Incidence of dementia

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  • The study of psychological processes in physical activity and health has grown considerably in recent years. “Exercise psychologists” study the psychological antecedents of physical activity and use their theoretical perspectives to inform the design and implementation of interventions to change sedentary lifestyles. In addition, involvement in physical activity can have important psychological benefits. Although we have known this for a very long time, it is only relatively recently that a systematic approach has been adopted to the accumulation of evidence.

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  • Data were included from individuals participating in a prospective study of 2,126 Medicare recipients, 65 years and older, residing in a single community in Northern Man- hattan. Each person received the same medical, neurological and neuropsychological evaluations at regular intervals. The cohort was followed over a 7-year period beginning in 1992. Three follow-up examinations took place at 20-month in- tervals after the baseline interview. Over the study period, the annual mortality rate has been 8.

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  • Diabetes is a growing problem and it is estimated that between 2007 and 2025 Germany, Italy, and France will have the greatest increases in women aged 20-79 years with diabetes mellitus (DM) (IDF 2006). For women the average death rate due to DM was 12.8 and among individual countries the highest rates were observed in Cyprus (35.5), Portugal (25.3), Austria (23.4), and Malta (19.2) (EUROSTAT 2009). The prevalence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is higher among elderly women than among elderly men.

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