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  • COMRADES OF BATTERY A:--The time for the fulfilment of my promise to you, has arrived. The days of our trials, hardships and sufferings are past, and it but remains to memorize the period during which we were battling for the sacred cause of the Union. Although we have not seen the closing contest of this sanguinary strife, yet I feel confident that we have done our share towards securing a good end, and nobly has the old battery sustained the honor and name of Rhode Island. Of all the light batteries Little Rhody sent to the seat of war, none was ever equal to the...

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  • In Chapter 4 of the first English edition of the book Portable Batteries by K. Eberts you can read: Our present knowledge of battery techniques traces back to times of four and a half thousand years ago. We can be sure that the copper vessels that were found from this time could only have been plated with gold by electrochemical means. In 1936 there was an archeological sensation.

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  • Inducted into service at Hazleton, Penna., November 1st, 1917. Sent to Camp Meade, Md., November 2nd, 1917, and assigned as Private to Battery D, 311th Field Artillery. Received rank of Private First Class, February 4th, 1918. Placed on detached service, May 18th, 1918, and assigned as Battery Clerk, First Provisional Battery, Fourth Officers' Training School, Camp Meade. Rejoined Battery D June 27th, 1918, and accompanied outfit to France. Assigned to attend Camouflage School at Camp La Courtine, September 30th, 1918, and qualified as artillery camouflager.

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  • The rapid development of science and technology leads to improvement of human life, but also creating of new crisis situation. Mankind is confronted with risks that have not been seen before in human history. Global worming is one of the typical examples. Although ma‐ jority of the experts that are studying climate changes claim that global worming is a fact and that it is caused by human, there are also scientists that doubt those statements. One of the main problems related to critical situations is – mater of responsibility.

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  • Amidst the welter of publicity devoted to the newer battery chemistries, the remarkable progress made by leadracid battery technologists in response to the needs of the emerging electric-vehicle market has tended to be overlooked. The flooded design of battery, launched by Gaston Plante around 1860, has given way to a valve-regulated variant which has a history dating only from the 1970s.

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  • The 150 years history of the lead–acid battery has seen technological improvements in numerous areas, including grid alloy, jar material, and manufacturing methods. The most notable improvement is the valveregulated lead–acid (VRLA) battery, both absorbent glass mat and gel electrolyte versions.

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  • The Zoning Resolution’s off-street parking regulations were written before car sharing existed. Therefore, the zoning text currently addresses only private automobiles and car rental establishments, the latter of which are commercial uses. In addition, the definitions of “public parking lot” and “public parking garage” generally prohibit the storage of commercial vehicles in such facilities. However, car sharing is a use that is more appropriately characterized as somewhere between private automobile and traditional car rental. ...

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  • Connie Mack (1862–1956) was the Grand Old Man of baseball and one of the game’s first true celebrities. This book, spanning the first fifty-two years of Mack’s life, covers his experiences as player, manager, and club owner through 1914. Norman L. Macht chronicles Mack’s little-known beginnings, recounting how Mack, a school dropout at fourteen, created strategies for winning baseball and principles for managing men long before there were notions of defining such subjects.

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  • Since a battery comprises nearly two hundred men, and includes activities of diverse kinds at different places, it is obviously impossible for a brief narrative such as this, compiled by a single person, to furnish complete details on all of them. To suggest the life of the men in their various sorts of work, to trace as accurately as possible the accomplishments of the battery on the front in France, and to recount the outstanding incidents and events of its history, is as much as can be claimed for these chapters.

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  • The idea of combining electrical engines and internal combustion (IC) engines has a long history. In 1901 J. Lohner and F. Porsche had already presented a first hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). But this revolutionary concept did not reach full maturity because the electrical components were not developed. The main concern was the battery, a high-performing battery system with acceptable long-term endurance was not available at the time. The battery of the vehicle shown in Figure 1 had a weight of not less than 1800 kg. It was not until the end of the twentieth century that HEVs became a...

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  • History At the beginning of the automotive century, around 1900– 1910, battery electric vehicles (BEVs), cars with steam engines, and cars with gasoline engines coexisted. They were competing with respect to power, comfort, and maintenance. As described by R. H. Schallenberg, it took the electric starter and the starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) system (created by Charles Kettering on the demand from Henry Leyland for the 1911 Cadillac Model Thirty) to improve the comfort in use of the gasoline engine vehicle sufficiently to outperform others. ...

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  • May God protect you, reader of this book, from all manner of sickness; but above all, from that thrice dreaded pestilence, yellow fever. Of all the scourge ever sent upon poor sinful man, none equals in horror and loathsomeness yellow fever. Strong fathers and husbands, sons and brothers, who would face the grape-shot battery in battle, have fled dismayed from the approach of yellow fever. They have even deserted those most dear to them.

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