Incidence and survival

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  • Clearly a more stratified approach to clinical trials would help identify those subgroups who appear to be the best responders to a particular intervention. To date however there is little to suggest that stratification on the basis of clinical characteristics successfully helps predict which drugs work best for which patients. There is a pressing need for the development of biomarkers with clinical utility, for mental health problems.

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  • In essays with settings that range from the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, to the mountain town of Leadville, Colorado, to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, Trudy Dittmar weaves personal experience with diverse threads of subject matter to create unexpected connections between human nature and nature at large. Life stories, elegantly combined with mindful observations of animals, plants, landscape and the skies, theories in natural science, environmental considerations, and touches of art criticism and popular culture, offer insights into the linked analogies of nature and soul....

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  • Often their arrival in the household is seen as an opportunity for their mother-in-law to take a larger role in outside work, whether as part of a family unit or elsewhere. So young married women rarely have an independent income, nor do they have direct access to the household's resources. Even if they separate their household from their husband’s parents, they rarely control resources, often merely implementing subsistence budgetary strategies.

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  • SAIs also face widely varying situations regarding the extent of the discretion that they have in the use of available audit resources. Some have almost total discretion in selecting which audits to perform and when to perform them. Others are constrained by requirements in law to perform certain audits, such as an annual audit of the execution of the state budget. Results may need to be delivered by a specified date that may consume a substantial portion of the available audit resources, at least during certain periods of the year. Nevertheless, all SAIs need...

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  • Structured products are very popular in Europe and in Australasia, and are becoming more popular in the USA. Figure 2 shows that structured products are one of the fastest growing areas within the financial services sector. In 2002 about USD 65 billion of these products were being issued to retail clients in Europe, whereas by 2006 this had grown to over USD 180 billion of new issues per annum. In 2002 about USD 20 billion was issued to retail clients in Asia, whereas by 2006 the volume was closer to USD 100 billion. These sales considerably understate the flows...

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  • A third role of banks in the money market is to provide, in exchange for fees, commitments that help insure that investors in money market securities will be paid on a timely basis. One type of commitment is a backup line of credit to issuers of money market securities, which is typically dependent on the financial condition of the issuer and can be withdrawn if that condition deteriorates. Another type of commitment is a credit enhancement—generally in the form of a letter of credit—that guarantees that the bank will redeem a security upon...

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  • The specific characteristic of our study is the analysis of the role of these determinants regarding gender differences in the context of the population of western and eastern European societies. We investigate the impact of 17 potential health determinants on seven health outcomes as well as mortality over a time of 13 years (West Germany) and seven years (East Germany), respectively. The eastern and western Germany populations provide the unique possibility to study the effects of eastern and western European backgrounds in one population.

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  • The area selected for rubber cultivation should be cleared of wild growth. Good drainage and suitable soil is required for rubber. Square planting is suitable for level and near level lands. Rectangular system with planting lines oriented in the East West direction can be adopted in flat lands and slopes. In undulating and hilly areas, planting should be done in rows across the slope along the contour lines. Along the rows, terraces of 2 m width must be formed. The planting density is 420 to 445 plants per hectare in the case of buddings...

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  • In all instances, interviewees were given the option of speaking for attribution or off-the-record, and almost all respondents elected to speak off-the-record. A complete listing of the more than 100 interviewees for the overall study will be included as an appendix to the final report. The selection of interviewees considered that individuals from the bench scientist through the agency staff analyst to the politically appointed decisionmaker, as well as advocates from outside the agency, would provide informative perspectives.

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  • People actually report that the symptoms they feel when first exposed to ozone seem to go away, even though their exposure continues. Following ozone injury, if the lung is not exposed to ozone for approximately five to seven days, it can for the most part repair itself provided the injury is not too extensive. However, long-term studies with laboratory animals have shown that there may be residual and in some cases permanent damage. This damage might be thought of as accelerated aging of the lung. Thus, frequent exposures to ozone can cause transient damage. The...

