Imports in economic development

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  • Political stability plays an important role for sustainable development in Vietnam. The paper analyzes experiential lessons drawn by the Communist Party of Vietnam from the national socio-economic development in the recent years. The paper also provides an explanation of why political stability is seen as the premise and a necessary condition for sustainable development in Vietnam.

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  • In this chapter, you will learn about different economic systems and their effect on international business. You will also: Recognize the importance of economic development; understand how nations are classified as developing, newly industrialized, emerging, or developed; and learn about the process of economic transition and how countries implement market-based economic reforms.

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  • The government bond market plays an important role in the socio-economic development cause of every nation. In recent years, despite certain achievements it has gained, Vietnam's government bond market has still remained many limitations. Upon researching the situation of market development in the 2010 - 2015 period from primary data, the article points out some limitations of the market in terms of product ranges, transaction modes, investors and identifies the main reasons for its development limitations such as market information system, infrastructure, legal environment, etc.

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  • Economic development is one of the key contents in the program on new rural development in Vietnam. Of the national criteria for new rural development, economic development is an important component, which 9 out of 19 criteria are related directly to. This article talks about some economic issues in new rural development in Vietnam, focusing on 3 major aspects involved directly with farmers’ economic activities, which the author considers pressing at present.

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  • The agglomeration of FDI in some specific locations in the host country, especially in emerging economies, might lead to the huge disparity in economic development between areas. Therefore, attracting FDI into less-developed areas outside the FDI agglomeration areas is an important mission for sustainable development.

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  • A structured questionnaire was completed by middle level bank manager’s to test their attitudes towards the four dimensions of CSR proposed by Carroll (1979). The study found that bank managers ranked the economic dimensions as the most important responsibility followed by legal, philanthropic and ethical. Furthermore, Interviews were held with two senior bank managers to investigate the reasons why the order of priority differs from Carroll (1979) and Visser (2008) who adapted the priority of dimensions in developing countries.

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  • The research discusses that recession has not been particularly hard on T&D , but rather every area of the business. It also discusses how T&D is not the only element to provide motivation to employees but elements like recognition and progression are considered extremely important by employees. The findings provides new insights to the literature that is already present and can be investigated further with a larger sample size.  To consult more Economic essay sample, please see at: 113p nguyenyenyn117 17-06-2019 11 0   Download

  • This dissertation researched the effects of imported goods on the local producers through a case study of the Libyan poultry industry. Firstly, a full description of the terms international free trade and protectionism was developed, including the trade barriers and the evolution of international free trade in terms of globalization and the free movement of goods. Also this description has discussed the recent and old literatures and scholars in this area and covers the main aspects for this argument to provide a full understanding.

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  • The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the factors that lead to successful cloud computing adoption ion Irish SMEs. The literature suggests that cloud computing is the latest technology trend that promises to redefine the delivery of technology in the hugely important. The model of operational expenditure, scalability and a global reach, th at is beyond the reach of most SMEs, are seen as disruptive but enab ling features of cloud computing.

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  • Small and Medium Enterprises are the driving force for the promotion of an economy. Due to its significance, all the countries either, developed or developing, are concentrating on the development of SME‟s. It is admitted fact that encouraging entrepreneurship is a key to improve competitiveness, boost trade volume, fostering economic activities and creation of job opportunities. Small enterprises are considered as main driver for innovation, poverty reduction, employment generation and social integration.

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  • The aim of this research is to discover how senior managers view the impacts of the recession on training and development in Ireland and to identify problems they have had to face and how they have managed through the recession and beyond. The research has found that training is regarded as hugely important despite of or in fact of the recession and managers are willing to do what they can to ensure they can keep this function operating. This has led to some innovative and extremely effective training methods.

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  • Ecotourism is a concept and a fast growing segment of the tourism industry worldwide.  It  plays  an  increasingly  important  role  in  the  socio‐economic  development  of  many  districts  and  provinces in Vietnam. Therefore, it needs to be well planned and managed with the aid of spatial  information technologies such as Remote Sensing (RS), Geographic Information System (GIS) and  Global  Positioning  System  (GPS).

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  • The growth of investments in mutual funds around the world has widely increased during the past few decades, leading to fierce competition in the industry. Investors now have a wide range of products to choose from, which makes their investment decision more complicated than before. Although there are many factors in their decisions, performance still seems to be a determining factor (see Ippolito, 1992; Capon et al., 1996; Sirri and Tufano, 1998).

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  • Official Development Assistance (ODA) plays an important role in Vietnam’s socio- economic development. Amongst all of Vietnam’s ODA donors, Japan has been the largest bilateral one for the last two decades. This report mentions the following: Overview of ODA and Japan’s ODA to Vietnam; Analysis of the impact of Japan’s ODA on Vietnam’s socio-economic development; Recommendations to attract and increase the effectiveness of Japan’s ODA in Vietnam.

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  • 2006, the value of agricultural production contributes 25% of national GDP, which feed production constitute 77% and 23% for livestock production. enhance livestock produce up to 30% of total output from agriculture is one of the important components economic development plan - the Government's social. The Government of Vietnam committed to promoting growth and poverty reduction.

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  • In November 2009, EIF issued a working paper on the European microfinance market (see Kraemer-Eis and Conforti, 2009). In this study, we found that there are wide spectra of final beneficiaries and intermediaries and concluded that there is no common microfinance business model in Europe. While our findings suggested that the microfinance market is immature and fragmented, they also pointed to its growing importance as a market segment with a potential to counter poverty and unemployment while fostering financial and social inclusion. ...

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  • The author wishes to express his sincere gratitude to the late Professor of Moscow State University, Academician T.S. Khachaturov, his former scientific adviser, whose work played a most important role in the formation of the main concept of the present book. In addition, the author is grateful to Professor David Zilberman of the University of California at Berkeley for ...

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  • The Capital Market Climate Initiative (CMCI) is a UK initiative, bringing together experts from the financial and public sector to help deliver private climate financing at scale in developing countries by: identifying deliverable propositions to mobile private capital; developing a base of evidence build developing country interest and support; and building private sector confidence in the feasibility of the task and opportunities.

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  • By entering the East Asian economic model (EAEM) in the 1950s, the Thai economy was committed to the export-oriented, import-substituting low labour-cost manufacturing paradigm that Vietnam and Cambodia have more recently embraced. The EAEM provides for some success in expanding employment in the manufacturing sector and promoting income generation for its workers and, overall, in promoting national economic development.

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  • Nevertheless, a cursory look at these self-reported barriers provides interesting information. Distance from a bank is a much greater barrier in rural areas, as expected. Technological and other innovations that help overcome this barrier of physical distance could pay off—potentially increasing the share of adults us- ing a formal account by up to 23 percentage points in Sub-Saharan Africa and 14 percentage points in South Asia.

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