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  • Với máy LAPTOP : Tìm phím Fn ở góc dưới, bên trái bàn phím. Khi cần chụp thì nhấn giữ phím Fn và bấm phím Prt Scr ( có thể trùng với phím Home) ở góc trên, bên phải bàn phím. Sau đó mở chương trình Paint lên rồi paste vào (xem hướng dẫn bên dưới). Ngoài ra, bạn có thể mở chương trình Word để Past vào.

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  • Thiết lập và sử dụng Home Sharing với iPhone, iPad hoặc iPod Touch –P.3 .Hệ thống sẽ hiển thị đầy đủ tất cả các dữ liệu ca nhạc, video... mà bạn có thể truyền tải tới các thiết bị khác: Chọn 1 bài hát hoặc album bất kỳ để thưởng thức: .Còn nếu bạn đang sử dụng iPad, thì sau khi khai báo Apple ID và Password, hãy nhấn vào biểu tượng iPod trên màn hình Home Screen: .Chọn đúng thư viện dữ liệu đang được chia sẻ: .

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  • 22. She wasn’t offered the job by the manager because of her untidy ............ . 24. He told a ............. because he didn’t want to upset his mother. 25. Good luck at the interview, Fred, I hope you ........ the job. 26. If you would like to wait a moment, sir, I will just ........... your file on the computer screen. a. pull down b. call up c. bring in d. pick up  b 27. When Grace returned home, he discovered ............. his horror that the pipes had burst and the entire house was flooded. a. to b. of c. at d. by  a 28. Before you sign the contract, ....

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  • There are many Android programming guides that give you the basics. This book goes beyond simple apps into many areas of Android development that you simply will not find in competing books. Whether you want to add home screen app widgets to your arsenal, or create more complex maps, integrate multimedia features like the camera, integrate tightly with other applications, or integrate scripting languages, this book has you covered.

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  • The iPhone SDK provides the tools and resources needed to create native iPhone applications that appear as icons on the user’s Home screen. Unlike a web application, which runs in Safari, a native application runs directly as a standalone executable on an iPhone OS–based device. Native applications have access to all the features that make the iPhone interesting, such as the accelerometers, location service, and Multi-Touch interface. They can also save data to the local file system and even communicate with other installed applications through custom URL schemes....

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  • Làm chủ Blackberry phần 5 Tạo nhiều icon cho các tài khoản Mail khác nhau từ Webkit OS 6.0 trên BlackBerry Nếu bạn là người sử dụng dịch vụ Pushmail của BlackBerry thì không cần lo lắng về tính năng ưu việt của nó. Thế nhưng, bạn đang sở hữu BlackBerry OS 6 và nhu cầu của bạn chỉ cần check mail những lúc rảnh rỗi, Webkit trên OS 6 của BlackBerry sẽ giúp bạn làm đựơc việc đó với tính năng “Add to Home Screen”. Trên OS 6.

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  • If your GSM phone doesn’t have a SIM card installed, you can’t connect to mobile networks for voice and data services, but you can connect to a Wi-Fi network to sign into your Google Account and to use all the features of your phone, except placing a cell phone call. (CDMA phones don’t rely on a SIM card to connect to mobile networks.) If you start a GSM Android phone the first time without a SIM card, you’re asked if you want to touch Connect to Wi-Fi to connect to a Wi-Fi network (instead of to a mobile network) to set up your phone. To learn more,...

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  • According to Bonfand, it is this principle of imprint which drives a large part of Godard’s system of representation, particularly in the intuitive and memory-based principle which leads the heterogeneity of his juxtapositions and collages of images starting from Pierrot le fou (1965). He demonstrates that Godard considers the canvas of the cinematic screen as ‘a sensible surface, a supporting beam in which something imprints itself […]’ (222).

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  • In pursuit of a more engaging experience, one might be tempted to sit closer to a 2K presentation. But moving closer than 3.16 PH causes unwanted on-screen artifacts to become more obvious. The illusion of a continuous image begins to break down as individual pixels become evident. Subjects that present fine detail such as motion picture credits will appear especially rough. Image diagonals will appear jagged. And gaps between the pixels may also become visible. This is called “screen door effect” because viewing the movie becomes like looking through a screen door. ...