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  • An increasing use of theatrical and audience participation techniques is also evident. Rather than simply being added to the end of conference programmes, team challenges, quizzes and group musical performances are all being integrated to encourage real involvement and assist with message retention. Advances in technology have also hugely influenced this segment in terms of use of presentation technology. The UK Conference Market Survey 2002 identified that 86% of organisers used PC-linked data projection for presentations.

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  • The Palestinian stock market has a number of key players, including the Palestine Securities Exchange, public listed companies, brokerage firms, the Capital Market Authority (CMA) and shareholders. The Palestine stock market was created in 1996, performing its first deal early in 1997. It evolved quickly in the last ten years, the number of listed companies reaching 35 with a capitalization of US$ 950 million.

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  • Contact with blood and other body fluids of another person require more intimate exposure than usually occurs in childcare settings. Some infections are spread through contact with contaminated blood with a cut that lets germs into the body. Following standard precautions to remove blood from the environment safely prevents transmission of bloodborne germs. Because it is impossible to know who might have a bloodborne disease, routine use of standard precautions protects everyone against the spread of HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis D.

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  • In addition to incidence figures, population-based cancer registries that conduct adequate follow-up of their patients are able to estimate the preva- lence of cancer. Prevalence figures give an indication of the burden of the dis- ease in the community. Cancer registries generally assume that once diag- nosed with cancer, an individual remains a prevalent case until death. Thus, prevalence may be estimated from data on incidence and survival.

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  • Agencies must establish policies and procedures to ensure that electronic records and their documentation are retained and accessible as long as needed. Agencies are required to include electronic records management objectives, responsibilities, and authorities in pertinent agency directives, or rules, as applicable.5 Agencies can begin to manage their electronic records by incorporating electronic records into any general agency records management policies they may have in place.

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  • Canada has been at the forefront in the establishment and study of longitudinal cohorts aimed at defining behavioural traits, all of which continue to be studied (e.g. ELEM 1037 boys ascertained in kindergarten in 1984; ELEMQ 3018 children ascertained in kindergarten in 1986; ELDEQ 2872 births ascertained in 1997; and 600 pairs of twins born and ascertained in 1996, ELNEJ 30,000 children aged 0-11 followed every 2 years since 1994). DNA and extensive longitudinal phenotypic information is already available for all cohorts except ELNEJ.

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  • Recent advances in clinical proteomics have propelled us into an exciting period of discovery of new cancer biomarkers, although the available proteomic technologies have their limitations. The principles of proteomic technology require stringent guidelines for the collection of clinical material, the application of analytical techniques, and for our interpretation of the data. In this review, we present an overview of the serum tumor markers in current use.

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  • Destination marketing is increasingly becoming extremely competitive worldwide. This paper explains the destination concept and attempts to synthesise several models for strategic marketing and management of destinations. It provides an overview of several techniques widely used and illustrates examples from around the world. The paper also explains that marketing of destinations should balance the strategic objectives of all stakeholders as well the sustainability of local resources.

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  • With specific regard to large animal work, equine services now tend to be handled by specialists, and farm animal work is considered to be in decline, with the latter prompting particular concern. Indeed, significant changes to the farming sector (i.e. declining livestock populations, a reduction in the number/size of farm holdings, new legislation and a radical change in the relationship between government and veterinarians) mean that farm animal veterinary practices now face significant competitive and sustainability issues. ...

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  • The "ski-tip" style ends of the robotic retractor blades are longed into the anterior leaflet, then the atrial septum is lifted to visualize PM. The length of the artificial chordae loops were determined with the measure of the distance between the correct plane of apposition on an adjacent normal non-prolapsing segment of the mitral leaflet and the respective PM (done with a More Suture Ruler device). Artificial chordae, with 4 loops each, were constructed of 4-0 PTFE GORE-TEX per the technique by von Oppel and Mohr.

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