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  • This article proposes various techniques employed in improving the tool life of ceramic cutting insert as compared to commercial cutting tool. Experimental tests were carried out to check the efficiency of one of the proposed techniques using ISO 3685 standard. The results revealed that notch and flank wears were dominant morphology during cutting process.

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  • In the mechanisms and machines operating at high speeds, the elastic vibration of links is inevitable. In this paper the dynamic modeling and controller design for a flexible four-bar mechanism are studied. The fully coupled non-linear equations of motion are obtained by using the Lagrange’s equations with multipliers for constrained multibody systems. The resulting differential-algebraic equations are solved using numerical methods. A simple PD controller is designed to reduce the influence of the elastic link on the desired motion.

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  • This paper presents an algorithm for designing a robust and optimal controller for active magnetic bearing systems. The active magnetic bearing systems are widely applied for high speed machining due to no contact operation, low fiction, lubrication-free operation, and extended life. However, they are nonlinear, unstable, multiple input and multiple output systems.

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  • Mass spectrometry is one of the most important techniques in the field of proteomics. MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry has become popular during the last decade due to its high speed and sensitivity for detecting proteins and peptides.

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  • Advanced sequencing machines dramatically speed up the generation of genomic data, which makes the demand of efficient compression of sequencing data extremely urgent and significant. As the most difficult part of the standard sequencing data format FASTQ, compression of the quality score has become a conundrum in the development of FASTQ compression.

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  • In addition, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) are used to characterize the chips. The chips obtained by the optimised machining conditions are processed further with high energy ball mill and hence nano crystal powders are obtained. Here modified Taguchi method is used to optimize the ball mill parameters like milling speed, milling time and ball mill to Nano powder ratio.

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  • In this paper, a type interior permanent magnet motor designs is proposed for computer numerical control milling machine application as spindle motors. An existing surface mounted permanent magnet motor is used as a reference motor. The I type interior permanent magnet motor alternatives is designed and optimized in detail. The electromagnetic results of interior permanent magnet motors are compared with the reference surface permanent magnet motor for the same design requirements. The detailed loss analysis is also performed for the desired motor structure at high speeds.

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  • Zero-Till-Slit tillage and seeding machine was designed and developed for fulfilling the requirements of conservation agriculture. The rotary zero-till-slit tillage and seeding machine were developed for zero-till seeding in straw fields after grain combine harvester's operation. The combined tillage and seeding machine were equipped with seven units of rotary slit cutters as a key component. In the present study, four different shapes of rotary slit cutters were evaluated in the soil-bin laboratory for different forces acting on the rotary slit cutter blade.

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  • The most mechanized agricultural operations include a tractor as a primary power unit, even though the tractor itself is not particularly useful without an implement attached. Innovations and efficiency improvements in tractor engines, powertrains, and auxiliary power systems have been ongoing since tractors were invented a century ago and significant gains have been realized. However, PTO and hydraulic power systems are well established and effective for today‟s applications, the search for more versatile and efficient power transfer continues.

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  • This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of ultrasound application on the surface microhardness (VHN) and diametral tensile strength (DTS) of three high viscous glass-ionomer restorative materials (HVGIRMs). For each test (VHN and DTS), a total of 180 specimens were prepared from three HVGIRMs (Ketac-Molar Aplicap, Fuji IX GP Fast, and ChemFil Rock). Specimens of each material (n = 60) were further subdivided into three subgroups (n = 20) according to the setting modality whether ultrasound (20 or 40 s) was applied during setting or not (control).

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  • The objective of this study was to determine the seed distribution uniformity of seeding machines using a low sensitivity (maximum 300 frames per second (fps)) high-speed camera and image processing method for corn, cotton, and wheat seeds under laboratory conditions.

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  • The Von-Mises stress distribution and equivalent plastic strain (PEEQ) during cutting are then investigated. Finally, the evolution of cutting forces in cutting was examined. The presented Finite element model in this study proved to be useful in determination of cutting parameters, especially in high-speed machining.

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  • (BQ) The paper describes the application of the fuzzy logic analysis coupled with Taguchi methods to optimise the precision and accuracy of the high-speed electrical discharge machining (EDM) process. A fuzzy logic system is used to investigate relationships between the machining precision and accuracy for determining the efficiency of each parameter design of the Taguchi dynamic experiments.

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  • (BQ) The study used Taguchi dynamic approach coupled with a proposed ideal function model to optimize a high-speed EDM process for high geometrical machining precision and accuracy. The designed tool electrode including two basic geometries of square and circle as the distinct characteristics of workpiece is employed to help develop a versatile process for wider industrial applications. To enhance the speed and stability of EDM process, large discharge current is applied and aluminum (Al) powder added into the working fluid throughout the experiments.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "high performance control of ac drives with matlab simulink models" has contents: directtorque control of ac machines, non linear control of electrical machines using non linear feedback, five phase induction motor drive system, sensorless speed control of ac machines, selected problems of induction motor drives with voltage inverter and inverter output filters.

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  • For these reasons, mobility systems on mobile robots can be both sim- pler and more complex than those found in automobiles. For example, the Ackerman steering system in automobiles is not actually suited for high mobility. It feels right to a human, and it is well suited to higher speed travel, but a robot doesn’t care about feeling right, not yet, at least! The best mobility system for a robot to have is one that effectively accomplishes the required task, without regard to how well a human could use it....

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  • The machining of complex sculptured surfaces is an important technological topic in modern manufacturing, namely in the molds and dies sector. Today, this sector, with great importance to automotive, aircraft and others advanced industries, is placed in all industrialized or emerging countries. In the recent past, the traditional technology employed in molds and dies manufacture was a combination of con- ventional milling and electro-discharge machining (EDM) or electrochemical machining (ECM).

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  • This paper describes a new hardware algorithm for morpheme extraction and its implementation on a specific machine (MEX-I), as the first step toward achieving natural language parsing accelerators. It also shows the machine's performance, 100-1,000 times faster than a personal computer. This machine can extract morphemes from 10,000 character Japanese text by searching an 80,000 morpheme dictionary in I second. It can treat multiple text streams, which are composed of character candidates, as well as one text stream.

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  • We present a portable translator that recognizes and translates phrases on signboards and menus as captured by a builtin camera. This system can be used on PDAs or mobile phones and resolves the difficulty of inputting some character sets such as Japanese and Chinese if the user doesn’t know their readings. Through the high speed mobile network, small images of signboards can be quickly sent to the recognition and translation server.

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  • The years 1945–55 saw the emergence of a radically new kind of device: the high-speed stored-program digital computer. Secret wartime projects in areas such as code-breaking, radar and ballistics had produced a wealth of ideas and technologies that kick-started this first decade of the Information Age. The brilliant mathematician and code-breaker Alan Turing was just one of several British pioneers whose prototype machines led the way. Turning theory into practice proved tricky, but by 1948 five UK research groups had begun to build practical stored-program computers.

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