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  • Tham khảo sách 'image fusion_1', công nghệ thông tin, đồ họa - thiết kế - flash phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Image fusion technology has successfully contributed to various fields such as medical diagnosis and navigation, surveillance systems, remote sensing, digital cameras, military applications, computer vision, etc. Image fusion aims to generate a fused single image which contains more precise reliable visualization of the objects than any source image of them. This book presents various recent advances in research and development in the field of image fusion. It has been created through the diligence and creativity of some of the most accomplished experts in various fields....

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  • Adenoviral vectors serve as an excellent gene delivery system for a variety of cell types or organs for gene therapy and immunization applications. In the second section ‘Adenoviral Vector’, chapter five introduces the history of adenovirus research, the advantage and disadvantage of adenoviral vector, the adenoviral vector induced innate immune response, the evolution of adenoviral vector system, the application of adenoviral vector in gene therapy, and adenoviral vaccine.

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  • Estrogen receptors and serotonin receptors coexist in cells in a wide variety of tissues, and this critical review of the literature suggests that many of E2's effects may be medi- ated by changes in the actions of serotonin (5HT). Serot- onin is usually considered to be a neurotransmitter, but surprisingly, only 1% of serotonin in the human body is found in the CNS [4].

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  • The 2012 Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care provides many strategic insights into the actions and plans of leading U.S. employers. It also offers views of what the future of employer-provided health care in the U.S. may look like this year and in the coming three years. This analysis comes at a time when employers are still facing a number of long-term challenges, such as controlling growing costs, improving employee engagement and accountability, and optimizing the total rewards mix.

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  • While the demand for options can arise from many sources, our focus on jumps stems from fundamental considerations regarding the nature of price pro- cesses in an arbitrage-free economy. Recently, Madan [19] has argued that all arbitrage-free continuous time price processes must be both semi-martingales and time-changed Brownian motion. Furthermore, it is argued that if the time change is not locally deterministic, then the resulting price process is discontinuous.

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  • Despite mounting public concern, the factors influencing this illness are not fully understood, especially for children. Medical research has demonstrated that asthma is both a chronic and acute illness. In the chronic aspect, an individual’s airways are persistently inflamed and their immune system is hyper- responsive, but the causes of this remain largely unknown (American Lung Association (2000)).

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  • Worldwide consumption of organic products has experienced tremendous growth, often surpassing the U.S. figures of 20 percent annual gain. Much of the increase in worldwide consumption has been fueled by consumers’ demand for GMO-free products. Because GMOs are disallowed in organic production and processing, organic products auto- matically are designated as GMO-free at the marketplace. European consumers have led the demand for organic products, particularly in coun- tries such as the Netherlands, Italy, and Austria.

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  • Ephrin receptor tyrosine kinase A3 (EphA3, EC is a member of a unique branch of the kinome in which downstream signaling occurs in both ligand- and receptor-expressing cells. Consequently, the ephrins and ephrin receptor tyrosine kinases often mediate processes involving cell–cell con-tact, including cellular adhesion or repulsion, developmental remodeling and neuronal mapping.

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  • Quantitation of superoxide radical (O2 – Æ) production at the site of radical generation remains challenging. A simple method to detect nanomolar to micromolar levels of superoxide radical in aqueous solution has been devel-oped and optimized. This method is based on the efficient trapping of O2 – Æ using a novel fluorescent probe (2-chloro-1,3-dibenzothiazolinecyclohex-ene), coupled with a spectra character-signaling increase event.

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  • DNA shuffling was used to improve the thermostability of maltogenic amylase from Bacillus thermoalkalophilusET2. Two highly thermostable mutants, III-1 and III-2, were generated after three rounds of shuffling and recombination of mutations. Their optimal reaction temperatures were all 80C, which was 10C higher than that of the wild-type.

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  • There have been great strides in using positional cloning to successfully identify the underlying basis of many Mendelian disorders of children. The severity of even these disorders, however, is greatly affected by genetic modifiers and gene- environment interactions. The molecular pathogenesis of many more complex disorders remains unexplained due to the often complex genetic, epigenetic and environmental interactions involved in their etiology. However, there is reason for optimism.

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  • NTDs contribute to anemia, vomiting, diarrhea, malnutrition and organ damage. Growth and cognitive development are also affected in children, who are highest risk for infection. Contributing to maternal and neonatal mortality, NTDs can complicate pregnancy by causing severe anemia. Recent research indicates that chronic parasitic infections can impair protective immune responses against many unrelated infections (including malaria, TB, and HIV) and can cause impaired responses to vaccines.

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  • Rapidly expand access to diversified HIV testing and counselling services. HIV testing must be voluntary, confidential and accompanied by appropriate counselling, whether initiated by the client or the provider. Accelerated uptake of rights-based testing and counselling services for adults and children is required for prevention and early diagnosis and referral (as required) to care and treatment programmes and to support safe disclosure of HIV status.

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  • AcmA, the major autolysin ofLactococcus lactisMG1363 is a modular protein consisting of an N-terminal active site domain and a C-terminal peptidoglycan-binding domain. The active site domain is homologous to that of muramidase-2 of Enterococcus hirae, however, RP-HPLC analysis of muropeptides released fromBacillus subtilispeptidoglycan, after diges-tion with AcmA, shows that AcmA is an N-acetylglucosaminidase.

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  • This book is a collection of current research in the application of evolutionary algorithms and other optimal algorithms to solving the TSP problem. It brings together researchers with applications in Artificial Immune Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks and Differential Evolution Algorithm. Hybrid systems, like Fuzzy Maps, Chaotic Maps and Parallelized TSP are also presented.

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  • The currently available treatment options for glomerular disorders are not optimal since most of them either respond only partially or poorly so that relapse and progression is often the rule. Inadequate understanding of the factors underlying the development and progression of glomerular injury in various clinical scenarios is primarily responsible for lack of ideal therapies. The section on immune system and glomerulonephritis has three chapters which basically cover some of the actively investigated areas. Tetsuhiro Tanaka et al.

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  • The goals of cancer prevention are to reduce the incidence, morbidity and mortality due to cancer through the identification and elimination of precancerous lesions (termed intraepithelial neoplasias or IENs) and/or the early detection of minimally invasive cancers. Between 2002 and 2004, the United States (US) saw a 2.1% annual reduction in the total number of cancer deaths (Epsey et al. 2007).. This reduction was primarily due to advances in cancer detection and prevention efforts.

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  • To improve mother and child health, the WHO support will focus on developing and implementing the Adolescent Health Plan, implementing the Integrated Mother, Newborn and Child Health Strategic Plan, increasing and improving the provision of quality services at the health facility level, ensuring availability of adequate resources, achieving and sustaining high-level routine immunization coverage and all services integrated under the RED (Reach Every District) approach, and introducing Pentavalent and other new vaccines countrywide.

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