Humanitarian responses

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  • This issue of Forced Migration Review is about improving communications between logisticians and programme managers to make such mix-ups a thing of the past. We are grateful to the Fritz Institute for drawing our attention to the importance of humanitarian logistics and for the very generous grant which has made this issue possible. We are deeply indebted to our Guest Editors, Anisya Thomas (Fritz Institute's Managing Director) and Ricardo Ernst (Georgetown University), and to Lynn Fritz for his personal support.

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  • Religions have too often been used to justify the violation of human rights, in part through the hierarchical and selective use of role ethics and the postponement of temporal justice to divine judgment or future karmic consequences. Yet the world religions have also provided a constant voice of critique against the violation of human rights by calling for equality, and universal compassion and love, calls which reach far beyond the mere protection of human rights.

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  • In many parts of the world, where medicines are not readily available or affordable, the public continue to rely on medicines used traditionally in their cultures. At the same time, affluent consumers in the industrialized world are spending their own money on healthcare approaches that fall outside what has been considered mainstream medicine. A growing body of national and international studies highlight the reality that there is exponential growth of global interest in and use of traditional (i.e. indigenous), complementary and alternative medicine (TCAM).

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  • As a result of these developments, the quantitative relationship between the consumer goods supply on the one hand and the rapidly rising consumer goods demand on the other hand has been continuously improved. Nowadays, the case that supply cannot satisfy demand is for most consumer goods a case of the past. Quite the opposite is to observe that Chinese consumer goods markets are buyers’ markets, characterized by a surplus of supply and a strong competition between many national suppliers and al- most 330.000 foreign suppliers offering products in this market. ...

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  • hese excellent papers derived from contributions to the International Law Conference held in Adelaide in February 2004 deal with the principal aspects of modern armed conflict: the causes and prevention of conflict, conflict resolution and peace building, the law applicable in armed conflict (international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and state responsibility), and the roles of the United Nations, humanitarian organisations and peacekeepers.

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  • Evil is a reality in the world of international politics. Human affairs are all too frequently marked by atrocities of the most heinous nature, acts readily described as “evil” in international political thought and rhetoric. In particular, in the last decade of the twentieth century and early years of the twenty-first, the world witnessed a wave of humanitarian atrocities noted for their grotesque nature and magnitude.

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  • The ADB estimates that additional government investment of only around $3 per person per year, spent carefully to target specific healthcare gaps, could bring the MDGs within reach. Private sector contribution to health coverage is a vital component of strategies for meeting MDGs Four and Five. However, this should not detract from or replace government responsibility for public health care.

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  • The global environment that charac- terises the business world highlights the importance of developing strate- gies that go beyond the geographical boundaries of one country. Wage-rate differentials, expanding foreign mar- kets and improved transportation break down barriers of time and space between countries and force the logistics function to take on a global dimension. Global logistics is the response to the increasing integration of international markets as firms try to remain competitive.

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  • The acts of lawlessness committed on September 11, 2001 were swiftly followed by a ‘war on terror’. This book sets out the essential features of the international legal framework against which the 9/11 attacks and the lawfulness of measures taken in response thereto fall to be assessed. It addresses, in an accessible manner, the relevant law in relation to: ‘terrorism’, questions as to ‘responsibility’ for it, the criminal law frame- work, lawfulconstraints on the use of force, the humanitarian law that governs in armed conflict, and international human rights law.

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  • This Guide is a companion to the HAP Humanitarian Accountability and Quality Management Standard (2007), the full text of which is attached as Annex 1. The Guide follows the structure and format of the HAP Standard for ease of reference. It is aimed at the leaders, managers, and staff of humanitarian agencies that wish to improve the performance of their organisation, at those interested in assessing the case for seeking humanitarian quality assurance certification by HAP, and at those with responsibility for achieving compliance with the requirements of the HAP Standard.

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  • The development of the strategy has been based on a number of guiding principles. Primarily the strategy recognises the basic human right to adequate food and health and freedom from malnutrition and disease. It respects the humanitarian principle of ‘do no harm’ such that its’ implementation should not exacerbate or worsen the situation. A key guiding principle is recognition of the specific context and challenges of implementation in Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Somalia.

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