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  • Lecture CIS 190: C++ programming - Chapter 3 presents the memory management in C. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: (from last class) testing, memory allocation, memory errors, errors, debugging, and homeworks.

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  • The study aims at investigating the influence of Google Forms on English majored students’ listening skill at the School of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University. There was a controlled group in which the students were given printed homework and an experimental group in which the participants were sent listening homework designed on Google Forms.

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  • This study used a quantitative method. For the quantitative method, two questionnaires were made and delivered to seven teachers and 23 students who were chosen randomly from 2 classes of the third-year English majors at Foreign Language Department, Hai Phong Management and Technology University.

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  • Iwant to express my gratitude to my father, who instilled in me early in life a love and respect for the power and irrefutability of mathematics. I would also like to thank all the coeds with whom I came in contact in college, who convinced me that there were better ways to spend four years than doing engineering homework and that one could enjoy both math and campus life simultaneously. I would like to thank my father again. As manager of the pension fund for one of the big three auto makers for many years, he convinced me that intrinsic company value has little to do with the nuances of...

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  • Initial Phase: Formulating the Idea You have a great idea for a company – now is the time to do your homework. Before writing a business plan, extensive research is required to answer several key questions: * How clear is the idea? Can it be summarized in two sentences or less? * What are the vital market demographics? * Who will be your customers? * Is there a real need for this product? * How is your company different from others? Once you've answered these questions, you can move on to the next phase....

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  • Identifying similarities and differences Summarizing and note taking Reinforcing effort and providing recognition Homework and practice Nonlinguistic representation Cooperative learning Setting objectives and providing feedback Generating and testing hypotheses Cues, questions, and advance organizers Vocabulary Wiki Teacher assigns students to groups Students populate Wiki with information they find on-line and in the textbook. Students document source where they find material Once wiki’s completed, the students take notes/paraphrase definitions using information from the Wiki. ...

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  • The case study aimed at investigating the influence of the teacher’s feedback toward students’ speaking skill on Google Classroom – a free platform attached with email accounts. The study was conducted with the help of second year English majored students at School of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University.

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  • Today’s service providers are under tremendous pressure to ensure their networks are profitable. When it comes to fiber-to-the premise (FTTP) architectures, ADC has done its homework. ADC has helped providers maximize profits while minimizing expenses, and offers several white papers which explain considerations and techniques that can be applied to particular sections of the FTTP network to increase performance, flexibility, and profitability by decreasing capital expenses (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX).

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