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  • The supply chain is composed of all the parts of the enterprise and its associated trading partners. The Lean Green Supply Chain is made up of two major components: external and internal. There is a synergy between these two parts. The internal savings can, in some cases, be equal to the external supply chain savings. To exclude the internal improvements that supplement the productivity of the External Lean Supply Chain is to miss out on a major component of longterm sustainability.

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  • Electronic formats such as HTML, XML, and XBRL are open standards 43 that define or “tag” data using standard definitions. The tags establish a consistent structure of identity and context. This consistent structure can be recognized and processed by a variety of different software applications. In the case of HTML, the standardized tags enable Web browsers to present Web sites’ embedded text and information in a predictable format.

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  • Most previous corpus-based algorithms disambiguate a word with a classifier trained from previous usages of the same word. Separate classifiers have to be trained for different words. We present an algorithm that uses the same knowledge sources to disambiguate different words. The algorithm does not require a sense-tagged corpus and exploits the fact that two different words are likely to have similar meanings if they occur in identical local contexts.

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  • We previously identified a partial expressed sequence tag clone corresponding toNARG2in a screen for genes that are expressed in developing neurons and misexpressed in transgenic mice that lack functional N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors. Here we report the first characterization of the mouse and humanNARG2genes, cDNAs and the proteins that they encode.Mouse andhumanNARG2 consist of 988 and 982 amino acids, respectively, and share 74% identity.

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  • We have cloned, over-expressed and purified enolase from Plasmodium falciparumstrain NF54 in Escherichia coliin active form, as an N-terminal His6-tagged protein. The sequence of the cloned enolase from the NF54 strain is identical to that of strain 3D7 used in full genome sequen-cing. The recombinant enolase (r-Pfen) could be obtained in large quantities (50 mg per litre of culture) in a highly purified form ( 95%). The purified protein gave a single band at50 kDa on SDS/PAGE.

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  • FKBP22 from a psychrotrophic bacteriumShewanellasp. SIB1, is a dimer-ic protein with peptidyl prolyl cis-transisomerase (PPIase) activity. Accord-ing to homology modeling, it consists of an N-terminal domain, which is involved in dimerization of the protein, and a C-terminal catalytic domain. A longa3 helix spans these domains. An N-domain with the entirea3 helix (N-domain + ) and a C-domain with the entire a3 helix (C-domain + ) were overproduced inEscherichia coliin a His-tagged form, purified, and their biochemical properties were compared with those of the intact protein.

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  • The cysteine-rich peptide hepcidin is known to be an antimicrobial peptide and iron transport regulator that has been found in both fish and mam-mals. Recently, we found two different types (designated Hep-JF1 and Hep-JF2) of hepcidin cDNA in the Japanese flounder,Paralichthys oliva-ceus, by expressed sequence tag analysis. The identity of amino acid sequences between Hep-JF1 and Hep-JF2 was 51%. The Hep-JF1 and Hep-JF2 genes both consist of three exons and two introns, and both exist as single copies in the genome. ...

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  • As a first step toward developing a zebrafish model for investigating the role of sulfation in counteracting environ-mental estrogenic chemicals, we have embarked on the identification and characterization of cytosolic sulfotrans-ferases (STs) in zebrafish. By searching the zebrafish expressed sequence tag database, we have identified two cDNA clones encoding putative cytosolic STs. These two zebrafish ST cDNAs were isolated and subjected to nuc-leotide sequencing. Sequence data revealed that the two zebrafishSTs are highlyhomologous, being82%identical in their amino acid sequences....

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  • Short vowels and other diacritics are not part of written Arabic scripts. Exceptions are made for important political and religious texts and in scripts for beginning students of Arabic. Script without diacritics have considerable ambiguity because many words with different diacritic patterns appear identical in a diacritic-less setting. We propose in this paper a maximum entropy approach for restoring diacritics in a document.

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