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  • The impact of higher oil prices on economic growth in OPEC countries would depend on a variety of factors, particularly how the windfall revenues are spent. In the long term, however, OPEC oil revenues and GDP are likely to be lower, as higher prices would not compensate fully for lower production.

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  • The goal of this study was to determine the variation of certain characters in the 72 local sesame populations, which were collected from different sites of Turkey, and develope superior lines with high seed yield, high oil, high oleic and high linoleic acid content via pure line selection.

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  • Worldwide, crude oil demand is unceasingly increasing. As a response, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes have re‐gained interest from the research and development phases to the oilfield EOR implementation stage. This renewed interest has been also furthered by the current high oil price environment, the maturation of oilfields worldwide, and few new‐well discoveries. Concurrently, environmental concerns and public pressure related to crude oil pollution control and remediation of oilcontaminated sites are becoming greater than ever....

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  • The olive (Olea europaea) is increasingly recognized as a crop of great economic and health importance world-wide. Olive growing in Italy is very important, but there is still a high degree of confusion regarding the genetic identity of cultivars. This book is a source of recently accumulated information on olive trees and on olive oil industry.

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  • Measures of quality of life assess a range of social, economic, and environmental factors. New Zealand sits in third place in the OECD in the United Nations Human Development Index (UNHDI). This index focuses on life expectancy, education, and income. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s quality of life index also gave a relatively high ranking to New Zealand, putting us in 14th place in the OECD in 2005. This index is based on a range of factors: material wellbeing; health; family life; community life; climate and geography; job security; political freedom; and gender equality.

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  • In the late 1970s and early 1980s, when crude oil prices were high, government and private-sector energy experts took a hard look at the costs and benefits of extracting oil from the vast deposits of oil shale that lie beneath the western United States (much of it under government land). Oil prices soon subsided, and interest

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  • Essential oils (also called volatile oils) generally extracted by distillation from plants are hydrophobic liquids containing volatile aromatic compounds. The essential oils are widely used in perfumes, cosmetics as well as in food and drink as flavor additives. Some essential oils show multiple pharmacological activities and have been considered as the major active fractions of herbal medicines [1–3].

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  • This paper focuses on an autotrophic cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris, in low nitrogen-content media, using indoor photobioreactors. Nutritional factors, which controlled the Chlorella growth and the chemical composition of cells (i.e., proteins, carbohydrates, lipids), were studied. The moderate feeding of both N and P and/or their starvation in the photobioreactor were investigated in order to induce a high accumulation of lipids into Chorella cells.

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  • This research contributes to the synthetic method of quinoline-4(1H)-one ring by Conrad-Limpach method with the use of vegetable oils as high boiling-point solvents, which are friendly-environmental, and not expensive friendlyenvironmental. The structures of different substituted 4(1H)-quinolin-4-ones have been confirmed by using spectroscopic methods (IR, 1H and 13C NMR).

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  • The matched reservoir model with reservoir and fluid properties have been used to implement sensitivity analysis, the result indicated that there is significantly oil incremental and water cut reduction by GAGDapplication. Many different scenarios have run to find the optimal reservoir performance through GAGD process. Among these runs, the optimal scenario, which has distinct target, requires high levels of gas injection rate to attain the maximum cumulative oil production.

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  • The mixed bacteria collected from the water phase in crude oil deposit shows the decomposition of dioxin by adding the soil, mixing and settling. High concentration 50 ppm of dioxin in soil could decompose without nutritional salts at the rate of 60% after 6 weeks.

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  • Eleven lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.) populations originating from different sources in Turkey and European countries were investigated in two ecologically different locations, Menemen and Bozda¤, in the Aegean region of Turkey over three years to determine the populations having high quality and yield.

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  • Olive oil mills produce a liquid waste called olive black water in the olive oil production process. In this study, olive oil mill wastewater (OOMW) was analysed and then treated aerobically with fungi. Consequently, high chemical oxygen demand (COD), phenol and color reduction were obtained. High biomass yields and laccase enzyme activities were also determined.

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  • Volumes 5 discuss what is some-times referred to as the democratization of fashion. At the begin-ning of the twentieth century, high quality, stylish clothes weredesigned by and made available to a privileged elite; by the middleto end of the century, well-made clothes were widely available inthe West, and new styles came from creative and usually youth-oriented cultural groups as often as they did from designers.

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  • This is the VOA Special English Economics Report. Unrest in North Africa and the Middle East has pushed oil prices back into the news. Prices have been rising at their fastest level since two thousand eight.

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  • Through the studies, we can deduce that most of the industrial discharge carries toxic substances. Due to the presence of high amount of toxic, carcinogen, and teratogen of metals, researchers are highly concerned with its effect on the environment and health of mankind. Rigorous investigations are currently being carried out to study the consequences of the contamination on the surface water, groundwater, and surface land due to industrial discharge.

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  • In contrast to our previous study (Barth & Marx, 2008) dealing with a currently decreasing research field (high-temperature superconductors) we analyzed here a topic which has raised a strongly increasing interest among researchers: research activities around carbon nanotubes (CNTs or NTs). Carbon nanotubes (often named only nanotubes) are graphite sheets rolled up into cylinders with diameters of the order of a few nanometers and up to some millimeters in length with at least one end capped with a hemisphere of the fullerene structure....

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  • Biofuels are gaining public and scientific attention driven by high oil prices, the need for energy security and global warming concerns. There are various social, economic, environmental and technical issues regarding biofuel production and its practical use. This book is intended to address these issues by providing viewpoints written by professionals in the field and the book also covers the economic and environmental impact of biofuels. This text includes 14 chapters contributed by experts around world on the economy, evironment and sustainability of biofuel production and use.

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