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  • Java NIO explores the new I/O capabilities of version 1.4 in detail and shows you how to put these features to work to greatly improve the efficiency of the Java code you write. This compact volume examines the typical challenges that Java programmers face with I/O and shows you how to take advantage of the capabilities of the new I/O features. You'll learn how to put these tools to work using examples of common, real-world I/O problems and see how the new features have a direct impact on responsiveness, scalability, and reliability. Because the NIO APIs supplement the I/O features...

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  • In a time when digital electronics is becoming more complex and less accessible to students and low-end project and product developers, microcontrollers have become the tools of choice for learning about electronics and programming as well as providing the capabilities needed to create sophisticated applications cheaply and easily. If you were to look through any electronics magazine, you would discover that almost every example application uses a microcontroller (often abbreviated to just MCU) to provide a user interface, sequence operations, and respond to changing inputs.

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  • In 2008 the National Leadership Computing Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory will have a petaflop system in place. This system will have tens of thousands of processors and petabytes of memory. This capability system will focus on application problems that are so hard that they require weeks on the full system to achieve breakthrough science in nanotechnology, medicine, and energy.

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  • In addition to the hardware features, the DE2 have software support for standard I / O interface and a base panel to access the various components. In addition, software is provided for a number of demonstrations that illustrate the advanced capabilities of the DE2 board. To use the DE2 board, users must be familiar with the Quartus II software.

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  • The NS2 is a two reader panel providing access control for up to two doors through the use of Wiegand readers. The NS2 may be used as a standalone panel with independent card and transaction storage or, with a software upgrade, as a fully monitored online access control device. Communication to the front-end computer is achieved through an RS-232 serial cable (included with installation kit) or an optional RS-485 interface. Each RS-485 interface is capable of communicating with up to 31 panels. The NS2 is designed for tile mount using the ENC10 enclosure.

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  • Evolution of the Network This section provides a synopsis of the various IN phases. As noted in the introduction, a number of stages have introduced additional capabilities

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  • Appendix D. TCAP Messages and Components The tables in this appendix summarize Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP) messages and components

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  • 8-bit CPU optimized for control applications Extensive Boolean processing (single-bit logic) capabilities 64K Program Memory address space 64K Data Memory address space Up to 4K bytes of on-chip Program Memory 128 bytes of on-chip Data RAM 32 bi-directional and individually addressable I/O lines Two 16-bit timer/counters 6-source/5-vector interrupt structure with two priority levels

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  • Signaling Network Management Failures in the SS7 network have potentially devastating effects on the communications infrastructure. The loss of all SS7 signaling capabilities at an SP isolates it from the rest of the network.

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  • SCCP Management (SCMG) SCMG manages the status of subsystems and SCCP-capable signaling points (SPs). It maintains the status of remote SCCP SPs and that of local subsystems. It interacts with the SCRC

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  • Computer Techniques Computer Hided and Integrated Manufacturing Systems II S-Volume Sel Cornelius T Leondes .Vol.l Computer Techniques C o m p u t e r H i d e d and Integrated Manufacturing Systems A S-Volume Set .This page is intentionally left blank .Vol.l Computer Techniques C o m p u t e r R i d e d and Integrated Manufacturing Systems H S-Volume Ser Cornelius TLeondes Unifmity of Calikmia, Lm Angeles, USA I j f e World Scientific IM New Jersey 9 London • Singapore • Hong Kong .Published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.

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  • MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL INSTRUMENTATION ERROR ANALYSIS Systems engineering considerations increasingly require that real-time I/O systems fully achieve necessary data accuracy without overdesign and its associated costs. In pursuit of those goals, this chapter assembles the error models derived in previous chapters for computer interfacing system functions into a unified instrumentation analysis suite, including the capability for evaluating alternate designs in overall system optimization.

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  • that the end-user expects to have at his disposal a complete text rather than an alternating sequence of ~sentence) segments look and blanks. On the other hand, everyone involved in MT would agree fice for such a system to be applicable information a c q u i s i t i o n and would be capable to meet the main r e q u i r e m e n t s by average users. 2.1 The specific purposes of the system of fail-soft C"emergency") measures to and set up who has ever made even a p e...

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  • The U.S. Air Force, like the other services, is transforming itself into a new type of force with capabilities appropriate for an emerging array of new threats. The Air Force roadmap for transformation, part of the U.S. Air Force Transformation Flight Plan,1 describes the desired new capabilities, and it is readily seen that advances in information science and technology (IS&T) underpin most of them. For example, the three main new capabilities are information superiority, precision targeting (or strike), and improved battlespace awareness...

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  • Yêu cầu là khả năng (capabilities) và điều kiện (conditions) mà hệ thống cần phải tuân theo. RUP đề xuất nên quản lý yêu cầu (manage requirements) do: Khó xác định đầy đủ và ổn định hóa các yêu cầu ngay trong giai đoạn đầu tiên

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  • Two new p a r s i n g algorithms for context-free p h r a s e s t r u c t u r e grammars are presented which perform a bounded a m o u n t of processing per word per analysis path, independently of sentence length. They are thus capable of parsing in real-time in a parallel implementation which forks processors in response to non-deterministic choice points. 0. INTRODUCTION The work reported here grew out of our a t t e m p t to improve on the o (n 2) p e...

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  • The Layered Domain Class system (LDC) is an experimental natural language processor being developed at Duke University which reached the prototype stage in M a y of 1983. Its primary goals are (I) to provide English-language retrieval capabilities for structured but unnormaUzed data files created by the user, (2) to allow very complex semantics, in terms of the information directly available from the physical data file; and (3) to enable users to customize the system to operate with new types of data. In this paper we shall discuss (a) the types of modifiers LDC provides for; (b) h o...

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  • Following Link [14, 13] and Roberts [15], I present a semantic analysis of collective- distributivity comes from either an explicit quantifidistributive ambiguity, and resolution of such am- cational operator like each or an implicit distributive biguity by model-based reasoning. This approach operator called the D o p e r a t o r . The D operator goes beyond Scha and Stallard [17], whose reasoning was motivated by the equivalence in the semantics capability was limited to checking semantic types. of the following sentences.

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  • This paper presents a unification-based approach to Japanese honorifics based on a version of HPSG (Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar)ll]121. Utterance parsing is based on lexical specifications of each lexical item, including honorifics, and a few general PSG rules using a parser capable of unifying cyclic feature structures. It is shown that the possible word orders of Japanese honorific predicate constituents can be automatically deduced in the proposed f r a m e w o r k w i t h o u t i n d e p e n d e n t l y specifying them....

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