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  • 1. Chất keo thực phẩm là gì ? 2. Nguồn gốc chất keo 3. Tính chất chức năng 4. Một số chất keo sử dụng trong CNTP 3 .Chất keo thực phẩm là gì ? Chất keo là những polymer thực phẩm khi tan trong nước tạo thành dung dịch keo (colloidal solution) có tính nhớt. Keywords:  Polimer: protein, tinh bột, chất gum,….  Dung dịch keo 4 .Dung dịch keo có đặc điểm gì ? 5 .

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  • Content includes: photodecomposition behaviors of pesticides in the source for water supply using an alumina carrier-titanium dioxide photocatalyst; review: potential antioxidant ts from tropical plants; biotechnological utilisation of fusel oil for biolubricant Production; mycotoxins in food….

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  • It is evident that insecticides have been used to boost food production to a considerable extent and to control vectors of disease. However, these advantages that are of great economic benefits sometimes come with disadvantages when subjected to critical environmental and human health considerations. Many insecticides are newly synthesized whose health and environmental implications are unknown.

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  • The commitment of the international community and national governments to integrating PMTCT interventions into maternal and child health services and strengthening linkages to other health programmes, including other SRH programmes and HIV care, support, and treatment programmes, was more recently echoed in the Call to Action: Towards an HIV-Free and AIDS-Free Generation.

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  • The aim of this Country Brief for Zimbabwe is to update the Board of Directors on recent developments in Zimbabwe as well as serve as a programming instrument for the Bank’s intervention in the country in 2011-13. The Bank has supported Zimbabwe’s recovery over the past two years in line with the recommendations made in the Country Brief 2009/10 (ADF/BD/WP/2010/Approval) that was approved by the Board of Directors in 2010.

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  • The fair value of investments and other assets and liabilities in foreign currencies is translated into the Fund’s functional currency at the rates of exchange prevailing at the period-end date. Purchases and sales of investments, and income and expenses are translated at the rates of exchange prevailing on the respective dates of such transactions.

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  • Social funds should not replace the public sector in tasks that are the government’s inherent responsibility. To do so can undermine ongoing public sector reform and institution-building programs. The objective of funds should be to reinforce and broaden, rather than supplant, the role of state institutions in the social field. Undoubtedly, in many countries, fund portfolios are going to continue to have schools and health posts and other such social projects because funds have been shown to be effective in that role.

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  • While PHI tends to cover certain typical services, there is diversity across OECD countries in both the health services and providers accessible by privately insured individuals. Such diversity reflects the scope of public coverage, and is affected by regulation and insurers’ strategies.

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  • Income statements in the accounting world focus heavily on revenue as a function of company volume and as a measure of company growth. The principal source of revenue for insurance companies is premium from insurance sales. (The other principal source of revenue for insurers is typically investment income.) The timing of when a company can recognize sales revenue in its income statement is a major issue for most accounting systems.

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  • Empirical evidence suggests that movements in international relative prices (such as the real exchange rate) are large and persistent. Nontraded goods, both in the form of ¯nal consumption goods and as an input into the production of ¯- nal tradable goods, are an important aspect behind international relative price movements. In this paper we show that nontraded goods have important impli- cations for exchange rate behavior, even though °uctuations in the relative price of nontraded goods account for a relatively small fraction of real exchange rate movements.

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  • The essays that follow adopt and adapt, explore and expand an approach to the medieval art object that Madeline Caviness has dubbed “triangulation.” The pioneering role of Professor Caviness in pursuing critical and theoretical goals provides the a priori condition for this volume.

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  • Kháng sinh tại chỗ là điều trị chủ yếu đối với các vết bỏng nông. Đối với bỏng độ hai (partial-thickness burns), có nhiều cách. Băng hydrocolloid hút giữ (occlusive hydrocolloid dressing) ( DuoDerm Hydroactive Burnpack) được chứng tỏ là có hiệu quả đối với bỏng độ hai. Pommade polymyxin B sulfate/bacitracin/collagenase được chứng tỏ là tốt trong việc cải thiện thời gian lành và làm giảm sự tạo thành mảng mô hoại tử (eschar) nơi các thương tổn này. Các chất thay thế da (Biobrane) đã được sử dụng thành công như là lớp phủ đối với các...

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  • After some further kilometres, sodium begins to increase by ion exchange at the expense of calcium, producing a natural softening of the water. Eventually, the available calcium in the water is exhausted, but sodium continues to increase to a level greater than could be achieved purely by cation exchange. As chloride also begins to increase, this marks the point at which recharging water moving slowly down through the aquifer mixes with much older saline water present in the sediments (Figure 4.1).

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  • Keynes’s liquidity preference theory touched on the maturity transformation issue. He argued that the private sector’s willingness to assume liquidity and maturity risks is not well-anchored in fundamentals. Instead it is strongly influenced by subjective factors. Hence his policy prescription was that government debt issuance should “accommodate the preferences of the public for different maturities”. It was, he argued, socially desirable that risk-averse investors should be offered some minimum, safe return on their capital.

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  • Magnetotelluric surveys (soundings) are a naturalsource electromagnetic (EM) geophysical method that utilizes variations in the Earth’s magnetic field to image subsurface structures. A magnetotelluric sounding was attempted at Weyburn but has not produced results. Consequently, a final assessment of its utility is not available (Monea et al., 2008). Electrical resistance tomography (ERT) is a technique of imaging subsurface electrical conductivity. When deployed in time-lapse mode, it is capable of detecting conductivity changes caused by the injection of CO2.

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  • The best practices described in this paper require that the Data Guard configuration be managed by the Data Guard Broker9. The Data Guard Broker is responsible for sending FAN events to client applications in order to clean up their connections to the down database and reconnect to the new production database. In addition, Oracle Clusterware must be installed and active on the primary and standby sites for both single instance (using Oracle Restart) and Oracle RAC databases.

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  • At the same time, the emergence of the HathiTrust, a shared digital repository consolidating much of the library-contributed content from the Google Books database, appeared to resolve many of the concerns the library community had regarding long-term stewardship of the mass-digitized book corpus.

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  • Diaspora investors tend to have different perceptions of risk than non-diaspora investors. Given their homeland connections, diaspora members may have better information about investment opportunities in their countries of origin and are less sensitive to exchange-rate risks than other investors, because they have domestic-currency obligations in their country of origin such as support payments to family members or running costs of domestic businesses, mortgages, or returns to domestic share-holders. They also may have a different time horizon.

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  • Facilitate access to information on the health effects of indoor and outdoor air pollution and methods for reducing the risk. Conduct health impact assessments to determine the magnitude of the health effects associated with changes in air pollution. This information can be used to identify cost- effective measures to improve public health, identify critical uncertainties and suggest productive areas of research. Facilitate country actions to strengthen air quality management.

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  • To validate the event mean concentrations, flow data was obtained by a flow meter that measured gallons used in the entire boat wash area. The flow meter allowed use to accurately determine the amount of wash water flowing into the Modular Wetlands Device. The flow meter was not installed until approximately July 3 so no flow data was available prior to the installation. Electronic readings were taken for pH, TDS, Conductivity, Temperature, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), and Turbidity.

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