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  • An understanding of the patient’s current and past sexual activity aids in assessment of sexually transmitted disease risk and contraceptive needs. The physician should strive to avoid assumptions about a patient’s sexuality. One way is to ask, “Are you sexually active with men, women, or both?” Similarly, inquiring whether the patient is interested in contraception rather than as- suming a patient is only choosing between birth control methods will lead to a more productive interaction. Current and prior expression of sexual identity may vary.

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  • Although the quality requirements advocated in this report are of a very basic character, situations may arise in which it can appear best to depart from these in some way, a matter which is up to each organization who want to put requirements on car-sharing to decide.

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  • All ground water sources should be located a safe distance from sources of contamination. In cases where sources are severely limited; however, a ground water aquifer that might become contaminated may be considered for a water supply, if treatment is provided. After a decision has been made to locate a water source in an area, it is necessary to determine the distance the source should be placed from the origin of contamination and the direction of water movement. A determination of a safe distance is based on specific local factors described in the section on "Sanitary Survey.

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  • In chapter nineteen, Kaneda et al. develop a hemagglutinating virus of Japan envelope (HVJ-E) vector using inactivated Sendai virus, as a pseudovirion for gene and drug delivery. They evaluate the anti-tumor effects of HVJ-E itself on mouse and human melanoma in animal models, and also the enhancement of anti-tumor effects of HVJ-E containing IL-12 gene.

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  • All exhibitions play a vital role in the UK economy in generating exports. Many exhibitions held in the UK have established themselves as a strong base for international trade. Exhibitions do more than just sell: they build product branding, strengthen existing customer relationships, produce high quality leads, educate, have applications for market research, generate media coverage and are often used to launch new products. Exhibitions play a vital role in the marketing mix offering a wide range of benefits.

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  • You may monitor the market yourself, though at larger firms you’ll be able to rely on the assistance of the money market trading desk. The traders on the desk will contact broker-dealers to review their in- ventory of securities and keep them familiar with the needs of your funds. They’ll also be in touch with corporations interested in issuing commercial paper directly to the buyers, without a broker-dealer as an intermediary. The traders will also help out by monitoring the daily cash needs of the fund.

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  • As the program and concept of family planning grew more accepted, demand grew for other types of contraception, resulting in a pioneering project that used CHWs to deliver Depo Provera injections to their clients in their homes. The community-based distribution program proved so successful, it expanded from its initial three sites to 72 by the mid-1990s. Door-to-door delivery, however, is a costly and time-consuming approach to delivering family planning services. In 1991 Pathfinder’s projects in Bangladesh began to move toward a more sustainable village-based depot approach.

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  • Changing climate and rainfall patterns are expected to have significant impacts on agricultural productivity, especially in arid and semi‐arid regions that are already marginal for agriculture. Most climate modeling scenarios indicate that the dry lands of West and Central Asia and North Africa, for instance, will be severely affected by droughts and high temperatures in the years to come. This could lead to land degradation and agricultural expansion.

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  • For most stable trauma patients, CT has become the definitive imaging modality of choice when intraabdominal injury is suspected. CT is rapid and highly sensitive and specific for many important injury types. The information provided by CT allows prognosis of injury and selective nonoperative management in both blunt and penetrating trauma. CT is less sensitive for some important injuries, including bowel and diaphragmatic trauma, a limitation that must be recognized to prevent clinical errors following a negative CT.

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  • Harmful alcohol consumption is risky both for the drinker and for other people. An intoxicated person can put people in harm’s way by involving them in traffi c accidents or violent behaviour, or by negatively affecting co-workers, relatives, friends or strangers. A survey in Australia found that two thirds of respondents were adversely affected by someone else’s drinking in the past year. Alcohol consumption also affects society at large.

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  • While the demand for options can arise from many sources, our focus on jumps stems from fundamental considerations regarding the nature of price pro- cesses in an arbitrage-free economy. Recently, Madan [19] has argued that all arbitrage-free continuous time price processes must be both semi-martingales and time-changed Brownian motion. Furthermore, it is argued that if the time change is not locally deterministic, then the resulting price process is discontinuous.

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  • For boys, three social variables accounted for over 70% of the variance in subcutaneous fat after controlling for age: number of siblings, age of the mother’s youngest child, and whether the mother was the senior or junior co-wife, or was married monogamously. These results accord well with parental investment theory. Parents experiencing food stress faced a trade-off between quantity and quality, and between investing in younger versus older offspring. In addition, boys with access to more paternal investment (i.e. no stepmother) were better nourished.

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  • In the figure shown here (Figure 1), teaching contributes to the development of pupils’ action competence, which in turn should enable the pupils to act with regard to their own lives and living conditions. Teaching and educational processes have been put in the center of this model in order to stress that a health promoting school is not only about the food in the canteen, a smoke-free environment etc. This also means that pupils and teachers are considered to be the key-players at a health promoting school.

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  • In again presenting this volume to the world, I trust I feel thankful to God for the favour with which the Infant System has been received, and for all the aid I have enjoyed in my course of labour.

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  • The delivery of technology-assisted distance counseling continues to grow and evolve. Technology assistance in the form of computer-assisted assessment, computer-assisted information systems, and telephone counseling has been available and widely used for some time. The rapid development and use of the Internet to deliver information and foster communication has resulted in the creation of new forms of counseling. Developments have occurred so rapidly that it is difficult to communicate a common understanding of these new forms of counseling practice.

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  • The hard surfacing material required for the roads can be extracted in the hilly area to the east of the Boa Plain. It is proposed that a project manager with a wide international experience of planta- tion crop development be appointed to direct the operation and ensure that i t func- tions efficiently. He should be assisted by a field manager with a sound experience of oi l palm and rubber planting to ensure a high standard of crop establishment and early maintenance. Estate managers would be appointed during the development phase to gain experience.

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  • Because of accessibility and the risk of involvement of bony struc- tures, treatment with radiotherapy can lead to radionecrosis of the mandible or maxilla. Moreover, oral cavity squamous cell carcino- mas may be less sensitive to chemotherapy and radiation, relative to oropharyngeal or laryngeal cancers. Thus, primary treatment for most tumors is surgical. Positive surgical margins, multiple involved lymph nodes, and/or extracapsular tumor extension call for consid- eration of postoperative chemoradiotherapy, to improve local dis- ease control....

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  • According to this edition of the Public Health Status and Forecast Reports (PHSF), the health of the Dutch population is developing rather well. Dutch life expec- tancy has increased in recent years, but this is not a reason to put on the brakes. On the contrary! This forecast shows that investing in health is not only possible but even essential to the Dutch economy. This report provides a lot of information on the health of the Dutch and the steps that need to be taken to improve it. It describes the results that have already been achieved and those that...

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  • Data gleaned from the various NHA surveys were used to estimate household expenditures. A household survey was not conducted for this NHA exercise and, despite several requests to contacts at the Living Conditions Monitoring Survey (LCMS), that survey was not available to the NHA team. 1 Table 2 shows the distribution of household out-of-pocket payment directly made to public and private providers. Households made 31.9 percent of health expenditures at public providers, 65.8 percent at private providers, and 2.4 percent at pharmacies.

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  • The electrospinning technique for the scaffolds designing utilizes the electrostatic force for the production of polymeric fiber ranging from nanoscale to microscale. This process is control by high intensity electric field between two electrodes having electric charges of opposite polarity. One electrode is placed in the polymer solution and other is placed in collector. Generally polymer solution is pumped as result in forming a drop of solution.

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