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  • Vietnam‟s hydro-power resources are very plentiful and distributed widespread in national scope. Vietnam is one of 14 countries which are rich in hydro-electric resources in the world. Total hydro-power resources potential of more than 2200 mini, medium and large rivers (just mention rivers with more than 10 km in length) in national scope is assessed as follows:

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  • Renewable energy is shifting from the fringe to the mainstream of sustainable development. Past donor efforts achieved modest results but often were not sustained or replicated, which leads now to greater market orientation. Markets for rural household lighting with solar home systems, biogas, and small hydro power have expanded through rural entrepreneurship, government programs, and donor assistance, serving millions of households. Applications in agriculture, small industry, and social services are emerging. Public programs resulted in 220 million improved biomass cook stoves.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Power plant engineering" has contents: Diesel power plant, gas turbine power plant, nuclear power plant, hydro electric power plants, electrical system, pollution and its control.

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  • The issue of energy conservation has been with us since the seventies and there has not been a dearth of ideas and increase of knowledge arising from research from various disciplines ever since. The importanceof energy conservation has been on the increase that has resulted in the need toproduce books to introduce new and richer findings and applications in this field. This book comprises of nine chapters which cover several disciplines. Each chapter has been carefully written by leading teams of experts from various parts of the world.

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  • During the last two decades, increase in electricity demand and environmental concern resulted in fast growth of power production from renewable sources. Wind power is one of the most efficient alternatives. Due to rapid development of wind turbine technology and increasing size of wind farms, wind power plays a significant part in the power production in some countries.

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  • This book covers the areas of fundamentals in energy conservation and its applications in selected industries. There are nine chapters in this book which have been written by leading experts in energy from all over the world. The topics range from energy fundamentals from cosmic radiation, tidal waves and dams. The chapters examine the potential of utilizing energy from sustainable resources and how energy consumption may be conserved from various new technologies.

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  • Flow measurement is a basic tool in industry, engineering and research. The existing applications reveal the evolution and development of new methods and devices through the years. Some of the latest emerging technologies, such as microelectronics and nanotechnology, have put forward new challenges in the flow measurement and are treated at the beginning of this book. This book comprises 8 chapters divided into 4 sections, starting with “microflows”, followed by the “biphasic” and “gas flow”.

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  • Chương 2. Thống đốc Hydro-cơ khí Cơ bản Thống đốc thành phần cơ khí Hydro Năm thành phần cơ bản của một thống đốc đã được đề cập trong Chương 1. Bây giờ chúng ta hãy xem xét kỹ hơn thủy điện-cơ khí cơ bản thống đốc làm việc như thế nào.

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  • 2 On the Reliability of Real Measurement Data for Assessing Power Quality Disturbances Alexandre Brandao Nassif Hydro One Inc.,Toronto, ON, Canada 1. Introduction Power quality assessment is a power engineering field that is first and foremost driven by real data measurements. All the power quality assessment applications rely on results from real data processing.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Renewable energy resources" has contents: Principles of renewable energy, essentials of fluid dynamics, heat transfer, solar radiation, solar water heating, buildings and other solar thermal applications, photovoltaic generation, hydro-power.

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  • Recently, the resettlement activities of Son La hydroelectric power station (SHPS) have been carrying out within three provinces: Son La, Lai Chau, and Dien Bien. The main problem is !hat with limited land fund for resett1emcnt (each household has about 1-2 ha of agricultural land in average [6]), the land use and argicultural production organization should be ensure favorable conditions for resettled people.

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  • The mountainous region of northern Vietnam is potential to develop agriculture, forestry, hydro power, minerals, tourism and border gate economic zones. However, this region has been facing difficulties because of poor economic conditions, backward development, and low socio-cultural awareness (as people there mainly belong to ethnic minority groups). This requires appropriate policies to promote trade in the mountainous region of Vietnam. Based on two experiential lessons from Chongqing and Yunnan, the author has drawn some experiences and useful measures to develop trade in the region.

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  • 1) Begin class in the dark today. If possible, close blinds and turn off lights. Ask students if they know where their electricity comes from. Is it from a coal-fired power plant? Hydro-electric? Wind energy? Is the plant nearby? Have this discussion in the dark. 2) Turn on the lights and point out the ease with which the room was supplied electricity. Where does the power originate? Explain that students will investigate this today in class.

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  • The environmental goods and services  (EGS) sector has  traditionally  included solutions  for problems  such  as  air, noise  and marine pollution,  land  and water  contamination,  as well  as  activities  such  as  environmental  analysis  and  consultancy  and  waste  management  and  recycling.  However  more  recently,  the  definition  of  this  sector  has  widened.

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  • More recently,  the definition of  this sector has needed  to reflect  the drive  to reduce CO2 equivalent  emissions from the wider economy.

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  • Geoff Allan, Mark Booth, Jacob Wani and Wally Solata traveled to the Yonki Dam Research Station at the conclusion of the feeds workshop to inspect a tilapia feeding experiment (i.e. approximately 1 hour by road from the CRI) (ACIAR Mini-Project led by Cathy Hair). Several other workshop participants that were traveling back to Lae also took the opportunity to visit the Station (e.g. Greg Denn, Klaus & Tom Neumeier, Miok Komolong, Densly Tapat, Eric Nogas, Johnney Soranzie & others). The Yonki Dam was created to drive a hydro-electric power scheme providing electricity to much of PNG.

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