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  • .Representing Landscape Architecture It has been said that we can realize only what we can imagine; but to realize what we imagine, we must convey those ideas to others as well as present them to ourselves. We use images, models, and words—alone or in combination—to conceive, study, test, construct, and evaluate new landscapes or modify old ones. Given the transient nature of most landscapes—always growing, always changing— landscape representation presents a special challenge. It is by no means neutral in a political sense or even in terms of design evaluation.

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  • One of the best things about my nearly eighty years in golf is seeing a young pro come along who understands the golf swing the way I do. Shawn Humphries is just such a golf professional, and I’ve been impressed with him from the first time we met. When Shawn was the director of my golf school at the Four Seasons resort in Dallas from 1998 to 2001, I watched him on many occasions and noticed how he teaches the game in a way that is easy for novice golfers to understand and imitate, right from the start. I appreciate that because having given lessons for more than...

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  • "Hullo! No!--Yes!--upon my soul, it is Jacob! Why, Delafield, my dear fellow, how are you?" So saying--on a February evening a good many years ago--an elderly gentleman in evening dress flung himself out of his cab, which had just stopped before a house in Bruton Street, and hastily went to meet a young man who was at the same moment stepping out of another hansom a little farther down the pavement.

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  • A new series of 'Books about Books,' exclusively English in its aims, may seem to savour of the patriotism which, in matters of art and historical research, is, with reason enough, often scoffed at as a treacherous guide. No doubt in these pleasant studies patriotism acts as a magnifying-glass, making us unduly exaggerate details. On the other hand, it encourages us to try to discover them, and just at present this encouragement seems to be needed.

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