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  • Chapter 10 introduce to the genomes and proteomes. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Large-scale genome mapping and analysis, major insights from the human and model organism genome sequences, global analysis of genes and their mRNAs, global analysis of proteomes, repercussions of the human genome project and high-throughput technology.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học General Psychiatry cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Bench-to-bedside review: Fulfilling promises of the Human Genome Project...

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  • This is a book about medical genomics, a new field that is attempting to combine knowledge generated from the Human Genome Project (HGP) and analytic methods from bioinformatics with the practice of medicine. From my perspective as a research molecular biologist, genomics has emerged as a result of automated high-throughput technologies entering the molecular biology laboratory and of bioinformatics being used to process the data.

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  • In this book leading experts provide the state-of-the-art in the emerging and exciting field of pharmacogenomics. The multitude of ways that pharmacogenomics can be approached and applied reflects the possibilities brought about by the wealth of data generated by the Human Genome Project, in conjunction with parallel advances in bioinformatics and biotechnology. Procedures that are now routine were a decade ago thought to be impossible.

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  • This chapter explain how linkage mapping, physical mapping, and DNA sequencing each contributed to the Human Genome Project, define the fields of proteomics and genomics, describe the surprising findings of the Human Genome Project with respect to the size of the human genome, distinguish between transposons and retrotransposons.

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  • We used the genotyping data generated by the International HapMap Project to study the patterns of linkage disequilibrium (LD) in human genic regions. LD patterns for 11 998 genes from 11 HapMap populations were identified by analyzing the distribution of haplotype blocks.

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  • Phần đông chúng ta đều nghe nói đến chương trình “Human Genome Project “ (Chương trình giải mã bộ gen người). Đây là một chương trình quốc tế do chính phủ các nước đài thọ nhầm giải mã (sequencing) khoảng 25000 gen của bộ gen người và tìm hiểu cơ năng (function) của các gen đó. Song song với chương trình này, hãng tư nhân Celera Genomics cũng có chương trình tương tự.

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  • The beginning of the new millennium was marked by the announcement that the vast majority of the human genome had been sequenced. This milestone in the exploration of the human genome was preceded by numerous conceptual and technological advances. They include, among others, the elucidation of the DNA double-helix structure, the discovery of restriction enzymes and the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the development and automatization of DNA sequencing, and the generation of genetic and physical maps by the Human Genome Project (HGP).

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  • The birth of livestock genomics 15 years ago was inspired by the human genome initiative and the potential for capturing both its technologies and massive comparative data sets for application to livestock species, most of which are mammals. We are currently reaping the benefits of these efforts, with sequencing projects completed or ongoing in chickens, cattle, pigs, and horses and valuable mapping resources developed for others such as sheep and turkeys.

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  • The current extraordinary advances in basic biomedical and social sciences have unprecedented potential to improve the human condition. These insights, together with the human genome project and its successor proteomics, will require an enormous commitment to translational research to harvest their applications for medicine and public health. The progress in political and social theory, linguistics, statistics, psychology, and behavioral sciences generally deserves a similarly broad application of human research to reach full expression.

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  • Chapter 21 - Genomes and their evolution. This chapter explain how linkage mapping, physical mapping, and DNA sequencing each contributed to the Human Genome Project, define the fields of proteomics and genomics, describe the surprising findings of the Human Genome Project with respect to the size of the human genome, distinguish between transposons and retrotransposons.

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  • Quá trình tự nhân đôi DNA. Dự án Bản đồ gen Người (tiếng Anh: Human Genome Project HGP) là một dự án nghiên cứu khoa học mang tầm quốc tế. Mục đích chính của dự án là xác định trình tự của các cặp cơ sở (base pairs) tạo thành phân tử DNA và xác định khoảng 25.000 gen trong bộ gen của con người.

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  • Gen (gene) là đơn vị cấu trúc và chức năng cơ bản của di truyền. Gen, một đoạn của DNA, hoạt động điều khiển hình thành những phân tử gọi là protein. Ở người, chiều dài gen có thể thay đổi từ vài trăm base đến hơn 2 triệu base. Dự án giải mã hệ gen người (The Human Genome Project) ước đoán con người có khoảng 20,000 đến 25,000 gen. Mỗi cá thể có hai bản sao của một gen, một bản từ bố và bản còn lại từ mẹ. Hầu hết các gen là như nhau ở mọi...

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  • Great advances have been performed in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases but the search of specific protective or risk biomarkers is an unsolved field. Since completion of the human genome project a rapid progress in genetics and bioinformatics have enabled the development of multiple tools as well as a large public databases, which include genetic and genomic data linked to clinical health data.

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  • The Computer Revolution: Progress in computer technology: Underpinned by Moore’s Law. Makes novel applications feasible: Computers in automobiles, Cell phones, Human genome project, World Wide Web, Search Engines. Computers are pervasive.

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  • Integration involves viral and host cellular proteins. Their role is discussed in the third and fourth sections of this chapter. Recently, the process of integration site selection (which is where the viral DNA integrates with the host cell DNA) has been quite understood throughout many in vitro and in vivo studies. The human genome project has enabled us to identify integration site preferences for retroviral vectors in human trials. The results of these human trials are reviewed in the fifth section of the chapter.

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  • For years, prenatal care has been recognized as a component of obstetrical care; however, until the latter half of the twentieth century it has been relatively limited. In the 1970s and 1980s studies showed that an investment in earlier and more comprehensive prenatal care resulted in a cost savings by decreasing preterm births and delivery complications. Over the past 20 years, as technology and the Human Genome Project have impacted medical care, the scope of prenatal care has also changed.

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  • The prediction of transcription factor binding sites in genomic sequences is in principle very useful to identify upstream regulatory factors. However, when applying this concept to genomes of multi- cellular organisms such as mammals, one has to deal with a large number of false positive predic- tions since many transcription factor genes are only expressed in specific tissues or cell types.

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  • This book is an outgrowth of the George Fisher Baker Lecture series presented by one of us (C.R.C.) at Cornell University in the fall of 1992. This author is tremendously grateful to all those at Cornell who made this occasion truly memorable, personally, and most pro- ductive, intellectually. Included especially are Jean Fréchet, Barbara Baird, John Clardy, Jerrold Meinwald, Fred McLafferty, Benjamin Widom, David Usher, and Quentin Gibson, among many others.

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  • Discovering what lies behind a hill or beyond a neighborhood can be as simple as taking a short walk. But curiosity and the urge to make new dis- coveries usually require people to undertake journeys much more adven- turesome than a short walk, and scientists oft en study realms far removed from everyday observation—sometimes even beyond the present means of travel or vision.

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