If it takes a village

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  • What I remember most from my childhood is not so much specific issues, concepts, or causes—those came later. Instead, I re-member what it felt like to be exposed to service and to be taughtabout volunteering. There was the thrill of getting to go somewherewith my mother, who would talk to me beforehand about the jour-ney we were going to take for the day, whether it was a rally

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  • If you’ve ever looked at the list of names that scrolls by at the end of a movie, you know that it “takes a village” to create a work of art. Books are not that much different, and it would be impossible for me to acknowledge the contributions of everyone who has helped make this a manuscript that I am proud to put my name on.

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  • Bernard Shaw calls us a nation of villagers. To a large extent this appellation holds good. We are so self-sufficient unto ourselves that the most important events in the world leave us cold if they take place outside of the realm of the star-spangled banner. A wonderful and terrible thing is happening in the largest empire on earth; a downtrodden people is engaged in a death-grapple with its merciless rulers; and never were masters so inhuman, and never were people so heroic. In comparison with this titanic struggle the French Revolution itself sinks into insignificance.

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  • Take, for example, a project with the purpose of improving peoples health through increased food production obtained via activities such as irrigation and use of pesticides. Such a project will not be sustainable if water is extracted at a faster rate than it is replenished. Furthermore, if the increased food production is made at the expense of pesticide residues in the drinking water, then the project purpose may be undermined by health problems among the villagers.

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