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  • Carrie Vaughn is an American author who writes the urban fantasy Kitty Norville series. She has published more than 30 short stories in science fiction and fantasy magazines as well as short story anthologies and internet magazines. She is on the list of authors for the upcoming Wild Cards books. She graduated with a BA from Occidental College (during the course of which she also spent a year at the University of York) and later graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with an MA in English Literature. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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  • The following monograph is the outgrowth of three earlier and shorter essays. The first, "Church and State in Connecticut to 1818," was presented to Yale University as a doctor's thesis. The second, a briefer and more popularly written article, won the Straus prize offered in 1896 through Brown University by the Hon. Oscar S. Straus. The third, a paper containing additional matter, was so far approved by the American Historical Association as to receive honorable mention in the Justin Winsor prize competition of 1901....

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  • Back in the day, that is, back in the late 1980s when GoldMine first appeared, it had just one flavor. It was based on an old, venerable file structure called “dBase.” Then, GoldMine was just called “GoldMine.” There was no need for any further distinctions.

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  • The following diary was originally written in lead-pencil and in a book the leaves of which were too soft to take ink legibly. I have it direct from the hands of its writer, a lady whom I have had the honor to know for nearly thirty years. For good reasons the author's name is omitted, and the initials of people and the names of places are sometimes fictitiously given. Many of the persons mentioned were my own acquaintances and friends. When, some twenty years afterward, she first resolved to publish it, she brought me a clear, complete copy in ink. It had cost much trouble,...

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