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How to find

Xem 1-20 trên 753 kết quả How to find
  • Tham khảo sách 'taming text: how to find, organize, and manipulate it', công nghệ thông tin, kỹ thuật lập trình phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

    pdf322p phungnguyet_123 20-02-2013 24 4   Download

  • Paul Graham (Hackers and Painters) has mentioned that an important read for preparing to start your own business is How To Win Friends and Influence People. I'm happy to report that this gem from 1936 is timeless and truly life-changing. I believe Paul's reasons for the recommendation include: the importance of charisma, general rounding out one's personality, and finding ways to get responsiveness from people by making them feel good.

    pdf205p minhanh 14-03-2009 446 249   Download

  • This book is very different from a typical “bible” approach to a topic. By structuring the book as a “how-to,” it presents the material by scenario in steps that are easily followed. Throughout, I have tried to keep the explanatory text to the minimum necessary and keep the focus on the code itself. Often, you will find comments embedded in the code to explain nonobvious bits.

    pdf670p nhocrua124 21-05-2010 136 44   Download

  • Author Vladimir Kushnir shows you how to use his Safe C++ library, based in part on programming practices developed by the C++ community. You’ll not only find recipes for identifying errors during your program’s compilation, runtime, and testing phases, you’ll learn a comprehensive approach for making your C++ code safe and bug-free.

    pdf140p trasua_123 04-01-2013 43 7   Download

  • part 1 present the content: winning system c-a-n s-l-i-m introduction, learning from the greatest winners; current quarterly earnings per share, how much is enough; annual earnings increases, look for meaningful growth; new products, new management, new highs, buying at the right time; supply and demand, small capitalization plus big volume demand; leader or laggard, which is your stock; institutional sponsorship, a little goes a long way; market direction, how to determine it; be smart from the start; finding a broker, opening an account, and what it costs to buy stocks; when to seil if ...

    pdf65p anthachluu 05-08-2019 10 1   Download

  • This lecture includes these contents: How to practice ebm, finding the evidence, formulate a focused question, develop a search strategy, perform a search on pubmed,... Invite you to consult this lecture.

    ppt16p hpnguyen18 02-07-2018 7 0   Download

  • Color and shapes make up the world we live in. Children and adults alike can find hours and hours of enjoyment by contributing to the world with drawings and paintings - creating a fun, as well as educational, pastime for the whole family. Art can make a rainy day inside fly by or a hard day at school or work be forgotten. With only a pencil, paper, and this book, anyone can learn to draw effortless animals, people, and 3-D objects. The steps are designed to be easy to follow and understand. You can combine these animals, people, and shapes into entire pictures full of life and action.

    pdf11p minhhaiqt90 07-11-2010 334 144   Download

  • The main ideas in this book trace their intellectual lineage to Benjamin Graham, whom I never knew but must thank posthumously, and Warren Buffett, whom I have the great fortune to know and from whose writings, talks, and conversations I have gained knowledge and insight. Neither of these men, of course, has any responsibility for this book’s content and no doubt would disagree with some of what it says, though it is written as a narrative interpretation of principles they developed, to which it tries to be faithful....

    pdf285p 951847623 09-04-2012 71 26   Download

  • Finding, Filtering, and Sorting Rows in a DataTable Each row in a DataTable is stored in a DataRow object, and in this section you'll learn how to find, filter

    pdf7p daisuphu 29-07-2010 69 10   Download

  • Need fast, robust, efficient code solutions for Microsoft C# 4.0? This book delivers exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll find more than 200 solutions, best-practice techniques, and tested code samples for everything from classes to exceptions, networking to XML, LINQ to Silverlight. Completely up-to-date, this book fully reflects major language enhancements introduced with the new C# 4.0 and .NET 4.0. When time is of the essence, turn here first: Get answers you can trust and code you can use, right now!...

    pdf669p bookstore_1 10-01-2013 79 6   Download

  • A dictionary is an extremely valuable reference book, but its familiarity tends to blind adults to the high level of intelligence required to read it. This aspect becomes apparent, however, when school children are observed learning dictionary skills. Children do not respect syntactic category and often wander into the wrong lexieai entry, apparently in search of something they can understand. They also find it difficult to match the sense of a polysemous word to the context of a particular passage.

    pdf1p bungio_1 03-05-2013 31 2   Download

  • (bq) this book, give you an overview of hacking and penetration testing, show you how it’s done, and then i’m going to tell you how to keep your systems secure so that you can’t be hacked!

    pdf63p physicalfunny 29-08-2018 10 2   Download

  • “A must read! As someone who has also recruited top MBA can- didates for investment banking, I unequivocally recommend How to Interview Like a Top MBA. It does an exceptional job of explaining what recruiters at the most sought-after corporations look for when deciding whom they should hire. Easy to read and very well organized, Dr. Leanne’s book covers important aspects of the interview process and provides valuable anecdotes. Read- ers will find the ‘100 Tough Questions and How to Answer Them’ particularly useful.

    pdf254p rosesdalat2803 13-07-2009 1003 602   Download

  • Writing is an important form of communication in day-to-day life, but it is especially important in secondary school and university. WritiDg is also one of the most difficult skills to master in both a first language and a second language. Students can find it challenging to find ideas to include in their writing, and each culture has its or,.n style lbr organising academic writing. However, with the help of this book and your guidance.

    pdf117p ruanlucas 06-08-2012 510 146   Download

  • In contrast to basic writing guides that contain plenty of information you don't need, How to Write Great Essays focuses on the topics most important to you now. You won't find a comprehensive guide to mechanics, but instead you will get short but thorough lessons on the most common errors made in grammar, spelling, usage, and how to prevent and cor¬rect these errors.

    pdf10p kathy208 13-08-2010 130 62   Download

  • In this important resource, 30 real, winning scholarship essays are analyzed, revealing what makes them successful and how they fit the judges' criteria. Essays and interviews are the two components of scholarship competition that often determine the award's recipient, yet most books on scholarships simply provide a directory of awards. This book includes sample interview questions and answers, along with strategies to help students overcome nervousness and be more prepared.

    pdf26p meomeo_1669 04-02-2012 143 44   Download

  • You won't find a comprehensive guide to mechanics, but instead you will get short but thorough lessons on the most common errors made in grammar, spelling, usage, and how to prevent and cor¬rect these errors. Every chapter is designed to relate directly to your essay, giving you the knowledge and the know-how you need to succeed.

    pdf10p kathy208 13-08-2010 127 43   Download

  • ‘Time to get hired’ is a step-by-step booklet that helps you to understand what it takes to land a new job through alternative channels that applying as a response to a job ad. We will cover how to approach recruitment and employment agencies, how to use your network and how to submit unsolicited applications. Finally we will prepare you for the interview. Our vision is to make it easier for you and help you find a new job as quickly as possible. Students that are about to graduate often don’t quite know how best to approach job-hunting. Being a jobseeker can be...

    pdf42p sofia11 25-05-2012 108 42   Download

  • Chapter five shows you how to revise, edit, and proofread your essay. You will find check-lists to use during these processes, as well as tips from professional editors. The use of word-processing programs to help with editing is also covered.

    pdf10p kathy208 13-08-2010 95 36   Download

  • When something goes wrong with your computer, it's frustrating and potentially expensive. With Fix Your Own Computer For Seniors For Dummies, you can find out what's wrong, how to fix it, whether you need to call in professional help, and how to practice preventive maintenance. This friendly guide avoids techie jargon and shows you how to diagnose the problem, find out whether the software or hardware is at fault, make simple repairs, and add external devices such as scanners, printers, and hard drives.

    pdf397p ken333 07-06-2012 122 36   Download


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