Ice sheets

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  • .The Global Cryosphere Past, Present, and Future This is the first textbook to address all the components of the Earth’s cryosphere – all forms of snow and ice, both terrestrial and marine. It provides a concise but comprehensive summary of cryospheric processes for courses at upper undergraduate and graduate level in environmental science, geography, geology, glaciology, hydrology, water resource engineering, and ocean sciences. It also provides a superb up-to-date summary of cryospheric processes for researchers from a range of sciences.

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  • To develop and test hypotheses about the events that occurred before, during and after the incident, we need to determine what actually happened. The only proof that an event may have occurred is if evidence of the event exists. If the object whose state was changed by the event still exists, then we can examine it for information about the event and about other objects that were causes or effects of the event.

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  • This book explores a relatively small, but interesting and anomalous, region of Alberta between the North Saskatchewan and the Battle Rivers. The Beaver Hills arose where mountain glaciers from the west met continental ice-sheets from the east. An overview of the hills’ physiography helps us to grasp the complexity and diversity of landscapes, soil types, and vegetation communities. Ecological themes, such as climatic cycles, ground water availability, vegetation succession and the response of wildlife, and the impact of fires, shape the possibilities and provide challenges to those who...

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