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  • The quantity and the quality of the illumination are aspects that you should pay utmost attention to as far as the choice of your future projection system is concerned. Different projector models are available depending on the maximum screen widths they can be used for and, consequently, the type of lamps they use. Please bear in mind that if you would like to screen in 3D, a change in the lamp power must be possible. This point will be addressed in § “3D“. The related choices affect above all the environment of the projector and the way to operate it. These...

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  • The setup wizard is designed to help you learn about navigation and typing, change options to personalize your BlackBerry® device, set up wireless and Bluetooth® connections and set up one or more email addresses. The setup wizard should appear automatically the first time that you turn on your device. . If the Welcome screen does not appear automatically, on the Home screen or in a folder, click the Setup Wizard icon. . Complete the instructions on the screen.

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  • The third domain includes features related to safety, mobility, and access. Again these factors may operate on late-life health either through a cumulative process on the underlying health trajectory or by directly facilitating/impeding activities in old age. For example, by providing safe places to participate in physical activity, the availability of parks and recreation may facilitate healthy behaviors that have a beneficial affect on health well into late life (Brownson et al, 2001; Jackson & Kochtitzky, 2001).

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  • this e-book has been arranged for viewing on a computer screen. It is also organized so you can print out and assemble it as a book. Since the text is larger than that in printed books it is also easier for viewing by the visually impaired. Every effort has been taken to create text that is easy to read and follow and with easily activated links to other websites recommended by the book. This eBusiness/Business eBook comes with the compliments of Simple-eBusiness-Traffic-Solutions.com © 2010 Ian Nicholson. Zeragorn Books .A Brief Guide to Starting a Home...

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  • Some studies have shown that two-slide cervical smears detect more abnormalities than a one-slide smear. Two smears do increase screening costs over a single-slide smear, but those costs are not double that of a single-slide examination. A two-instrument collection on a single slide increases screening time only minimally over a single instrument. Vaginal smear: Introduce an unlubricated speculum, scrape the lateral vaginal wall at the level of cervix with a spatula. The broad and flat end of Ayre’s spatula is used for this purpose.

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  • This book series was started in 1990 to promote research conducted under the auspices of the EC programmes’ Advanced Informatics in Medicine (AIM) and Biomedical and Health Research (BHR) bioengineering branch. A driving aspect of international health informatics is that telecommunication technology, rehabilitative technology, intelligent home technology and many other components are moving together and form one integrated world of information and communication media. The complete series has been accepted in Medline. Volumes from 2005 onwards are available online....

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  • First, whether you are dining at your home or at a restaurant, have your prospect seated with his back to a solid wall or screen. Research shows that respiration, heart rate, brain wave frequencies and blood pressure rapidly increase when a person sits with his back to an open space, particularly where others are moving about. Tension is further increased if the person’s back is towards an open door or a window at ground level. Next, the lights should be dimmed and muffled background music played. Many top restaurants have an open fireplace or facsimile near the entrance of the...

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  • The personal computer (PC), which first hit the market over 30 years ago, has undergone tectonic changes that, in turn, launched the PC era. PCs were primarily used in the workplace where software was simple and optimized for use with the keyboard; touching a screen was unheard of until recently. Slowly computers began creeping into the home and many users didn’t know what to do with them; they were glorified typewriters. When PCs started connecting to the Internet, possibilities reached a new level, which had a snowball effect.

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  • This latest edition has been updated with information on all of the latest technologies, including: PCI express bus serial ATA connections, digital photography software tivos, gas plasma screens, ipods, and other home entertainment equipment, google and Ebay 3D game development, two slot video cards, and overclocking.

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  • Home theater projection has always promised greater viewer engagement, the prospect of a bigger, more exciting, more enveloping picture than just television. Greater engagement requires the screen to fill a larger field of view. This can only be achieved by sitting closer to the screen or increasing the overall screen size. But this has always run the risk of exposing image artifacts that pass without notice on smaller screens.

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  • Compared to standard definition, 1080p high definition has enabled a quantum leap in home theater engagement. But high-end enthusiasts and custom installers understand that even 1080p HD has its limitations. At close viewing distances, individual pixels become discernable. Diagonal edges of on-screen objects that should appear smooth become jagged. Even the outlines around pixels can become strikingly evident.

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