped move along the Industrial Revolution, a period of fast-paced economic change that began in Great Britain in the middle of the eighteenth century.

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  • Chúng ta sáng tạo trong bóng đêm tăm tối. Làm được gì, ta làm. Có gì, ta cho. Nghĩ cho cùng, chính sự nghi hoặc của ta lại là nỗi đam mê của ta, cơn đắm say của ta là công trình vất vả của ta. Cái còn lại là gì? Nỗi điên dại của nghệ thuật đó thôi. Henri James Gần đây, trong một bài viết ngắn, tôi có nhắc đến Trịnh Công Sơn: “Họ Trịnh là một nghệ sĩ có tài. Nhạc ông nghe thấm thía, lời ca ông viết đi sâu vào lòng người. Ông bà...

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  • On Sunday morning, October seventh, 1849, Reuben A. Riley and his wife, Elizabeth Marine Riley, rejoiced over the birth of their second son. They called him James Whitcomb. This was in a shady little street in the shady little town of Greenfield, which is in the county of Hancock and the state of Indiana. The young James found a brother and a sister waiting to greet him--John Andrew and Martha Celestia, and afterward came Elva May--Mrs. Henry Eitel-- Alexander Humbolt and Mary Elizabeth, who, of all, alone lives to see this collection of her brother's poems....

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  • No one who is interested in the growth of human ideas or the origins of human society can afford to neglect Maine's Ancient Law. Published some fifty-six years ago it immediately took rank as a classic, and its epoch-making influence may not unfitly be compared to that exercised by Darwin's Origin of Species. The revolution effected by the latter in the study of biology was hardly more remarkable than that effected by Maine's brilliant treatise in the study of early institutions.

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  • Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. There are circumstances in which, whether you partake of the tea or not—some people of course never do—the situation is in itself delightful. Those that I have in mind in beginning to unfold this simple history offered an admirable setting to an innocent pastime. The implements of the little feast had been disposed upon the lawn of an old English country-house, in what I should call the perfect middle of a splendid summer afternoon. Part of the...

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  • About Schmitz: James Henry Schmitz (October 15, 1911–April 18, 1981) was an American writer born in Hamburg, Germany of American parents. Aside from two years at business school in Chicago, Schmitz lived in Germany until 1938, leaving before World War II broke out in Europe in 1939. During World War II, Schmitz served as an aerial photographer in the Pacific for the United States Army Air Corps. After the war, he and his brother-inlaw ran a business which manufactured trailers until they broke up the business in 1949. Schmitz is best known as a writer of space opera, and for...

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  • The close of the war removes the period preceding it to a great distance from us, so that we can judge its public men as though we were the "posterity" to whom they sometimes appealed. James Buchanan still haunts the neighborhood of Lancaster, a living man, giving and receiving dinners, paying his taxes, and taking his accustomed exercise; but as an historical figure he is as complete as Bolingbroke or Walpole. It is not merely that his work is done, nor that the results of his work are apparent; but the thing upon which he wrought, by their relation to which he and his contemporaries...

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  • Phần 2 gồm 19 gương thành công: 20. F. W. Woolworth, 21. Đề đốc Byrd, 22. Winston Churchill, 23. Henry J. Kaiser, 24. Charles Dickens, 25. Connie Mack, 26. Howard Thurston, 27. Đại tá Robert Falcon Scott, 28. Al Smith, 29. H. G. Wells, 30. Anh em Mayo, 31. Clarence Darrow, 32. Eddie Rickenbacker, 33. Oliver Wendell Holmes, 34. Bernard Shaw, 35. James Buchanan Duke, 36. Ernestine Schumann – Heink, 37. Henry Ford. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo chi tiết nội dung phần 2 tài liệu.

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  • Giải nhiếp ảnh Pink Lady là giải Ảnh Ẩm thực Quốc tế đầu tiên trên thế giới, mang mục đích ủng hộ cũng như đẩy mạnh dòng nhiếp ảnh vốn còn ít được chú ý này. Các nghệ sĩ từ 60 quốc gia gửi đến London hơn 3000 bức ảnh để tranh giải.

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  • My ideas about law and technology and my ability to write this book have benefited considerably from assistance provided by many indi- viduals. I am indebted to my colleagues in the University of Massachu- setts Department of Legal Studies—Stephen Arons, Dianne Brooks, John Bonsignore, Peter d'Errico, Ronald Pipkin, and Janet Rifkin—for encouraging my research activities and for an ongoing sharing of ideas about the new technologies, and to our staff—Claude Shepard and Tami Paluca-Sackrey—for providing help in innumerable ways.

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  • .A REPORT TO THE PEOPLE By Lester Lees • Mark Braly • Mahlon Easterling • Robert Fisher • Kenneth Heitner • James Henry· Patricia J. Horne • Burton Klein· James Krier • W. David Montgomery • Guy Pauker • Gary Rubenstein • John Triionis ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY LABORATORY ~al;forn;a InstItute of Technology .Supported in part by the National Science Foundation, Research Applied to National Needs (RANN), under Grant No. GI-29726.

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  • Barney Chard, thirty-seven—financier, entrepreneur, occasional blackmailer, occasional con man, and very competent in all these activities—stood on a rickety wooden lake dock, squinting against the late afternoon sun, and waiting for his current business prospect to give up the pretense of being interested in trying to catch fish. The prospect, who stood a few yards farther up the dock, rod in one hand, was named Dr. Oliver B. McAllen. He was a retired physicist, though less retired than was generally assumed. A dozen years ago he had rated as one of the country's top men in his line.

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  • When the venture has been made of dealing with historical events and characters, it always seems fair towards the reader to avow what liberties have been taken, and how much of the sketch is founded on history. In the present case, it is scarcely necessary to do more than refer to the almost unique relations that subsisted between Henry V. and his prisoner, James I.

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