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  • This paper presents a unification-based approach to Japanese honorifics based on a version of HPSG (Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar)ll]121. Utterance parsing is based on lexical specifications of each lexical item, including honorifics, and a few general PSG rules using a parser capable of unifying cyclic feature structures. It is shown that the possible word orders of Japanese honorific predicate constituents can be automatically deduced in the proposed f r a m e w o r k w i t h o u t i n d e p e n d e n t l y specifying them....

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  • Good Morning 一 課文 Lǐ tài TEXT 李太太:王先生,您早。 Mrs. Li: Good morning, Mr.Wang. Lǐ tài tai tai Wáng xiān shēng nín zǎo Wáng xiān shēng zǎo 王先生:早,李太太,您早。 nín zǎo Mr. Wang: Good morning, Mrs. Li. Good morning to you. 李太太:您好嗎? Lǐ Mrs. Li: How are you? tài tai nín hǎo ma Wáng xiān shēng wǒ hěn hǎo 王先生:我很好,謝謝您。 Mr. Wang: I'm fine. Thank you. Lǐ tài tai Wáng tài xiè xie nín 李太太:王太太好嗎? Mrs. Li: How is Mrs.

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  • Like English, Korean has different styles of speaking and writing that reflect the genre, the setting, and the audience. A chat in a gym with a friend employs quite different words and constructions than a news report to a national TV audience. This chapter focuses on the use of sentence-final verb endings, whose selection is sensitive to whether the genre is written or spoken, to whether the setting is formal or informal, and to how close the speaker feels to the hearer.

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  • Meeting Etiquette: Greetings are formal and the oldest person is always greeted first. Handshakes are the most common form of greeting with foreigners. Many Chinese will look towards the ground when greeting someone. Address the person by an honorific title and their surname. If they want to move to a first-name basis, they will advise you which name to use. The Chinese have a terrific sense of humour. They can laugh at themselves most readily if they have a comfortable relationship with the other person. Be ready to laugh at yourself given the proper circumstances....

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