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  • Why is this topic important? Because executive coaching has grown rapidly in recent years, many human resource professionals and their clients need information to help them know when and how to use coaching for their organizations. Most of the books on the market are “how-to” books, with very little material to assist HR people in becoming savvy consumers of coaching services. The topics and materials in this book can serve as a practical guide to learn more about what coaching is and how to best use it in the organization. ...

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  • As robots move from the factory and into the daily lives of men, women, and children around the world, it is becoming increasingly clear that the skills they will require are vastly different from the majority of skills with which they were programmed in the 20th century. In fact, it would appear that many of these skills will center on the challenge of interacting with humans, rather than with machine parts or other robots.

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  • Presence of epigenetic marks enables cells with the same genotype have potential to display different phenotypes and differentiate into many cell-types with different functions, and responses to environmental and intercellular signaling. For example, DNA methylation is essential for the process of imprinting. Imprinted genes are expressed from only one parental allele. This mono-allelic gene expression is directed by epigenetic marks established in the mammalian germ line and a single mutation, either genetic or epigenetic, can cause disease.

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  • This study illustrates that assistance to human rights has been instrumental in the emergence of a voluntary sector in Ethiopia. Humanitarian assistance and socio-economic development have been notable too; however assistance to democratisation has been limited, in part due to the failure of political parties to broaden their power base. In contrast, there have been some notable local achievements in areas such as elections and press freedom.

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  • The Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda has played a critical role in bringing together three powerful networks to examine the impact of air pollution from coal-fired power plants upon the African American community. The Black Leadership Forum, the Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice and Clear the Air share a keen interest in promoting responsible public policies protective of human health and the environment.

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  • By the close of official activities, the project had already contributed notably towards increasing the productivity of livestock in the RCA countries, largely by increasing the production of milk and meat. This, in turn, enhanced the incomes of the participating farmers. In addition, due to the establishment of close coordination between this project, national projects and coordinated research programmes, several laboratories have received complementary assistance for upgrading their facilities and for consolidating their experimentation capabilities in the field.

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  • The evidence is not consistent with investment banker pay simply ref lecting a skill premium. The results also suggest that investment bankers develop finance-specific human capital while still at Stanford and shortly after taking jobs on Wall Street. I am not able to identify the sources of this specific capital, however, which could include development of finance skills, development of networks, or even simply getting accustomed to the standard of living that goes with high pay.

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  • There are several different types of security testing. The following section describes each testing technique, and provides additional information on the strengths and weakness of each. This information is also summarized in Table 3.1 and Table 3.2. Some testing techniques are predominantly manual, requiring an individual to initiate and conduct the test. Other tests are highly automated and require less human involvement.

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  • There are many ways to improve the lives of people with mental disorders. One important way is through policies, plans and programmes that lead to better services. To implement such policies and plans, one needs good legislation–that is, laws that place the policies and plans in the context of internationally accepted human rights standards and good practices. This Resource Book aims to assist countries in drafting, adopting and implementing such legislation.

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  • Tuberculosis has been a major cause of illness and death in the Philippines yet TB control efforts have historically, been fragmented and uncoordinated. The National TB Control Program of the Department of Health has made significant advances in improving the quality and extent of its control efforts but the private sector and even other departments of government have not been integrated into the overall TB control activities.

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  • Administrative Medical Assisting, 4E is the most comprehensive hands-on text and workbook learning package available for medical office administration students. This revision features a new chapter on traditional and managed care settings, plus managed care topics integrated throughout where appropriate, such as managed care contracts, implications of managed care contracts on financial aspects of practices, referrals, and collection techniques in a managed care setting.

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  • State-of-the-art computer-assisted translation engines are based on a statistical prediction engine, which interactively provides completions to what a human translator types. The integration of human speech into a computer-assisted system is also a challenging area and is the aim of this paper. So far, only a few methods for integrating statistical machine translation (MT) models with automatic speech recognition (ASR) models have been studied. They were mainly based on N best rescoring approach. ...

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  • Currency of publication is a basic criterion in the evaluation process. In general, books selected for both Science and Social Sciences & Humanities Editions must bear a copyright from the current year or previous five (5) years. However, books outside this range, especially in Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities subjects, are often considered for coverage with the understanding that older books in these areas are often of relatively greater value.

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  • Current automatic speech transcription systems can achieve a high accuracy although they still make mistakes. In some scenarios, high quality transcriptions are needed and, therefore, fully automatic systems are not suitable for them. These high accuracy tasks require a human transcriber. However, we consider that automatic techniques could improve the transcriber’s efficiency. With this idea we present an interactive speech recognition system integrated with a word processor in order to assists users when transcribing speech.

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  • Obtaining high-quality machine translations is still a long way off. A postediting phase is required to improve the output of a machine translation system. An alternative is the so called computerassisted translation. In this framework, a human translator interacts with the system in order to obtain high-quality translations. A statistical phrase-based approach to computer-assisted translation is described in this article. A new decoder algorithm for interactive search is also presented, that combines monotone and nonmonotone search. ...

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  • Chapter 23 - Organization of the body. The human body is complex in its structure and function. This chapter provides an overview of the human body. It introduces you to the way the body is organized from the chemical level all the way up to the organ system level. You will also learn important terminology used in the clinical setting to describe body positions and parts. This chapter also focuses on how diseases develop at the genetic level.

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  • Chapter 26 - The muscular system. Bones and joints do not themselves produce movement. By alternating between contraction and relaxation, muscles cause bones and supported structures to move. The human body has more than 600 individual muscles. Although each muscle is a distinct structure, muscles act in groups to perform particular movements. This chapter focuses on the differences among three muscle tissue types, the structure of skeletal muscles, muscle actions, and the names of skeletal muscles.

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  • Chapter 3 presents the following content: Taste and smell: the beginnings of our food experience, the gastrointestinal tract, overview of digestion: physical and chemical processes, overview of absorption, assisting organs, putting it all together: digestion and absorption, circulation of nutrients, signaling systems.

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  • Chapter 10 - Employee health and safety. The learning objectives for this chapter include: Explain the roles of the two most important federal agencies responsible for ensuring employees are safe and secure at work, explain the advantages enjoyed by employers who provide healthy worksites for their employees, describe the differences and similarities between employee assistance programs and employee wellness programs,...

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  • Chapter 10 - Discipline and employee assistance programs. This chapter presents the following content: Essentials of discipline, approaches to discipline, administering discipline, termination, special disciplinary concerns, they supervisor’s key role.

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