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  • First off, let me state the object of the meeting: This is to be a record of sundry experiences centering round a stern resolve to get on the waterwagon and a sterner attempt to stay there. It is an entirely personal narrative of a strictly personal set of circumstances. It is not a temperance lecture, or a temperance tract, or a chunk of advice, or a shuddering recital of the woes of a horrible example, or a warning, or an admonition--or anything at all but a plain tale of an adventure that started out rather vaguely and wound up rather satisfactorily. I am no brand...

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  • There are a lot of books about designing and buildingWeb pages, so thank you for picking up this one. Why do I think it is different?Well, theWeb has been around for quite a few years now, and during its life several technologies have been introduced to help you create Web pages, some of which have lasted, others of which have disappeared. Indeed, even enduring technologies such as HTML have had features added and removed over the years.

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  • Mmmmmotion I received a couple of requests for a tutorial on making a Mmmmmotion pic so I figured I'd take a stab at it. Read more How I puppetized Charlize! A guide to turning a human into a puppet. Read more Out Of Bounds Shadows-Mini Tut This is an update of an old mini tut, inspired by the beginning of the then new Out Of Bounds contest format. There were quite a few images using an incorrect or impossible shadow treatment. While there are considerably fewer entries containing this mistake I felt it might be of some help, to beginners particularly, to update...

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  • I wanted to write this report to you for quite some time, it ended up taking much longer than I anticipated getting it to you, as I kept on refining the way I wanted to write, and deliver it to you. The reason for that is… The information you will read in this report has the power to absolutely transform your life in a way you have never imagined, or conceived possible. It has helped turn terminal patients(people labeled “soon to be dead” with no hope) into lively, thriving, and healthy individuals. It has cured cancer, arthritis, brittle bone disease,...

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  • Do People "Like" You? How Social Signals Affect Selling Insurance Now By: Jason Hornung – President Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. I spend quite a bit of time perusing sites like Producer's Web to see what topics are trending among my peers so that I can be timely with the information I provide. One of the most prevalent items I see is from guys and gals that want to figure out how to use social media to start selling insurance. The vast majority of chatter centers around different strategies that an agent can use on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to drive...

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  • The germ of this book was planted more than two decades ago in my efforts to explain economic theory to myself. But why write a book, for myself or anyone else, trying to explain economic theory rather than proposing a concrete solution to one of the world’s many urgent problems, such as how to alleviate income inequality or do something about global warming? Because I had grown tired of listening to heated arguments that always seemed to disagree for reasons I could never quite identify. Economics textbooks usually suggested doing nothing.

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  • Review: Units1-6 10 Listening:l'm quite tired a1 Listen to a conversation between Claudio and Hargrit.They are talking before their English class. Cover the conversation below.Take notes on everything you understand. Listen again and complete the conversation.Write ONE word in each space. Hello.How are youl Y. Hi. I ' m f ine. Can I sit herel Y: Of course. how are youl So O h O K . I ' m quit e (1 ) Y: Did you go out last nightl Yes,I went out with my was his birthday. Y: Really ( 2) . . . . . ? Twenty-three. Y:...

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  • As a teacher, speaker, and author I've listened to countless grieving persons in the last twenty-five years. Most of what I know about grieving I've learned from their stories. I've never spoken to anyone who mourns for someone they love who does not want to continue loving them in some way. Not knowing how to continue to love brings great pain and anguish. Recently a man came up to me at a conference to say, "I want you to know how much I hated you years ago." I'd never been approached quite like that before by someone with such gentle eyes. He seemed as eager to explain as I...

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  • Dear Reader, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the rationale behind this book showing up on your shelf for free. Quite some time ago, Sams Publishing determined that the next big thing to hit the programmer/developer community would be Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET and the .NET Framework. After discussions with many of you, our authors and key Microsoft team members, Sams dedicated itself to a strategy that would support your efforts to learn the .NET Framework as efficiently and as quickly as possible. A Programmer’s Introduction to Visual Basic.

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  • Despite my many years of research and teaching in platelet physiology and pharmacology at the University of Minnesota, I am often confronted with conflicting opinions as to the relevance of nonnucleated platelets in human health and disease. It is fascinating to think that how cells with no apparent nucleus, have such a towering impact on concepts, dealing with often overlapping physiological (i.e. hemostasis, wound healing, etc.) and pathophysiological (i.e. thrombosis, stroke, atherosclerosis, wound healing, diabetes, inflammation and cancer) components.

