Improvement requirements

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  • Bài giảng "Thu nhận yêu cầu - Chương 8: Improving requirement processes (cải tiến yêu cầu phần mềm)" giới thiệu mục tiêu cải tiến qui trình phần mềm, thực tế quản lý dự án, quy trình lập kế hoạch dự án,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • For many years, the plates of leadracid batteries have been produced from leady oxide, a mixture of finely divided lead Ž‘free-lead’. and lead monoxide. Although this material is generally satisfactory, it suffers from the disadvantages that it is variable in composition and requires complicated and lengthy processing after pasting to remove the residual free-lead. Plates made from leady oxide also require cycling before they achieve their full performance, and this can result in either depressed initial capacity or additional processing cost. ...

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  • If a proven process is not available, it will be necessary to develop a process for use on the project which conforms to the stage, step, task construct. Once this has been done, it is necessary to estimate the resources, both client and technical, required for the project. This should be expressed by resource type or role (e.g., Client Accounts Clerk, Systems Analyst, Analyst Programmer) rather than by individual. It should cover all personnel resources required, both full and part time.

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  • Upstream and downstream linkages contribute to ME’s innovativeness. However, most of the technological progress is based on the industry’s own R&D capabilities and its broad knowledge of process technologies. One of the outstanding examples in this respect has been the so-called Compact Strip Production (CSP). Developed by a European firm at the end of the 1980s, this technology enables steel works to invest in a capital and energy saving process. It has been based upon the integration of steps that have been carried out separately in former times.

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  • In a market economy, companies must always specify that the effective use of capital is a core element for survival and development. If good done the effective use of capital then the company will win the competition and get the desired business results.

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  • In particular, the management is under an obligation to ensure the audit committee is kept properly informed, and should take the initiative in supplying information rather than waiting to be asked. The board should make it clear to all directors and staff that they must cooperate with the audit committee and provide it with any information it requires.

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  • Sector Approaches and Sector Programmes have been labelled over time in different ways: SIPs (Sector Investment Programmes), SDPs (Sector Development Programmes), Sector Expenditure Programmes, and more recently SWAp (Sector Wide Approach). In spite of the varied terminology, there are key principles on which there is agreement in the international donor community. 11 Firstly, it is accepted that they should be led by partner governments. Secondly, they have the common goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness with which internal and external resources are utilised.

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  • MSC’s intention is that this guidance is easy to understand and practical. The MSC intends it to be a useful tool for potential certification clients, helping you to clearly and simply describe: o The actions your organisation will implement to enable your fishery to pass the MSC standard. o The people, other organisations or stakeholders involved in the project and their responsibilities. o The resources required. o The timescales and specific milestones that will help you measure progress towards your goals.

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  • Database systems are a key component behind many of today’s computer systems. As a consequence, it is crucial that database systems provide correct and contin- uous service despite unpredictable circumstances, such as software bugs or attacks. This paper presents the de- sign of Byzantium, a Byzantine fault-tolerant database replication middleware that provides snapshot isolation (SI) semantics. SI is very popular because it allows in- creased concurrency when compared to serializability, while providing similar behavior for typical workloads.

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  • The purpose of the Thesis On the basis of theoretical research and assess the status of the state audit law, the thesis proposes perspectives and solutions to improve the law on state audit meet the requirements of building the Socialist law state today.

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  • Greenplum utilizes a “parallel-everywhere” approach to loading, in which data flows from one or more source systems to every node of the database without any sequential choke points. This approach differs from traditional “bulk loading” technologies—used by most mainstream database and MPP appliance vendors—which push data from a single source, often over a single channel or a small number of parallel channels, and result in fundamental bottlenecks and ever- increasing load times.

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  • Because this document is a benchmark, it does not cover the important requirements that cannot be benchmarked, such as requirements for integration with existing systems (agent vs. agent-less, transport mechanism, ports and protocols, interface with change control, usability of user interface, storage type, integration with physical security systems, etc.).

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  • CED does offer the potential to help young women make a transition to better-paying positions in sectors such as the public service. As we shall see, CED can meet both the short-term needs young women have to earn income, and the long term needs of gaining marketable skills they will take with them into their futures. Caroline Moserís conceptualizations of practical and strategic gender needs have been pivotal in development theory. She explains that any efforts towards gender equality require us to think in terms of womenís practical and strategic gender needs.

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  • The primary form of funding for both the Flemish and French-language public broadcasters is government appropriations that are established between the broadcaster and ruling government via a “management contract.” These contracts (created every five years) set forth funding levels for the length of the contract and tie that funding to a variety of performance criteria (D’Haenens et al. 2009). Objectives are established in four broad areas — services (e.g.

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  • To conserve spectrum in critical frequency bands, the Department may encourage appropriate radio systems to be developed in alternate frequency bands and the use of existing networks to their maximum capacity. Emphasis also will continue to be placed on efficient spectrum utilization and conservation techniques, if viable, as a requirement for existing and new services. Priority will be considered for technologies and systems which are more spectrum efficient.

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  • The purpose of the thesis: On the basis of theoretical research and assess the status of the state audit law, the thesis proposes perspectives and solutions to improve the law on state audit meet the requirements of building the Socialist law state today.

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  • As baseline knowledge of the effectiveness of internal controls develops, the periodic risk assessment may consider the reliability and effectiveness of these controls in mitigating the significance and/or likelihood of a risk occurrence. Based on this knowledge, various risks may be reclassified due to improved knowledge of the system of internal control. However, even in areas where controls are thought to be effective, internal audit must incorporate the periodic testing of key controls to ensure they continue to help mitigate critical risks....

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  • Ad Hoc Routing – Allows initiators and/or approvers to route documents on an as- needed basis to any other user in the system, either for approval or FYI. Ad hoc routing is used to acquire approvals not otherwise possible. Account Manager Routing – The system automatically routes most documents to the account manager for each account cited in the document. The exceptions are below. Review Hierarchy Routing – Allows additional approvals to be required at the organizational level, after account manager routing. This could be used to route...

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  • The DaFIS Approval Authorization form allows department heads to delegate approvals for their organization to a DaFIS Account Manager (or delegate), authorizing that individual to approve some or all of the department’s financial business directly in DaFIS. This delegation is not required -- department heads may choose to retain some or all of their approval authority. However, all financial transactions must be entered and approved in DaFIS.

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  • We consider the problem of answering complex questions that require inferencing and synthesizing information from multiple documents and can be seen as a kind of topicoriented, informative multi-document summarization. The stochastic, graph-based method for computing the relative importance of textual units (i.e. sentences) is very successful in generic summarization.

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