Human Purposes for Coding

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  • Systems Analysis and Design: Chapter 15 - Designing Accurate Data Entry Procedure's Objectives is Understand the uses of effective coding to support users in accomplishing their tasks; Design effective and efficient data capture approaches for people and systems.

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  • There is lively debate about whether Alu serves some larger purpose in primate genomes or is merely “selfish DNA” that has been successful in its mode of replication. Alu insertions in coding exons are implicated in a number of human diseases, including neurofibromatosis, thalassemia, cancer, and heart attack. However, the vast majority of Alus are located in introns or intergenic regions, where they appear to have no phenotypic effect.

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  • Since the digital representation of raw video signals requires a high capacity, low complexity video coding algorithms must be defined to efficiently compress video sequences for storage and transmission purposes. The proper selection of a video coding algorithm in multimedia applications is an important factor that normally depends on the bandwidth availability and the minimum quality required.

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