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  • This module will introduce you to several advanced topics concerning the operation and convergence of the Recycle unit operation. The HYSYS Recycle logical operation is used to solve looped systems where downstream material is mixed back in upstream in the process. The Recycle is a logical operation; it does not transform the stream that passes through it. The Recycle operation can be used several times in a given simulation. Every time a recycle operation is added, the total time needed for the simulation to successfully calculate and converge increases.

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  • Methods moving through difference environmnets, selecting property packages and components familiar with the property views of HYSYS dynamic, adding stream and operations,... As the main contents of the lectures "Dynamic modeling: 1 - Started". Invite you to consult.

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  • Những giả thiết cơ bản của Dynamic Simulation trong HYSYS, cách phân tích Flowsheet để đặt giá trị Pressure thích hợp, khai báo những tham số Pressure, Flow phù hợp,... là những nội dung chính trong bài giảng "Dynamic modeling: 3 - Pressure flow theory". Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • In this module, you will be presented with cases derived from the HYSYS Steady State course. There have been errors introduced into the cases that prevent them from solving. It is left up to you to find these errors and solve the cases. Of course, the instructor will be willing to assist you in any way that he/she can. In order to save time, all of the cases can be found on the supplied Starter disk. The solved cases are also provided on the Solutions disk. Also included in this module are several troubleshooting tips that you can use both...

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  • A heat exchanger is a vessel that transfers heat energy from one process stream to another. A common physical configuration for heat exchangers is a shell and tube exchanger, where a bundle of tubes sits inside a shell. There is no mixing of fluid between the shell and the tubes.

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  • In this module, you will simulate a Synthesis Gas Production facility. This will introduce you to the powerful reaction modelling capability of HYSYS. The production of synthesis gas is an important step in the production of ammonia. Synthesis gas is comprised of hydrogen and nitrogen at a molar ratio of 3:1. The main role of the synthesis gas plant is to convert natural gas, primarily methane, into hydrogen.

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  • Các kỹ thuật mô phỏng quá trình hóa học đang bị điều tra là công cụ để cung cấp cho quá trình thiết kế và phát triển công nghệ sạch cho phòng, chống ô nhiễm và giảm chất thải. HYSYS, quá trình mô phỏng phần mềm thương mại sẵn có, được sử dụng như công cụ thiết kế cơ bản. ICPET là phát triển phần mềm tùy chỉnh, đặc biệt là thiết kế lò phản ứng, cũng như cơ sở dữ liệu tùy biến cho các tính chất vật lý và hóa học của chất gây ô nhiễm, có thể...

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  • Compressor and Pump Curves 1 Compressor and Pump Curves 1 © 2004 AspenTech - All Rights Reserved. EA1000.32.02 09 Compressor and Pump Curves .2 Compressor and Pump Curves Workshop In this module, compressor and pump curves will be used to model the behaviour of simulated compressors and pumps. Using curves to model these unit operations allows HYSYS to accurately simulate actual plant equipment.

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