Hydro power plants

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  • (bq) part 2 book "power plant engineering" has contents: diesel power plant, gas turbine power plant, nuclear power plant, hydro electric power plants, electrical system, pollution and its control.

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  • Flow measurement is a basic tool in industry, engineering and research. The existing applications reveal the evolution and development of new methods and devices through the years. Some of the latest emerging technologies, such as microelectronics and nanotechnology, have put forward new challenges in the flow measurement and are treated at the beginning of this book. This book comprises 8 chapters divided into 4 sections, starting with “microflows”, followed by the “biphasic” and “gas flow”.

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  • 1) Begin class in the dark today. If possible, close blinds and turn off lights. Ask students if they know where their electricity comes from. Is it from a coal-fired power plant? Hydro-electric? Wind energy? Is the plant nearby? Have this discussion in the dark. 2) Turn on the lights and point out the ease with which the room was supplied electricity. Where does the power originate? Explain that students will investigate this today in class.

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  • One of the biggest inventions of human in the history is electricity. Coal, natural gas, uranium, tides, wind, and solar are resources for the generation of electricity. Hydropower first became the source of electricity back in the late nineteenth century. Water is the source of hydroelectric power which explains hydropower plants locations. Water volume and change in elevation from one to another point generate energy from the moving of water. More water flow and great elevation, more electricity (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2020).

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