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  • This book covers security topics on a wide range of areas in ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET 3.5. It starts with an introduction to Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS 7.0) and then explains in detail the new IIS 7.0 Integrated mode of execution. Next is detailed coverage of how security is applied when an ASP.NET application starts up and when a request is processed in the newly introduced integrated request-processing pipeline.

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  • A clickbot is a software robot that clicks on ads (issues HTTP requests for advertiser web pages) to help an attacker conduct click fraud. Some clickbots can be purchased, while others are malware that spread as such and are part of larger botnets. Malware-type clickbots can receive instructions from a botmas- ter server as to what ads to click, and how often and when to click them. There are many types of clickbots used on the Internet. Some are “for-sale” clickbots, while others are malware.

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  • The Contract Manager Web server accepts HTTP and HTTPS requests and supplies HTTP and HTTPS responses. It routes requests to the proper Java Servlet, which processes the request and passes it to the appropriate resource in the Contract Manager Application server. The response from the Application server is sent back to the Web Server and is directed to the appropriate Java Server Page (JSP). The Web Server uses the JSP and the data from the response to create the HTML page that is sent back to the requesting client.Contract Manager uses either JBoss or WebLogic for an Application server.

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  • Lập trình ứng dụng Web với PHP Framework Sự phổ biến của Website và PHP S ra đ i c a Internet S ra đ i và phát tri n c a h th ng Website Mô hình l p trình Web: Client-Server và giao th c HTTP PHP là ngôn ng phía Server Các mô hình tương tác thông qua: • Website (HTTP Request – Response), • Command Line Interface – CLI (Shell, Batch processing…) • Web Service (SOAP, REST…),

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  • Copyright Page Foreword Preface Chapter 1: Introduction to Web Automation Chapter 2: Web Basics Chapter 3: The LWP Class Model Chapter 4: URLs Chapter 5: Forms Chapter 6: Simple HTML Processing with Regular Expressions Chapter 7: HTML Processing with Tokens Chapter 8: Tokenizing Walkthrough Chapter 9: HTML Processing with Trees Chapter 10: Modifying HTML with Trees Chapter 11: Cookies, Authentication, and Advanced Requests Chapter 12: Spiders Appendix A: LWP Modules Appendix B: HTTP Status Codes Appendix C: Common MIME Types Appendix D: Language Tags Appendix E: Common Content Encodings App...

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  • FeedTree aware client applications should be able to examine conventional RSS feed data to discover if up- dates to that feed will be published through FeedTree. To do this, FeedTree metadata can be added to the RSS document structure to signal that it is available for sub- scription in the overlay. In this way, a FeedTree appli- cation bootstraps the subscription process with a one- time HTTP request of the conventional feed. All future updates are distributed through incremental RSS items published in FeedTree.

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  • The first Slovenian-German and GermanSlovenian online dictionary is available at http ://www. stud.uni -h amburg. de/users/1.)i rte/slo Its current version, which was completed in November 2002, contains more than 4,800 entries covering the content of a beginners' textbook for Slovenian. Section 2 gives some information about the contents and structure of the dictionary. Section 3 evaluates the Slovenian part, based on its coverage of lemmas in DELO, a Slovenian newspaper contained in the Nova beseda corpus at ZRC SAZU (Beseda, 2000) as well as on its ability to fulfill user requests.

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  • This module provides with students of an overview of Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access functionality. Students examine the components of Outlook Web Access and learn how they work together to process client requests. Students will be able to create and configure an (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) HTTP virtual server. In addition, they will learn Outlook Web Access security and firewall configuration options

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