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  • You know, I’ve a hunch you have been itching to get into this portion of the book. Well, it is really going to be great fun to create little people of your own, doing anything you want them to. There is nothing hidebound in this plan either. Take it in easy doses for the fun that’s in it. Whether the folks you draw will ever bring home the bacon is a matter of circumstance and how clever you get to be. But it’s worth the effort to get that bang out of being able to do it. When you were...

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  • Three major approaches can be used in an effort to segment a market. 22 They include the a-priori, a-posteriori and hybrid approach. The selection of an approach depends on the objectives of the researcher in undertaking a segmentation study. In a-priori (predetermined) market segmentation, the type (segmentation variables) and number of market segments are determined before data collection. With this ap- proach, there are two main questions, namely the estimated sizes of these segments in the market place, and some relevant segment characteristics ( descriptor variables).

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  • Remember that a tense muscle is a working muscle. Ease up! Save energy for important duties." Stop now, right where you are, and give yourself a check-up. As you read these lines, are you scowling at the book? Do you feel a strain between the eyes? Are you sitting relaxed in your chair? Or are you hunching up your shoulders? Are the muscles of your face tense? Unless your entire body is as limp and relaxed as an old rag doll, you are at this very moment producing nervous tensions and muscular tensions. You are producing nervous tensions and...

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  • Stereotypical accountants – depicted tirelessly in literature and cinema – hunch lifelessly over their desks adding and subtracting endless columns of numbers. It is a dismal job held by nameless, glassy-eyed hordes. While these fictional portrayals were never accurate, the focus on numbers carries more than a grain of truth. Traditionally, accountants kept the books and assured that statutory requirements were met.

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  •  Car rental companies and  mass transit and traffic authorities are watching where we go,  sending us automated tickets, finking us out to busybodies, cops  and bad guys who gain illicit access to their databases. The  Transport Security Administration maintains a "no­fly" list of  people who'd never been convicted of any crime, but who are  nevertheless considered too dangerous to fly. The list's contents  are secret. The rule that makes it enforceable is secret.

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  • Commander Stone, grizzled chief of the Planetary Exploration Forces, acknowledged Captain Brand Bowen's salute and beckoned him to take a seat. Brand, youngest officer of the division to wear the triple-V for distinguished service, sat down and stared curiously at his superior. He hadn't the remotest idea why he had been recalled from leave: but that it was on a matter of some importance he was sure. He hunched his big shoulders and awaited orders. "Captain Bowen," said Stone. "I want you to go to Jupiter as soon as you can arrange to do so, fly low over the red...

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  • Bill was hunched over the computer when I let myself in his house. This was an all-too-familiar scenario in the past month or two. He'd torn himself away from his work when I came home, until the past couple of weeks. Now it was the keyboard that attracted him. "Hello, sweetheart," he said absently, his gaze riveted to the screen. An empty bottle of type O TrueBlood was on the desk beside the keyboard.

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  • t was just a hunch. Johnson knew that, but his hunches had often paid off in the past, and now he waited with a big man's patience. For five hours he sat in the wooden stands, under the rumpled canvas the concessionaires had put up to protect the tourists from Marlock's yellow sun. The sun was hot and soon Johnson's clothing was marked with large soiled patches of sweat. Now and then a light breeze blew across the stands from the native section and at each breath his nostrils crinkled in protest at the acrid smell....

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  • lit a cigarette, the last one they had, and asked his wife "Want to share it?" "No. That's all right." Diane sat at the viewport of the battered old Gormann '87, a small figure of a woman hunched over and watching the parade of asteroids like tiny slow-moving incandescent flashes. Ralph looked at her and said nothing. He remembered what it was like when she had worked by his side at the mine. It had not been much of a mine. It had been a bust, a first class sure as hell bust, like everything else in their life together. And it had aged her. Had it only...

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