Hierarchy of levels

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  • Learning objectives are specified by teaching staff. They describe particular items of learning related to a component of a degree programme, such as a lecture, tutorial, module or attachment. Learning outcomes are also set and described by teaching staff, but refer to the whole degree programme and relate to the point of graduation. They are usually specified with a hierarchy of levels, with a top level consisting of large domains of learning. Within each of these domains, subsidiary outcomes are described, with increasing levels of granularity (Harden RM, 00)....

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  • VALENTIN TURCHIN presents in The Phenomenon of Science an evolutionary scheme of the universe—one that begins on the level of individual atoms and molecules, continues through the origin of life and the development of plants and animals, reaches the level of man and self-consciousness, and develops further in the intellectual creations of man, particularly in scientific knowledge. He does not see this development as a purposeful or preordained one, since he accepts entirely the Darwinian law of trial and error.

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  • The first five editions of this book were based on the idea that a computer can be regarded as a hierarchy of levels, each one performing some well-defined function. This fundamental concept is as valid today as it was when the first edition came out, so it has been retained as the basis for the sixth edition. As in the first five editions, the digital logic level, the microarchitecture level, the instruction set architecture level, the operating-system machine level, and the assembly language level are all discussed in detail....

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  • Chapter 10 - Motivating employees. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Explain Taylor’s theory of scientific management, describe the Hawthorne studies and their significance to management, identify the levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and apply them to employee motivation,...

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  • Women leak, inevitably and often bountifully. Menstrual blood, birth fluids, breast milk and sometimes tears lead us to be seen as leakier than men at a physical level. Women are often seen to work through a network of relationships, a web, rather than the hierarchy of male decision-making (Gilligan 1982). Within such a web of relationships, emotions, knowledge and other personal attributes flow, often freely, sometimes unconsciously. Dirt is defined by Mary Douglas as ‘matter out of place’ (Douglas 1966).

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  • Whether automatically extracted or human generated, open-domain factual knowledge is often available in the form of semantic annotations (e.g., composed-by) that take one or more specific instances (e.g., rhapsody in blue, george gershwin) as their arguments. This paper introduces a method for converting flat sets of instance-level annotations into hierarchically organized, concept-level annotations, which capture not only the broad semantics of the desired arguments (e.g., ‘People’ rather than ‘Locations’), but also the correct level of generality (e.g.

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  • Results of this study show that the level of CC impacts on the residential areas is rather high, with an average LVI of 0.056. In addition, the results of AHP shown that the impact levels on the study fields are determined to follow a decreasing order as: first level group including energy, water supply and drainage, transport, and public health (with total score 0.22).

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  • We show that the neutrino mass matrix of the Zee-Babu model is able to fit the recent data on neutrino masses and mixing with non-zero θ13 in the inverted neutrino mass hierarchy. The results show that the Majorana phases are equal to zero and the Dirac phase (δ) is predicted to either 0 or π, i. e, there is no CP violation in the Zee-Babu model at the two loop level. The effective mass governing neutrinoless double beta decay and the sum of neutrino masses are consistent with the recent analysis

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  • We describe a three-pass algorithm for improving the readability of Forrester Diagram in system dynamics. The first pass converts Forrester Diagram to recurrent hierarchy. The second pass sorts the vertices on each level, with the goal of minimizing crossings. The third pass is a finite tuning of the layout that determines the horizontal positions of vertices. An illustrative example is given to verify the result.

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  • Chapter 1 - Introduction: Ten themes in the study of life. After reading this chapter and attending lecture, the student should be able to: Briefly describe unifying themes that pervade the science of biology, diagram the hierarchy of structural levels in biology, explain how the properties of life emerge from complex organization,...

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  • I think all of us have to work under a lot more pressure nowadays that at anytime in history. Expectations are higher than ever before and the need to do ”more” with ”less” is a given. Our family lives are also frantic. Add all of this together and it can caused us to be stressed and more anxious. In this textbook, you’ll be given information, techniques and strategies to manage your stress levels. We may not be able to control the events that happen to us but we can certainly manage the meaning and the impact that they have upon us....

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  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Active Directory™ provides administrators with control over who has access to information in Active Directory. This module identifies strategies for planning the hierarchy of an Active Directory structure that best supports the delegation needs of an organization. The module also discusses how to manage permissions on directory objects and properties. By directly managing permissions, administrators can specify precisely which accounts can access the directory and the level of access that they can have....

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  • (bq) part 1 book "computer architecture - a quantitative approach" has contents: fundamentals of quantitative design and analysis, memory hierarchy design, instruction level parallelism and its exploitation; instruction level parallelism and its exploitation.

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  • DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV) is an autonomous and independent foundation with the objectives of safeguarding life, property and the environment, at sea and onshore. DNV undertakes classification, certification, and other verification and consultancy services relating to quality of ships, offshore units and installations, and onshore industries worldwide, and carries out research in relation to these functions. DNV Offshore Codes consist of a three level hierarchy of documents: — Offshore Service Specifications.

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  • Ad Hoc Routing – Allows initiators and/or approvers to route documents on an as- needed basis to any other user in the system, either for approval or FYI. Ad hoc routing is used to acquire approvals not otherwise possible. Account Manager Routing – The system automatically routes most documents to the account manager for each account cited in the document. The exceptions are below. Review Hierarchy Routing – Allows additional approvals to be required at the organizational level, after account manager routing. This could be used to route...

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  • We specify an algorithm that builds up a hierarchy of referential discourse segments from local centering data. The spatial extension and nesting of these discourse segments constrain the reachability of potential antecedents of an anaphoric expression beyond the local level of adjacent center pairs. Thus, the centering model is scaled up to the level of the global referential structure of discourse. An empirical evaluation of the algorithm is supplied.

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  • Organisations develop out of the need to co-ordinate work, but this can be achieved in different ways. In this chapter we identify the different types of organisation (Section 1). There are various influences upon organisational structure (Section 2). Most firms have some sort of organisation hierarchy reflecting the levels of strategy-making (Section 3). We can see the strategic apex (eg Board of Directors) at the top, through ranks of middle managers to the operating core where the work is done....

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  • Objectives: Describe how a hierarchical network supports the voice, and data needs of a small- or medium-sized business. Describe the functions of each of the three levels of the hierarchical network design model, the principles of hierarchical network design (aggregate connectivity, network diameter, and redundancy), and the concept of a converged network. Provide examples of how voice and video over IP affect network design. Select appropriate devices to operate at each level of the hierarchy, including voice and video components.

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  • Starting Command Prompt window in Windows 2000 and XP. From this point on, the MS­DOS Prompt window and the Command Prompt window  will  be  referred  to  as  the  DOS  window. When  the  DOS  window  is opened, you will be located in a subdirectory on the hard drive. Your prompt may look like this: C:\WINDOWS�. The DOS prompt provides vital information. The C: tells us we are on the C drive. The \WINDOWS tells us we are in the Windows subdirectory. We want to work from the root directory of the computer’s hard drive (usual­ ly the C drive).

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  • Disney World CASE 2 Westinghouse Electric Corporation Introduction Moving to a Networked Organization Semipermeable Boundaries Reliance on External Alliances Organizational Focus on Core Processes and Technologies Flexibility and Stability: Finding a Balance Organization Design Practices Staffing Policies Selection Policies Development Policies Reward and Performance Measurement Systems Hierarchy-Based Systems Performance-Based Systems Performance Measurement at the Corporate Level Shared Values and Corporate Culture Characteristics of Shared Values That Define Culture Methods of Transmitti...

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