Hiring high performers

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  • .“How to Hire a Champion is highly accessible and thought provoking. It has the uncanny power of putting the reader in multiple positions—that of candidate, hiring manager, CEO, and coworker—so as to provide 360 degree insight into the optimal hiring process. Moreover, its emphasis on character, self-competition, and persistence raise it to another level—one of guidance and inspiration for the same 360 degree set of individuals. It is a book to be read again for its deeper meanings. I recommend it to all and especially to my children.” —Peter C.

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  • The Early Years at Oracle Through the Eyes of Bruce Scott Prior to forming Oracle, Bob Miner was Larry Ellison’s manager when they worked at Ampex together on a CIA project code-named “Oracle.” Larry chose Bob as his manager because he liked Bob a lot more than his original manager. Ed Oates, another founder of Oracle, happened to be walking by Bob Miner’s door when Larry Ellison mentioned his (Larry’s) wife’s name. She turned out to be Ed Oates’ lab partner from high school.

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  • Our Leadership IQ study of 20,000 new hires (reported in Fortune and Forbes) found that the number one reason why new hires fail is that they are not coachable. A high performance workplace is dependent upon employees that have the ability to accept and implement feedback from bosses, colleagues, customers and other key players. There is no point in investing time and energy in people who are not going to positively respond. Doing so is a time consuming and exhausting exercise in futility.

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  • Chapter 10 - Ability. After reading this chapter, you should be able to answer the following questions: What is ability? What are the various types of cognitive ability? What are the various types of emotional ability? What are the various types of physical ability? How does cognitive ability affect job performance and organizational commitment? What steps can organizations take to hire people with high levels of cognitive ability?

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  • In contrast, privately held firms have relatively concentrated ownership structures and hence can efficiently communicate among shareholders information via private channels. Therefore, financial information and reported earnings are less important in communicating firm performance, which in turn makes private firms less likely to expend resources (e.g., hiring a high quality auditor) to produce earnings that are highly informative about economic performance.4 Moreover, reported earnings can assume a different role than for public firms.

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