Hepatitis basics

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  • The most crucial information about the pathways of control theoretical approach is to be encroached about the infectious diseases that are the menace in the world. As the pride editor of this introspecting research compendium, I am privileged to account some modern and interesting research topics in the prized volume of the book. I hope that this literature serves as a lee forward in understanding the basic host-pathogen interaction in a more coherent and scientific fashion and its modus operandi in relation to the various biotic and abiotic modules.

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  • In ancient Greece, people would journey to an oracle, or fortune teller, to discover what the future held. The oracle would kill an animal, perhaps a goat or a sheep, to examine the creature’s liver. A dark red liver that was smooth was a good sign. A pale liver that was bumpy foretold bad times ahead. The liver has long been linked to human courage and strength. The earliest doctors thought that the liver was one of the three main organs of the body. The others were the heart and the brain. Around a.d. 200, the famous Roman doctor Galen declared the liver to be the most important human...

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  • Pharmacology can be defined as the study of substances that interact with living systems through chemical processes, especially by binding to regulatory molecules and activating or inhibiting normal body processes. These substances may be chemicals administered to achieve a beneficial therapeutic effect on some process within the patient or for their toxic effects on regulatory processes in parasites infecting the patient.

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  • Polymerase Chain Reaction is widely held as one of the most important inventions of the 20th century in molecular biology. Small amounts of the genetic material can now be amplified to be able to a identify, manipulate DNA, detect infectious organisms, including the viruses that cause AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, detect genetic variations, including mutations, in human genes and numerous other tasks.

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  • For the past 20 years, the technical conditions for including moving pictures as a way of teaching in the European school system have been present – and the increasing technical development is continuously making it easier. The reason why moving pictures still does not play a significant part in the teaching methods is the lack of pedagogic, methodology, and the required training of the teachers.

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  • Interestingly, proposals for curriculum reform tend not to emphasize ways to include more and more specific content. Instead, a review of 24 proposals for medical curriculum reform found that they consistently focused on values, especially the social nature and self-regulation of the medical profession (Christakis 1995). Somehow, from all of these jostling interest groups, priorities and multiple regulations and examination requirements, a Dean and faculty must come up with a curriculum.

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  • Porphyria cutanea tarda is the most common type of human porphyria and is associated with decreased activity of the enzyme uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase associated with a number of gene mutations. There are two basic types of PCT: (1) the sporadic or acquired type, generally seen in individuals ingesting ethanol or receiving estrogens; and (2) the inherited type, in which there is autosomal dominant transmission of deficient enzyme activity. Both forms are associated with increased hepatic iron stores.

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