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  • NOTE HERODOTUS was born at Halicarnassus, on the southwest coast of Asia Minor, in the early part of the fifth century, B. C. Of his life we know almost nothing, except that he spent much of it traveling, to collect the material for his writings, and that he finally settled down at Thurii, in southern Italy, where his great work was composed. He died in 424 B. C. The subject of the history of Herodotus is the struggle between the Greeks and the barbarians, which he brings down to the battle of Mycale in 479 B. C. The work,...

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  • Quản lý nước cho các mục đích nông nghiệp có thể được truy nguồn từ Lưỡng Hà về 9000 năm ago.1 Herodotus, một sử gia Hy Lạp của thế kỷ thứ năm trước Công nguyên, đã viết về thoát một công trình gần thành phố Memphis ở Ai Cập. Thoát nước đã được một phần của ngành nông nghiệp Mỹ kể từ thời thuộc địa.

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  • CẢI CÁCH THUẾ THỜI CỔ Theo nhà sử học Hi Lạp cổ đại Herodotus, hình học đã được người ta phát minh ra vì mục đích tính thuế!

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  • Almost 4000 years ago Egyptians and Babylonians used aluminum compounds in various chemicals and medicines. Herodotus mentioned alum in the fifth century b.c. and Pliny referred to “alumen,” now known as alum, as a mordant to fix dyes to textiles around 80 a.d. In 1754 Marggraf showed that a distinct compound existed in both alum and clays. In 1761 the French chemist Guyton de Morveau proposed the name “alumine” for the base in alum, identified in 1787 by Antoine Lavosier as the oxide of a then-undiscovered element.

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  • I shall never forget the walk I took one night in Vienne, after having accomplished the examination of an unknown Druidical relic, the Pierre labie, at La Rondelle, near Champigni. I had learned of the existence of this cromlech only on my arrival at Champigni in the afternoon, and I had started to visit the curiosity without calculating the time it would take me to reach it and to return. Suffice it to say that I discovered the venerable pile of grey stones as the sun set, and that I expended the last lights of evening in planning and sketching. I then turned my face...

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