Immunosuppressive regimen

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  • This study aims to assess the results of kidney retransplantations and the survival of second kidney allografts performed in our center. Methodology: of 550 kidney transplantations performed since July 2001, 26 were second kidney transplants. Many recipients were sensitized. All patients were treated with the same immunosuppressive regimen. Results: grafts were functionally effective in all patients with kidney retransplantations one month after the transplant. Graft survival was 100% after one year (17/17) and after five years (1/1).

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  • Allogeneic stem cell transplantation(SCT)from a human leukocyte antigen(HLA)- matched sibling donor(MSDSCT)is the preferred first-line treatment option for young patients with severe aplastic anemia(SAA). However, only 25% of patients may find an HLA-MSD. SAA patients, who lack a suitable MSD and fail first-line immunosuppressive therapy, may consider SCT from an unrelated donor(URD-SCT)as a treatment option.

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  • The Transplant Preparative Regimen The treatment regimen administered to patients immediately preceding transplantation is designed to eradicate the patient's underlying disease and, in the setting of allogeneic transplantation, immunosuppress the patient adequately to prevent rejection of the transplanted marrow. The appropriate regimen therefore depends on the disease setting and source of marrow.

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