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  • IELTS Listening is considered by many learners as the most challenging skills as lots of efforts and time are required if learners wish to make much progress in Listening. This paper looks at some typical listening difficulties faced by learners and offer some suggestions to help learners achieve their targets.

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  • The study compares the content of two internationally popular EFL tests: the IELTS and TOEFLiBT. It focuses on one component which Vietnamese students often find most challenging: the listening one. Framework for comparison is generalized from Bachman (1990), Bachman and Palmer (1996), Bejar et al (2000) and Buck (2001). Findings reveal that the two listening tests share some similarities but many differences in the facet of test rubric and facets of test input.

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  • Các bạn đồng bộ các đĩa CD âm thanh là thành phần nghe của khóa học. CD chứa tất cả các văn bản âm thanh cho Nghe, Nói, và phần viết của cuốn sách và cho bốn bài kiểm tra, Ngoài việc chuẩn bị bài thi TOEFL, các bản ghi có thể được sử dụng cho thực hành trong ghi chú, tổng kết, phát âm.

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