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  • I just wanted to say "Thanks" for your program. By implementing your principles, I haven't had to make a Cold Call in almost 2 years! I have set up an incredible group of my industry specific professionals to network with and my phone doesn't quit ringing. I start each day now trying to figure out how to fit all of the appointments into one day. I am 140% for my year and I have already qualified for my company's Presidents Club. Next year I plan on putting other systems in place so that I can process more orders. If there...

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  • There are a few different tips that I can share about pencil shading. They are quite simple to get the hang of. All shading can be done with the use of a pencil and line. It is how you use the line that makes the shading effective. There are two different ways that you can do pencil shading. All the rest is merely strategy and preference. 1. Use the tip When using the tip of the pencil you will have more control over the tones that are put on the paper. You can get much lighter tones with lighter pressure...

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  • MY grandfather, George Keppel, sixth Earl of Albemarle, was born in 1799. I remember him quite well. He was always a delightful raconteur, and many is the yarn we heard from him at Quidenham, when in the winter evenings he gathered us round him before the old library fire. He would tell us how as a child he had been frightened into obedience by the cry of " Boney is coming!" and he recalled quite clearly the alarm produced in England by the avowed intention of Napoleon to invade our country. As a boy he often stayed in London with his maternal grandmother, the Dowager...

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  • THE LAVA landscapes in Hawaii's Volcanoes National Park are quite aesthetic- ally stimulating. On a memorable evening, I watched, in the twilight, red lava roll down into the ocean. The seashore on which I stood had literally been made only a few months before. Here was more land flowing forth; I knew something of how the world was made. Next morning, overlooking a dormant crater, steaming with sulphurous fumes, I noticed flowers and a little food. These were offerings made to Pele, a goddess who dwells in Kilauea volcano, placating her to stop the flow.

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  • In many cases your ideas can come from your own life and experiences. One of my favorite pieces of my own work is the paper I wrote on \A Model of Sales". I had decided to get a new TV so I followed the ads in the newspaper to get an idea of how much it would cost. I noticed that the prices uctuated quite a bit from week to week. It occurred to me that the challenge to economics was not why the prices were sometimes low (i.e., during sales) but why they were ever high. Who would be so foolish as to buy...

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  • The most serious thinking about how to treat the children and families in our program happens mostly on Friday mornings. Within the confines of the University of Hawaii’s Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, we provide mental health services to children between the ages of 6 and 18, mostly referred from Hawaii public schools and the Department of Health. A handful of those served are self-referred families from around the Pacific region who have sought specialty treatment for complex anxiety problems.

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  • Oil finishes are another popular alternative to lacquer finishes, allowing the natural grains of the wood to show through. Oils stand up quite well to the test of time and durability, depending of course on how many coats get applied. A fairly protective coat can be achieved by applying several coats of a quality oil product… my preferred product being the MinWax oils, available in many colours for many types of wood. Danish oil is another product I like to recommend, especially for such wood items as railings, banisters, mantle pieces and door frames.

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  • How you have felt, O men of Athens, at hearing the speeches of my accusers, I cannot tell; but I know that their persuasive words almost made me forget who I was - such was the effect of them; and yet they have hardly spoken a word of truth. But many as their falsehoods were, there was one of them which quite amazed me; - I mean when they told you to be upon your guard, and not to let yourselves be deceived by the force of my eloquence. They ought to have been ashamed of saying this, because they were sure to be detected as soon...

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  • X(1-11) The Last Waltz - Horror and Morality, Horror and Magic 'Yes, but how do you justify earning a living by feeding off people's worst fears?' The police have been summoned by a neighbor who has heard a commotion of some kind. What they find is a bloodbath - and something worse. The young man admits, quite calmly, that he has murdered his grandmother with a pipe, and then cut her throat. I needed her blood,' the young man tells the police calmly. I'm a vampire.

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  • The sword of Harry Gilmor, the Confederate colonel, which General Wallace had given me, had aroused Graham's interest so much that I presented it to him; I had, prior to this, presented to Curtis, my Creedmoor rifle trophies. I had become tired of telling the history of that sword and how it came into my possession, having no other evidence than my word for the truth of the story, since I had lost General Wallace's letter.

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